WWE TLC PREDICTIONS: Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs Paige for the Divas Championship (December, 13th 2015)

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Hello to All. Catherine Here! Its Time to wind down on tonights TLC Pay Per View, which presents us not one, but now two divas matches, per an announcement made moments ago. On top of the hopeful heated spectacular between Paige and Charlotte for Charlottes Divas Title, Sasha Banks will face Becky Lynch in singles action on the Kickoff show, which means theres two matches with outcomes to predict, so lets summarize in chronological order.

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So first we talk this recently revealed match between NXT Rivals turned main roster competitors Becky Lynch and Sasha. The Two are set to face off on the Kickoff show tonight in what is indeed not their first clash since promotion.

Though there is not a feud between the two ongoing, a story to back up the match addition, with the exception of Smackdown this week, Becky has some losses to get over. But its no secret also that Sasha has been heavily protected from pins since being promoted, coming out as the strongest member of Team BAD, and if this continues going till Mania when she could even win the title then its a no brainer. Sasha wins tonight unless Becky wins via DQ when Charlotte possibly looks to support and crashes Becky’s chance of victory, setting up a later angle perhaps.

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And then of course there’s the main feud in the divas division between PCBs Paige and Charlotte. After making accusations of cheating towards Charlotte after a noted dirty finish at Survivor Series in the two enemies previous match for the title, Paige has got herself a rematch with the Divas Champion, whose recent antics and controversial victory over her own on screen Bestie Becky has many questioning her current character role, and who the villain is during the feuds progression from RAW onwards.

Tonight, TLC has the chance to justify who the heel is in this extensive feud, especially with Ric in the corner of his daughter and that a double turn that may have been executed on RAW, may happen for real in tonight’s match. But Charlotte, heel or face, is of major importance to the folks behind the scenes and is sure not to give up her title just yet so, even in heel fashion, Charlotte retains tonight, goes full heel by either attacking Paige after the match to force Becky to appear or brags about the victory tomorrow on RAW to set up a new challenge or PCB Triple Threat. Heck Becky could even make using Charlotte’s help to her advantage on Smackdown explanatory by replacing an ejected Ric and help Charlotte win.

TLC Comes Live to you at 1am UK Time on Sky Sports Box Office and on the WWE Network, featuring the mentioned Charlotte/Paige bout, plus Kevin Owens defending the Intercontinental Title against Dean Ambrose as well as Roman Reigns Challenging the League of Nations Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

– Catherine


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