WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: PCBs Remnants Begin to Have Major Problems (December, 3rd 2015)

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Hello All and welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report, fresh off a rather interesting episode of RAW that began to display (much needed) tension between Becky Lynch and Supposed Bestie and Divas Champion Charlotte. As Becky Lynch looked to shut off her losing streak via a Battle with Brie Bella days later on Smackdown, it became further apparent that there was just going to be more problems between the last remaining members of PCB…

JoJo brings in Becky for a backstage interview to ask how herself and Charlotte are doing after Charlotte used rather heelish shortcuts to quickly pin Becky in what was meant to be a respectful non title match between the two on RAW. Becky reveals to JoJo that all is fine as Charlotte is still her best friend and that best friends wont always see eye to eye, and in addition shes still unhappy over how she was beaten by Charlotte but shes going to try and make sure that one problem doesn’t get between them. JoJo says despite this it still has to open old wounds since Becky also had to deal with Paige turning on them, but Becky says there’s a difference between the issues with Charlotte and the issues with Paige, because what Paige did affected both of them, and Charlotte wouldn’t take the same path. As shes about to clarify a cackling Brie comes up to Becky and JoJo, joined by Alicia.

Brie sarcastically asks Fox if the word Gullible is in the dictionary, as Alicia answers that the word can be found directly under the name of Becky. Becky just shrugs off the insult, questioning Brie on whether she should be getting ready to lose to her later on. Brie claims Becky is about to drown in her shame before Alicia questions whether Becky is the true problem in PCB. Becky says there will be a problem if Alicia doesn’t get out of her face and Charlotte steps in to cool things down seemingly, while also taunting Brie over how she beat her sister to become Champion. Brie just laughs over Charlotte’s verbal spat and tells her its lonely at the top and she will remember that when she not only loses her title but comes crashing (back) down. The Two heels back off as Charlotte tries to assure Becky that they are only causing trouble, therefore she shouldn’t listen. She will be in the corner of Becky tonight, and always.

We then come to the ring to see Brie already has made her arrival, with Alicia by her side. Becky makes her entrance, joined by Charlotte. Becky hits the ring and once the bell rings, Becky gets to work, avoiding a lock up with Brie and instead catching her in a waist-lock. Brie elbows Becky and ends up being arm dragged. Brie mocks Charlotte’s fake injury, not impressing Charlotte too much. Becky puts an end to the mockery by drop-kicking Brie, trying to grab her from the apron moments later, leading to a counter from Brie, snapping Becky’s jaw against the rope. Brie takes over by smacking the face of Becky against the corner turnbuckle, following that assault with a running bulldog. Brie attempts a pin there but Becky kicks out at one.

Brie nails some Yes Kicks to Becky while Naomi, Sasha and Tamina are shown joking about from backstage. Brie hits Becky with a running dropkick, additionally hitting a knee by the ropes, setting up for the running knee, which she executes successfully. Brie attempts to pin again but like before, Becky escapes at the count of one. Brie works over the struggling Becky with a rest hold, but she breaks out with uppercuts. Becky starts to fire back as she nails clotheslines and the additional dropkick, before hitting a running elbow to Brie in the nearby corner. Becky executes an exploder suplex which gets her a near fall on Brie. Becky looks to catch Brie in her finishing disarmer, but Brie grips the ropes. Becky tries constantly to break her off from the ropes but cannot and Brie ends up tumbling to the direction of Charlotte, who is knocked to the floor while close to the apron. Fuming at this, she storms the ring and pulls Brie from the disarmer to end Becky’s match in Disqualification while beating down on Brie. Becky intervenes and flips out at Charlotte, having believed that was her chance to finish the match, while Charlotte is in complete disbelief at her anger.

In Addition, Summer Rae appeared once more this week as she managed Tyler Breeze in a match against his fellow NXT Alumni Neville, which Tyler won. Tyler’s storyline rival, Dolph Ziggler, was also on commentary.

(Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs Neville; Dolph Ziggler on Commentary)

(Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte)

(Becky Lynch on Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
Not a bad effort between Becky and Brie and a different result to normal for Becky as they used the Disqualification ending to build the ongoing tension storyline. I Can also understand why Team Bella have been reverted back to heels as there isn’t many heels the current babyfaces can face and pin, in reference to Sasha, who hasn’t been pinned since her main roster debut. Yes she could have faced Naomi or Tamina but it appears they are being kept out for some reason. But based on what Ive seen, im now more convinced Charlotte is turning heel, maybe possible damage control from WWE to possibly make us forget the Charlotte/Paige angle by using the “Charlotte scripted this (when she didn’t)” excuse to begin to turn unknowing fans against her, and turn them more by not only slowly turning her heel but by using heel Flair tactics. I Would love for Becky to turn heel but i don’t see it happening unless something changes in the week coming, that and they could be using the fact that Paige is barely getting booed to revert her back to a babyface. Lets see what next week brings.

– Catherine


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