WWE TLC RESULTS: Champ Is Truly So the Dirtiest Playa’ In The Game (December, 13th 2015)

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Even though it somehow doesnt feel like it, welcome to the last Pay Per View Report of the year as WWE closed a year of (sometimes) entertaining feuds with their recently turned heel call up Charlotte defending her Divas Title against Paige in a Survivor Series Rematch Last Night at TLC, one sure to have shenanigans aplenty as Ric Flair supported the “Dirtiest Diva in the Game” from ringside. That plus we got a treat of a kickoff match from Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch as well as Lana back in total heel glory.

So the diva appearances kick off on the Kickoff show, but first from the contender to Charlotte’s Title, Paige. The Professed Anti Diva encounters and makes a mockery of Ric backstage, who is indeed there ready to support his daughter, before pretty much duplicating the Alexa Bliss/Vaudevillains storyline by having a slap blocked by the Hall of Famer.

This is later followed up with the only match on the Kickoff show, Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. Sasha is joined by Naomi and Tamina, welcomed by the hometown crowd but the cheers are piped down by the later attempt at a Christmas carol from the three heels before Becky blesses all with her presence. Of course commentary reference the possible pressure on Ireland’s Current WWE Diva considering her fellow Irish Sheamus, Finn Balor and Conor McGregor are all holding prestigious titles.

The Bell rings and the two start off with a lock up, which Sasha reverses into a side headlock. Becky counters into her own, before tripping Sasha to the mat, working the diva over with a front face-lock. After back and forth whip reversals, Sasha eventually sends Becky to the corner, and uses her legs to launch her out of the corner before Becky surprises with a reversal mid through a pin attempt, getting a near fall on Sasha. Becky applies a side headlock before being thrown to the ropes. Becky avoids the offense from Sasha but Sasha hits the ropes anyway and sends Becky down with an elbow. Sasha taunts, going into a pin attempt right after but it falls flat when Becky bridges out.

Becky runs under a diving Sasha, managing to take her legs along the way to send her crashing to the mat. Becky is ready to lock the Disarmer but Sasha bounds to the ropes before it can be applied. Sasha nails a forearm to the face of Becky, before Becky gets back to targeting the arm of Sasha. Becky arm drags Sasha as she takes to the ropes, and manages one more arm drag before working on Sasha’s arm again while shes down on the mat. Sasha counters with an arm drag but Becky counters into her own within seconds, keeping Sasha worked on against the mat. Becky avoids a forearm then rolls Sasha from nearby the ropes into another pin attempt, one that Sasha kicks out of at one. Becky rolls her over again but gets the same result.

Becky stretches the left arm of Sasha after an arm drag, but Sasha assures that she doesn’t want to submit. Becky and Sasha end up grappling on their feet and Sasha breaks free of Becky’s grip with a forearm. Sasha kicks Becky in her midsection before whipping her to the nearby turnbuckles, but Becky floats. Becky dodges the charging Sasha and arm drags her again. Sasha manages to force Becky to the corner and shes soon forced to break. Sasha misses her attack in the corner, leading to her taking a kick from Becky. Becky throws a forearm at Naomi before she can try interfere but gets lodged in between the turnbuckles by Sasha moments later, allowing Sasha to execute double knees.

We Return from a break to see Bostons favorite Sasha in control, choking Becky against the second rope and getting cocky with the referee while Tamina cheap-shots Becky from ringside with the referees view obstructed. Sasha drags Becky to the center by her hair and the two trade forearms. Becky manages some reversals but ends up taking the backstabber. Sasha secures the Bank Statement, but stretches both arms as she does, meaning Becky’s only way of submitting is verbally. Becky overcomes the pain to make it on her feet while Sasha continues to have her submission applied, but ends up eventually falling on both knees. Becky ends up struggling as she falls to the mat but showcases immense strength by lifting Sasha off the mat, but Sasha rolls through with a counter for a near fall, one Becky counters to additionally get a near fall on Sasha. Becky gets two more near falls on Sasha.

