WWE NXT RESULTS: Last Fight Teases Before the Brawl Comes to London Town (December, 9th 2015)

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Welcome All to the Last Pit-stop before NXT invades the British Capital of London for their next NXT Takeover Special. Speaking of Britain, the talented performers of NXT just kicked off their first British Invasion with their first UK Tour Today so you can definitely confirm last nights NXT as a pretape, giving us the last segments for the women to compete this coming Wednesday.

First appearing divas wise on the show is Carmella, managing an agitated Enzo and Cass, who have only just returned as a unit after their upcoming opponents, NXT Tag Team Champions Wilder and Dawson lead an excruciating attack on Cass that injured him, and they take out their fury on their own opposition Hollis and Skyler. After winning the match, the two send some angry words to the Champs with Carmella by their side.

Additionally Dana Brooke joins Emma backstage for a interview. After ensuring that Dana is calmer after last week, Tom questions Emma on if shes ready to fight Asuka next week. Emma states it isn’t about whether shes ready or not, but why Asuka has had the red carpet rolled out so to speak for her because she and Dana never got that, and though she understands how much of an influence Asuka was back in Japan, NXT is a different place entirely, and the revolution that’s been quoted for so long didn’t start without the “Emmalution”. Emma adds that she paved the way for the NXT Girls before even the likes of Bayley or Sasha or Charlotte came along, and it will be the “Emmalution” that will be the solution for putting Asuka in her place next week. Dana adds that just because they can they will head out there and get a view of Asukas match which comes next, but not before forcing Tom to take her head pat.

Asuka heads to the ring and faces a returning Deonna, who previously worked against Nia Jax (and against Brooke at TNA Knockouts Knockdown some time back). Following Deonnas arrival, Asuka tries to find her way into a lock up with Deonna on the bell, managing to send Deonna across the ring after. Asuka and Deonna return to previous positions for a second lock up, and Asuka soon has Deonna in an arm wringer. Deonna gets a reversal but it doesn’t last long as Asuka manages to get her own reversal, and works over Deonna, eventually catching her in a side headlock. Asuka takes Deonna to the mat but Deonna comes back with a head scissor, but Asuka battles out easy. Asuka grapples with Deonna once again, capturing her in a front face-lock on the mat. Asuka goes to pin Deonna but as it reaches a two count, Asuka instead decides to tie up Deonna in the finishing submission. Deonna forces her to break, placing her feet on the nearby ropes.

Asuka scores a number of kicks before Deonna eventually manages to block. Deonna forearms Asuka at the side of her jaw, but has the follow up whip reversed, leading to Deonna running into the hip attack. Before Asuka can do much more, she takes notice of Dana and Emma arriving, who spectate from the stage. Deonna tries to grab Asuka from behind per Emma’s distraction, but Asuka swivels and nails a roundhouse kick that completely KO’s Deonna, awarding Asuka the victory, and leaving Emma and Dana stunned at the damage.

Meanwhile Alexa, the previous contender to the NXT Women’s Title, is fuming backstage at the Hype Bros recent win over her Boys Blake and Murphy, and tries to blame the two over her own loss, because their loss over the Hype Bros left her embarrassed. Blake calms down Alexa and reminds her they are former tag team champions, they know how to take care of business, and Murphy insists Alexa that they will sort out the Hype Bros tonight, telling Alexa to consider those Hype Bros broken. Alexa smirks, more or less revealing her strategy was all a motivational plot.

Alexa then joins Blake and Murphy for their match against the Hype Bros, even joining in a ringside assist at one time, and despite the two getting a near advantage, they are eventually defeated for the Babyface Tag Team. Looks like Alexa may be mad at the two for real in the weeks coming…

As announced earlier in the night, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley would have one last in ring battle before Takeover against Peyton Royce. Speaking of Takeover, per last weeks altercation, it is revealed Bayleys opponent will be Nia Jax, and possibly the toughest challenge for the defending champion to date. As for her opponent for the night, Peyton, she seems to have adopted her recent live event Poison Ivy-type Gimmick with a matching heel persona. The Two get in a lock up on the bell and Peyton takes over quick with a side headlock while the crowd expectedly rally behind Bayley. Bayley uses her athleticism to avoid Peyton’s offense, but Peyton manages to overcome and arm drag the Champion towards the corner.

