Your Monday Post #86: Cesaro and Aksana Interrupt Santino Marella’s Apology (August, 24th 2012)

aksana 534

Welcome to a new week of wrestling everyone and i must say im completely hyped for tonight’s RAW, even if the current divas storyline has me confused in the heel/face ratio thing. So yesterday and today i had revisited some old moments from the kick-start of Cesaro’s WWE Career, this being during the time he was managed by an underrated former diva, Aksana, whose release still confuses me to this day.

Aksana, after months of siding with Teddy Long, in a flirtatious manner additionally, broke off with the former Smackdown General Manager for the Rising Superstar Cesaro, named Antonio Cesaro before his eventual name change. With Aksana at his side, Cesaro went on to capture his 1st United States Championship from Santino Marella, gaining extra heel heat by crashing Santinos Apology to the WWE Universe on the August 24th edition of Smackdown. Santino looked for retribution by trying to attack the boastful United States Champion, but his handheld Cobra (weirdly) became smitten with Aksana (again) and this allowed Cesaro to cheap-shot and leave Santino lying while establishing his dominance at the Lithuanian Divas Side. Yes the whole Cobra angle was Odd indeed, but was a favorite part in my opinion during Aksanas career, a career suddenly crushed upon her release in 2014 as she began to increase her ring skills, and also cutting a possible feud between herself and former tag partner Alicia Fox.

– Catherine


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