TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Knockouts Destination to History Falls Short with Upsets (December, 2nd 2015)

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Greetings to All and Welcome to What I THINK May Be My Last IMPACT Report of the Year, this being because the remaining Knockouts competing in the World Title Series MAY have just fallen short of making history. While I Pretend you didn’t read that, the matches booked per Gail Kim and Awesome Kong’s advance into the Last 16 of the World Title Series pitted them separately against Tigre Uno and Jessie Godderz.

Gail Kim competes against X Division Champion Tigre Uno in Our first Knockout v Man (Intergender) Match of the night. Gail gets to voice on being in this particular position pre match, putting over the company for allowing the Knockouts to be themselves. She adds how proud she is to be in the remaining 16 to compete for a chance to become TNAs next World Champion, while also voicing her respect for the opposition, Tigre, but regardless shes going to show him that shes not just a pretty face, shes here to win it all.

When we return, Gail is mid entrance while X Division Champ Tigre Uno already stands in the ring. These two already competed against each other before at Jokers Wild, but in this round hes more hesitant to face a female opponent despite Gail’s urge to just get the match going. Tigre acts all conflicted over whether to even face her and turns his back, only to get rolled up by Gail though he kicks out at two. Tigre still refuses to do anything and Gail gets the crowd to urge Tigre into competing and Tigre turns his back again, so she rolls him up again, getting another near fall. Gail kicks Tigre and he finally agrees to compete, avoiding a lock up with Gail and instead capturing her in a waist-lock. Tigre works over Gail with a front face-lock following a take-down. Tigre uses his athleticism to avoid Gail before taking her down with an elbow. Gail comes back by using her legs to take Tigre to the mat. Gail charges to the corner but Tigre rolls away. Gail climbs the turnbuckles, and dives onto Tigre off the top before Tigre reverses the crash landing into a roll up. Tigre gets a near fall on Gail.

Tigre throws off Gail’s attempt to connect with Eat Defeat and applies a hold. Gail counters with a sunset flip pin but like the other numerous attempts, the result is again a near fall. Gail captures Tigre in the Octopus Hold, but Tigre manages to slightly stumble his way to the ropes and he sends Gail over the ropes, to the apron and to the below floor. Tigre then heads to the ropes and leaps over the top rope adjacent to the floor where Gail currently lies, diving onto her. Tigre carefully rolls Gail back into the ring, before he starts heading up the turnbuckles. Gail stalls him before executing a top rope hurricanrana. Gail fires away with a running dropkick and tackles Tigre against the corner before slipping to the outside, tripping Tigre and locking in the Figure Four on the ring post. Breaking on the count of four, she then returns to the ring, looking for Eat Defeat again, but Tigre counters, then lifting Gail onto his shoulders. Gail tries a roll up but it goes sour, as Tigre instead sits on her as part of the counter, and pins Gail to advance. Gail’s journey towards title contention is over.

While Gail is somewhere absorbing the fact her chase towards a bigger title is over, Jessie Godderz, aka once a part of the BroMans with Robbie E, makes his way to the ring for this next intergender match, against Gail’s on and off rival Awesome Kong. However Jesse completely mocks Kong by thinking she wants his body and asks her for a kiss after putting over his looks, only to take a chop for his actions. Jesse takes a number of chops and is hurled around the ring via Kong’s arm drag, additionally taking elbows and clotheslines also. Kong waits for Jessie to gather some motivation, before avoiding his charge into the corner, causing him to hit the turnbuckle face first. Kong splashes Jessie against the same corner, then slamming a Groggy Jessie against the mat. A Few Slams Later and Jessie wants nothing more to do with this match, attempting to leave. Kong hilariously grabs Jessie by his pants and he tries to back fist Kong, instead launched into the ring post.

Kong forearms Jesse at ringside, continuing to do so after preventing him from heading back to the ring. Jessie resorts to a cruel heel tactic by poking the eye of Kong before trying to do a running clothesline, but missing Kong by a certain distance and instead his body connects with a nearby barricade. Kong rolls Jesse back in the ring, then missing her big splash to Jesse in the rings center, and Jessie rolls over Kong into the one pin attempt and pins her, additionally ending Kong’s journey to contention in the World Title Series.

(Gail Kim vs Tigre Uno & Awesome Kong vs Jessie Godderz)

Thoughts On:
Gail/Tigre: This was definitely the more technical, enjoyable effort out of the two matches, as Tigre and Gail’s ring move-sets mesh so well, hence why Gail gets so many people telling her she would be an easy fit in the X Division. I Loved various spots, but the ending didn’t work out for me, because if the Knockouts insertion is so important in this actual non existent tourney, then they would have had Tigre and Gail go out with more physicality before the eventual result.

Jessie/Kong: Like i said with Gail/Tigre, the ending completely blindsides and ignores the importance of having Women in this tournament. Sure its technically non existent and the Knockouts were technically competing for nothing, but TNA could have sold it as a major important step for the Knockouts through ring work, not just through verbal outage, Gail’s Promo, Commentary etc. I Do understand Jessie was using Heel Tactics to his advantage but it does initially throw away the hard work of Kong and Gail by having them both submit to roll ups. Regardless this appears to be the last time we will see the Knockouts until the new year arises and if so then don’t expect another IMPACT report until TNAs newest era of storylines arrives next year as this world title series eventually comes to a close.

– Catherine


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