Bayley recuperates and manages to capture Peyton in a waist-lock, but gets elbowed in the face. Peyton whips Bayley over to the corner, but Bayley scales the turnbuckles, lands on the mat and arm drags Peyton. Bayley lands a flying clothesline in the corner to Peyton, before Peyton breaks out of a suplex attempt, cheapshotting Bayley near her shoulder. Peyton takes to the ropes and nails a running knee for extra damage, attempting to cover Bayley after but the referee disallows, noticing Peyton’s foot under the bottom rope. Peyton elbows Bayley before taking notice of the crowd. She launches Bayley into the corner and lands a load of kicks, additionally choking her against the turnbuckle. Peyton gets a near fall on Bayley to follow.

Peyton strikes both sides of Bayleys shoulder with behind forearms, before grasping her in a rear choke-hold. Bayley arm drags to counter, and pounds on Peyton against the corner after a drop toe hold. Bayley takes Peyton to the ropes, but Peyton grasps them, preventing her running into Bayleys next attack. Peyton hits Bayley with a roundhouse kick after avoiding a clothesline. Peyton gets another near fall on Bayley. Bayley and Peyton trade blows with Bayley getting the upper hand, striking with forearms before being pushed to the corner. Bayley kicks Peyton away as she comes towards her, scoring the flying forearm, in addition planting Peyton’s head against the mat. Bayley gets a near fall on Peyton.

Bayley suplexes Peyton to start the comeback, setting up her next offense but ending up on the end of Peyton’s counter. Peyton rolls up Bayley for another near fall. Bayley suddenly leaps up and scoops Peyton from the mat into her Belly to Belly Suplex from out of nowhere. Bayley pins Peyton and wins the match but her victory celebration wont be long as Nia Jax comes over to the stage, joined by NXTs resident heat magnet, Eva Marie. Eva questions Bayleys victory over her two weeks ago before passing the mic to Nia, who insists the Red Queen that she doesn’t need her to do the talking for her before turning to face the victorious champion. She Notes to Bayley that she is lucky, because if Nia had come in sooner, she would have never become the champion. Nia states that since day one she has been destined for Greatness and the woman Bayley is looking at now is the next NXT Women’s Champion. She Simply adds that she will see her in London, heading off with Eva while Bayley flashes the title.

(Skyler and Hollis vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady w/ Carmella)

(Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage Segment)

(Asuka vs Deonna Purrazzo feat Dana Brooke and Emma)

(Alexa Bliss, Blake and Murphy Backstage Segment; The Hype Bros vs Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss)

(Bayley vs Peyton Royce feat Nia Jax and Eva Marie)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Deonna: I Wasn’t a fan of the match in all honesty and the crowd didn’t seem to react to it that much either, but i liked how the ending came about. They didn’t go ahead with the cowardly roll up pin way out to affect Asukas status as undefeated, especially because they wouldn’t naturally give it to someone outside of NXT. Instead they went with the KO victory to establish the continuous intimidation tactics from Asuka to Emma, who sold the reaction brilliantly. I Cant say much more about how excited i am for their match because Ive pretty much voiced it before anyway.

Bayley/Peyton: Looking at this match, Peyton did great against Bayley and the new gimmick seemingly gives me vibes of Psycho Victoria for some reason and in turn, differentiates her from Billie Kay who i believe may be off TV to be repackaged (possibly w/ Lefort) while Peyton may have just found her niche to work with, and maybe even claim the rights to the music, though she should get a theme that suits the gimmick a little more. Bayleys victory was predictable here so her momentum wouldn’t be cut further before Takeover and the post match promo was Okay. I’m expecting a lot of massive spots by Nia on Wednesday, maybe power-bombing Bayley in the ring or into a space in the crowd or maybe spearing her through a barricade, with referee bumps in addition, but i think the match itself will be mainly about brutality, and even though Nia is least experienced compared to those Bayley has challenged in the past, we could be pleasantly surprised by the effort that i hope can live up to the showcases of the past. But im beginning to question the Eva/Nia partnership in terms of roles. Nia is a monster heel established, while Eva is expectedly a mouthpiece (work in progress) so i was left confused when Nia told her she didn’t need her to do the talking so im guessing WWE are moving away from the typical monster heel stereotype to increase Nias Package by working on her mic skills additionally.

– Catherine


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