WWE NXT RESULTS: Divas Soon Will Bring the Brawl to London Town (December, 2nd 2015)

emma vs liv morgan

asuka being badass

bayley nia

Hello to All and Welcome to this weeks NXT Report as we are now under two weeks away from NXT Presenting its Next Takeover Pay Per View Live From My Home Country Capital! And with that in mind, two certain matches get the necessary build on this weeks episode as Emma and Bayley (more or less) come face to face with their future opposition. Lets get talking on what exactly went down shall we?

We first see Nia Jax facing a returning Blue Pants in the first of two divas matches. Nia Makes her entrance first, working alone without Eva Marie to surely make her own statement, as to some shock, her opponent is revealed as Leva Bates aka Blue Pants, who hasn’t been seen at Full Sail for a while, and she has new music to add. The Bell rings and Leva rolls under an attempted clothesline from Nia. She avoids a second one and gets a bit jiggy, but Nia flattens her within moments. Nia stands on the hand of Leva while taunting to the crowd, additionally stomping on Levas arm. She only brings more damage as she swings Leva across the ring. She does so again, attempting to follow with a slam but Leva breaks free of her grip. Leva throws some high knees and is whipped into a back-breaker.

Nia nails some elbow drops, clobbering her also against the corner, leading her to the center of the ring moments later where she squashes Leva with a Samoan Drop. Nia hits one last leg drop and stands on the fallen Leva for the pin attempt, and pins Leva. Nia wins the match.

Later we are joined by Dana Brooke and Emma backstage, where they are asked to explain their concocted sneak attack on Asuka last week. Dana calls this a wake up call after interrupting what would have been Emma’s explanation, and adds that this proves that neither Emma or herself were scared of her. Dana reveals that she wishes Emma hadn’t let up because she was going to go down and smack Asuka also, but Emma insists she calms down. Emma then brings on her explanation by stating Asuka messed with the wrong girls and last week was just a warning, because next time she gets her hands on Asuka, she wont even want to know. Emma finishes by heading off to her match, while telling Dana to cool off by staying in the back and Dana seems to have composed herself, feeling much better after tapping the interviewer on the head.

Emma heads to the ring alone as stated to face Gionna, who previously went by the name of Marley, Now Liv Morgan, and it seems to be a permanent thing for the Aksana Lookalike as she gets a full entrance and introduction. Emma and Liv lock up and Liv manages to push Emma to the ropes before they engage in a stare-down. The Two lock up again and Liv overcomes Emma’s strength, pushing her to the ropes on the opposite side. Liv gets cocky and Emma doesn’t take kindly to that, reversing another lock up attempt and clinging to Liv’s hair before throwing her head first into a corner turnbuckle. Emma continues to smash the face of Liv against the turnbuckle, wearing out Liv enough for Emma to head outside and apply the DilEMMA. Emma rams Liv in the corner with the running cross-body to follow, and she taunts while Liv tries to regroup by the corner. Emma grabs Liv and snap-mares her before hitting with a hard kick to the back.

Emma stomps at Liv, who no sells, and tries to fire back with forearms before Emma gets back on the attack again. Liv reverses Emma’s hold and rolls her over into the appropriate position to nail elbows to the face. Liv dropkicks Emma and has her whip reversed. Liv blocks Emmas attack by kicking her away from the corner. Emma raises herself out of a Jackknife by Liv, then pounding at Livs back. Emma nails a chickenwing suplex before applying the Emma Lock to Liv. Liv taps and Emma wins the match.

Emma celebrates her victory post match over Liv but it doesnt last too long. Emma turns to the tron to notice a dark figure beating up a boxing bag. The Figure slowly walks away from the bag and into camera view, revealed as Asuka, who has a very effective but also short message for Emma, she will see her in London. Emma is clearly stricken by Asukas challenge, equally stricken at the chants for Asuka as she heads away from the ring.

Speaking of Challenges, we come to the backstage area to see Bayley being interviewed about Nia Jax’s lethal attack following her championship match last week. Bayley states that through the attack, Nia made her intentions clear, and that in addition everyone knows her story of scratching and clawing her way to become one of the best, but she doesn’t know if Nia is one of the best, and she hasnt been in the ring with someone of her size but shes willing to accept any challenge. As Bayley says this, Nia walks over, pushing the interviewer out of the way before glaring at Bayley and her Womens Championship title. Nia walks away with a cunning smile. The Interviewer slowly strolls over as Nia disappears from view, believing Nia was indicating a challenge just now, and Bayley simply puts that she already said she accepts any challenge before being grabbed by a re-appearing Nia, who throws her through a door.

(Nia Jax vs Blue Pants)

(Emma and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Emma vs Liv Morgan feat Asuka; Bayley and Nia Jax Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Blue Pants: In my opinion, based on lack of offense from Leva, this had to be more a squash match than Emma vs Liv. But Leva sold Nia as a monster heel so well, taking her offense and helping Nia look strong before her expected match for Bayleys Title. It also proved effective in making people boo Nia as it wasn’t done straight away when Nia first appeared in NXT.

Emma/Liv: Another good showcase from both Emma and Liv/Gionna and i cant stress enough how talented Liv already is, or that she looks so much like Aksana back in her NXT days, and she has charisma to add and some heel type swagger on her like we saw in Alexa Bliss just before her heel turn. Originally it would have been good for Asukas revenge to be by attacking Emma but Asuka delivered that promo like a straight up badass (yes Ive watched it about 11 times or something) and everyone knows Asuka delivers her revenge best in the ring, as shown vs Dana and probably vs Emma, because her character is portrayed as fun and respected but someone who strikes fear into the opposition. Ive been wanting an Asuka/Emma singles match for so long over a tag team match because Emma hasn’t had the best opportunities in her WWE career as of late. She did get to face Paige in two major NXT matches, both for the championship, but was ruined on her transition to the main roster. She won a fatal 4 way and wasn’t rewarded with a needed feud with Bayley which i believe was punishment for “her botch” even though everyone knows Charlotte, who was booked to win that match, didn’t need it. This Match could really put Emma on the map as a serious performer than playing backseat to Dana and at the moment im more hyped for it than Bayleys soon to be announced match. It’ll be interesting to see where NXT go with Emma, Dana and Asuka after Takeover but im expecting someone, Athena possibly, to be introduced as a partner to Asuka if the two heels continue their storyline with Asuka. Time will tell.

– Catherine


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