WWE RAW RESULTS: No Tables For Paiges Hopeful Retribution this Sunday, But Revenge Nonetheless (December, 7th 2015)

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Last Night WWE Served Up its Last Edition of RAW before an expected to be brutal Tables Ladders and Chairs Pay Per View this Sunday, with fans drawn to the show in the hopes of the rumored creative changes taking place that seemingly weren’t to be. Regardless we did see the last bit of build up for the announced Paige vs Charlotte Rematch, in the form of Charlotte visiting MizTV for the umpteenth time, only this time with her Hall of Fame Father by her side. Plus Team BAD were in action…with a little TWERKING?

The First Divas to grace the Television with their presence are Team BAD as Naomi and Sasha (joined by Tamina) battle Brie Bella and Alicia Fox in the continuation of the in-and-out-of-RAW BAD vs Bella series. Team BAD enter first, with an additional hilarious promo from the group currently standing strong over Team Bella in terms of wins, followed by Team Bella, minus Nikki who is still rehabbing due to nagging injuries.

Alicia and Sasha kick off the match with pretty much duplicated offense from the start of their match on Main Event last week, in other words Sasha runs off to the ropes following a shoving match and gets dropped on her back. Alicia avoids a clothesline from Sasha and nails a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker to the former NXT Women’s Champion, and attempts a pin early, but Sasha breaks off at one, darting into her own corner. Naomi gets tagged, and she gets a turn at shoving Alicia. Alicia avoids Naomi’s clothesline but charges into her elbow. Alicia uses her athleticism to avoid contact with Naomi a few times before hitting the tilt-a-whirl back-breaker to her. Alicia also tries to pin Naomi as she did with Sasha earlier, but she gets a near fall.

Naomi heads out to regroup, but its not long before Alicia and Brie get tired of the outside Team BAD interactions, and the two hit a baseball slide dropkick in unison to Naomi and Sasha under the bottom rope. Alicia heads out, rolls Naomi back to the ring, and tries following suit, but as the referee is turned, Tamina darts to the apron and grabs Alicia by her hair, dropping her against the mat before heading back to the ground to indicate no such altercation. Naomi beats down on Alicia by the ropes before tagging Sasha back in the match. Sasha adjusts her foot adjacent to the top turnbuckle as Naomi throws Alicia head first into it, before Sasha hits the ring, kicking at Alicia against the heels corner. Sasha tags Naomi back in, but not before launching Alicia into the corner post again. Naomi nails a dropkick to Alicia, enough to get a near fall.

Alicia tries to elbow out of a side headlock but takes a knee to the midsection before she can do much else. Naomi then throws Alicia into Sasha’s boot after choking her against the turnbuckle, additionally tagging Sasha as she does so. Sasha snapmares Alicia out of the corner, then applying a chin-lock. Alicia arm drags Sasha to counter, but is taken down by a clothesline within moments. Sasha gets a near fall on Alicia. Alicia escapes an attempted slam to roll over Sasha, but only gets a one count in the follow up pin attempt. Sasha kicks Alicia from behind, then knocks Brie off the apron. Sasha tries to run Alicia into the heels corner but Alicia reverses, and Sasha ends up connecting with Naomi’s boot accidentally. Naomi tries to remedy this by tagging in and she drags Alicia away from the ropes so she doesn’t reach Brie. Alicia kicks Naomi away and tags the recovered Brie in.

Brie comes running in with some clotheslines and a bulldog near to the corner to Naomi. Brie nails a series of Yes Kicks to a Groggy Naomi and follows it with a dropkick, finalizing with the running knee before her follow up pin attempt is broken by Sasha. Alicia tries making the save but gets thrown outside instead, but Brie avenges by tossing Sasha to the outside floor. Sasha lands and tries to distract by grabbing Brie by her foot. Brie kicks her away but ends up running into Naomi’s rear view. Naomi pins Brie and She and Sasha win the match, shockingly joined by the New Day who unite on screen for a celebration.

Summer Rae joined Tyler for another ringside inspection as Dolph Ziggler took part in a lengthy match against Kevin Owens. Though there was no follow up to the Ziggler/Breeze feud here, there was a heated backstage segment between the two posted exclusively by WWE sometime later.

After some promotion earlier in the night, we finally witness the mentioned MizTV segment featuring Ric Flair and Divas Champion Charlotte, this being due to Miz noticing the ongoing changes in Charlotte, especially with the way she conducted herself last week against Becky and how she has been since being blasted personally in the contract signing weeks ago. Speaking of Charlotte, upon striding to the ring with her Hall of Famer Father, she immediately blasts Miz over how he should truly introduce a legend. Instead she does her own introduction for Ric, also showcasing her expensive matching watch with Ric before the interrogation can begin.

