Your Monday Post #85: Charlotte vs Alicia Fox on WWE Main Event (August, 21st 2015)

alicia charlotte main event

Greetings all and Welcome to the newest edition of Your Monday Post, and this week i just decided to pull out a recent showcase to remind or fill in everyone on Charlotte’s ascension on the main roster. Upon making her presence felt alongside Becky Lynch and friend turned foe Paige, Charlotte, alongside her team mates, worked tirelessly in gaining victories leading up to a booked Elimination Match at Summerslam, a match that saw Charlotte and Nikki Bella clash for the first time on PPV to showcase the ring skill and dominance of their respective teams, and to begin the slow burn to Divas Champion Nikki Bella’s eventual dethroning, that came a short amount of time after breaking previous champion AJ Lee’s Championship record.

So, on the road to this years Summerslam, we saw Charlotte in a series of matches, including one we don’t see often, against a fellow underrated Gem from Team Bella, who i feel is just placed there just because Team Bella needed a (experienced) addition to their team, Alicia Fox, who at times doesn’t get enough credit for putting others over. The Two battled it out in singles competition, representing Team Bella and Team PCB on the August 21st episode of Main Event, and despite a hard fought battle, Alicia would succumb to Charlotte’s well known Figure 8 Finish and Charlotte would continue to tease a championship reign to the chagrin of the then Divas Champion Nikki Bella, who headed off with Sister Brie and Alicia following the result as Charlotte celebrated another victory with PCBs Becky Lynch.

– Catherine


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