WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Team Bellas Third Wheel Goes to Battle with The Boss (November, 4th 2015)

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Welcome Everyone to the Last Television Report of the week, discussing the action between certain divas on this weeks episode of WWE Main Event. The Feud, if it can be called that, between Team BAD and a much shorter Team Bella continues as Team BADs Sasha Banks battles Team Bella’s Stated Third Wheel Alicia Fox.

Sasha comes out first, joined by her villainous companions Naomi and Tamina. Alicia makes her entrance, flipped back to babyface for yet another week as she heads to the ring to compete, joined by Brie Bella. The Bell rings and the two get cocky with each other, but Sasha’s Cockiness gets easily on the wrong side of Alicia and Sasha has to head to the ropes to avoid any contact with the temporary babyface diva. However Alicia does manage some offense, dropping Sasha back first while she uses the ropes to cling, following that with a dropkick before trying to stop Sasha escaping to the outside. Tamina assists from the outside while Referee Charles Robinson is turned away, kicking Alicia at the side of her face. Sasha runs back to the ring, stomping on Alicia before trying to sneak in a pin. Sasha gets a near fall on Alicia.

Sasha smothers Alicia’s face against the mat while Naomi yells at the supportive Brie at ringside to hush while watching her own partner dominate. Sasha then does Naomi’s job of taunting Brie while choking Alicia against the ropes. Sasha repeatedly smacks Alicia’s face against the mat before attempting to pin again, getting a second near fall. Sasha applies a chin-lock to Alicia but Alicia eventually counters. Alicia elbows Sasha from the corner, then floating upward to avoid Sasha’s strike back offense, and manages a sunset flip before launching dropkicks and striking with a back-breaker. Alicia gets a near fall for her efforts.

Naomi, outraged at Alicia’s comeback, yells at her after leaping to the apron. Alicia forearms Naomi off the apron to the floor, and Sasha tries taking advantage by attempting to roll Alicia from behind. Alicia stays aground and counters into her leg scissor maneuver, then booting Tamina off the apron. Alicia turns the attention back to Sasha, grasping her and setting up for another possible backbreaker but Sasha counters into the backstabber before locking in the finishing Bank Statement. Sasha wins the match.

(Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina vs Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Felt this match was far too short even though everything went well, from smooth offense to great chemistry and it could have been possibly a match of the year candidate had it gone on a few more minutes, just to see what else Sasha and Fox could have unleashed on each other. But again the heel tactics worked in Sasha’s favor while also keeping Sasha strong.

– Catherine


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