Miz reflects on how some time ago Charlotte was crying tears of joy and gushing over her PCB partnership, and how that may have changed, noting Charlotte as a strong, confident and (even to some) arrogant woman. Ric soon pleases a not too happy Charlotte, noted by her facial reaction to Miz’s claim. Ric gushes over how proud he is of Charlotte, adding that its an even happier moment to watch his family win a title, stating it better than him winning championships. Ric says in addition to this that he will expect Charlotte to come out on top at TLC and he will watch this happen, being in her corner this Sunday. Miz puts over that announcement before moving onto the rumor that Charlotte has come by with a new attitude as of late, calling her arrogant once more on top of other names. Charlotte asks why he is attacking her, asking if its because she will do whatever it takes to be victorious, something she was taught by her own lineage. Charlotte asks if hes doing this because shes a woman but he remains shut in terms of an answer, so she takes a shot at his relationship with Maryse.

Miz accuses Charlotte of changing the subject, saying this has nothing to do with his wife or himself, this is about Charlotte and how she has come across ever since Paige brought to light how Charlotte managed to retain her title at Survivor Series. Miz says she has stayed silent on Paige’s accusation of cheating but he wants to know what she actually has to say on the matter. Charlotte just throws it off, revealing that if she has anything to say, she will say it on Sunday, in physical form of course, before Miz lays further into Charlotte’s friendships, reminiscing on Paige’s hurtful comments towards Charlotte’s family and how her friendship with Becky has also been affected, and Miz is giving her that chance to respond to all these things. Miz asks why she wont respond to these subjects and Ric steps in.

Miz instantly accuses Charlotte of hiding behind her father, while quoting all the things Paige said about Charlotte’s career accelerating because of her name on top of the things she called Ric. Ric tells Charlotte not to listen to Miz’s words but she eventually intervenes, stating the only thing lower on the food chain (more appropriately the card) than Miz is the “Backstabbing, Two Faced, Gothic Piece of Trash” that is her opponent, Paige. Charlotte mocks Paige, saying she wishes she was here because this Sunday she wont have to worry about trying to become Divas Champion ever again, because shes going to destroy the former PCB member for numerous reasons, mostly because of the hurtful words subjected towards her family, and she may destroy her to the point where she might not even make it back to the ring again. Miz is very happy to hear this, because the opponent she is addressing is here, and out comes Paige.

Paige sarcastically mentions that Charlotte’s words are passionate, and that if she truly wants to say these things to her face, shes here and all hers. Charlotte looks legit like she wants to tear Paige apart but Ric lures her out of the ring to ensure the fight doesn’t happen until Sunday. But Paige doesn’t want to wait, furthering Charlotte to take action and brawl with her to show herself by slapping Ric. Taking offense to Paige’s slap, Ric demands Charlotte to attack, and a short brawl breaks out. Paige escapes the ring quick and the segment closes there.

Lastly Lana joined 1/4th of the League of Nations, Rusev, in action against Ryback, a rematch from last weeks RAW. Lana showed her true colors this week by pulling a Charlotte and faking an injury to draw compassion and worry from Ryback, before revealing it was all a farce. Lana furthermore stood there as Rusev placed Ryback in the accolade from outside the ring after the match closed.

(Sasha Banks and Naomi w/ Tamina vs Alicia Fox and Brie Bella feat New Day)

(Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens feat Summer Rae and Tyler Breeze)

(MizTV feat Charlotte, Ric Flair and Paige)

(Ryback vs Rusev w/ Lana)

(Becky Lynch on RAW Fallout)

(Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Team BAD/Team Bella: Not a bad match with some spots reminiscent of the unfavorably short Sasha/Alicia match from last weeks episode of Main Event. Also found Team BAD and New Day heavily entertaining, just like their off TV segments, so i think some fans have been clamoring for this, even though it is agreeably a step back from the Sasha seen on NXT.

MizTV: Im Mixed on the entire segment to be honest. It seems obvious, especially by mannerisms and Miz’s accusations that Charlotte near refuses to answer, that Charlotte is definitely going down the route of turning heel. However, at the same time, i cant help but wonder due to both Paige and Charlotte’s status’s as possible heels, that it might not be the case and that instead Paige is turning Becky against Charlotte to get in her head in the Babyface AJ type way, turning her self destructive to the point where her mindset is where she doesn’t realize what shes doing or that shes distancing herself like AJ did with Kaitlyn. So even though i do feel Charlotte is turning heel, at the same time, Paige could win through Becky’s help by having Becky attack Ric at ringside to further upset Charlotte and get her own revenge at the same time, turning Becky heel and setting up a Triple Threat for the Royal Rumble with weeks to build up. In addition Paige is getting cheered more than booed, which could be the reason for a double turn, if its not to erase the controversy even the media nearly picked up with the twos contract signing. But the segment overall, which included great mic work from Miz, especially with how he sold the whole situation, did not help clarify who is the villain currently in the storyline though the finish at Survivor Series may indeed have been the setup for this turn all along, and that is was forgotten, or else there wouldn’t have been a shock factor with Charlotte’s actions last week. TLC will hopefully clarify where this storyline is going.

– Catherine


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