Becky trips Sasha face first into the corner turnbuckle, then forearming Sasha as she stumbles over to her. After an uppercut, Becky unleashes clotheslines to Sasha, following with a heel kick. Becky goes for singular leg drops, one hits while another is avoided when Sasha rolls to safety. Sasha hits the Bankrupt to Becky and gets a near fall. Sasha tries another two pin attempts but Becky does not succumb, kicking out of both at two. Sasha slaps Becky and takes some uppercuts for it. After back to back reversals, Becky scores a German Suplex, going into a pin attempt moments later but Sasha saves herself by disallowing the pin by placing her hand against the nearby rope,

Sasha kicks Becky while hanging against the corner before being arm dragged by the fellow former NXT Diva. Sasha reverses two attempts by Becky to lock in the Disarmer, one ending up a pin attempt, which Becky escapes at two. Becky officially locks it in and a seething Tamina hits the apron to distract the ref, allowing Naomi to cheap-shot Becky with a gone unnoticed kick, allowing Sasha to make her comeback by hitting the backstabber then locked into the Bank Statement. Becky taps despite a very hard fought battle and Sasha wins the match.

Onto the Main Show and Lana, in new formal attire, accompanied Rusev to his match with Ryback, a match that has been ongoing between the two recent enemies in the past few weeks. As she did on RAW, Lana faked an injury to ultimately help Rusev, who went over Ryback and even proceeded to keep the camel clutch locked after the match closed before eventually making out with his lady.

As for the Charlotte/Paige Match, the two were placed in the pre main event spot, and both make their entrances after a video package highlights somewhat the recent changes in the Divas Champion, as well as the remarks Paige has launched at Charlotte in the weeks prior. As pre mentioned, a sure to be sneaky Ric joins Charlotte at ringside to support her….in whatever way possible.

Lilian introduces both the Challenger and the Champion, the Champion getting quite a few boos as she flashed her title. The Bell rings and the revenge match for Paige is finally underway. Oddly Charlotte tries to coax the enemy Paige into a handshake, but Paige slaps it away before turning for a second to gesture at Ric, long enough for Charlotte to cheap-shot Paige. Charlotte unloads with some kicks to Paige in the corner, additionally smacking Paige’s head against the corner turnbuckle. Charlotte mimics Paige’s taunt, before Paige smacks Charlotte’s face against the opposite corner turnbuckle. Paige viciously stomps away at Charlotte, dragging the Champion to the ropes before hitting knees to her on the apron, right in the view of Ric. Paige whips Charlotte, but any chance to hit offense is stalled as she instead takes a high knee. Paige avoids a big boot from Charlotte and fends her off with a super-kick. Paige watches Charlotte fall to the mat, before attempting to pin Charlotte, who suddenly springs into action and bolts from the ring.

Paige tries to take after Charlotte, but ends up eyeing Ric instead, allowing Charlotte to dart back to the ring while shes distracted. Paige crawls back to the ring, with Ric trying to charge after her and attempt some sort of distraction, and this allows Charlotte to knee Paige to the apron. Charlotte yanks Paige back into the ring, where she hits the patented knee drops. Charlotte attempts to pin Paige, who kicks out at one, so she resorts to choking her with her knee against the mat while also shouting some smack to the referee. Charlotte further chokes Paige against the nearby bottom rope, before taking an elbow. Paige tries to block Charlotte’s oncoming strike with both knees but Charlotte swivels her over before nailing a neck-breaker to Paige as she was placed by the ropes, enough to get her a near fall on Paige.

Charlotte proceeds to taunt the crowd while keeping Paige busy in a headlock. Charlotte swings some knees at Paige before grounding her to the mat. Paige tries to break out with punches but Charlotte sends her back to the mat as quick. Charlotte gets a near fall once again on Paige. Charlotte scores another patented knee drop before showcasing the signature Flair strut. Charlotte then sprints into another pin attempt, but like before, Paige escapes at a count of two. Paige tries to start her comeback, reversing a slam attempt into a sleeper hold on the Champ. Unlucky for Paige, Charlotte suddenly springs back into action and cuts the momentum with a running neck-breaker. Charlotte grasps the leg of the fallen Paige to try lock in the Figure Four, but Paige kicks her away. Paige misses a clothesline and Charlotte chops the back of Paige’s leg before dragging her to the ring post, smashing the same leg against it as Team BAD are shown in the back viewing the match while additionally trying to dress up as PCB.

Charlotte may look to hurt the same leg again, but Paige instead pulls her toward the ring post, causing Charlotte to smack her face against it. Ric is soon noticed trying to undo the nearby turnbuckle from ringside and he assures there’s no wrongdoing as Charlotte returns to the ring. Paige begins to hit forearms to Charlotte while equally trying to block the oppositions. Paige scores a load of kicks to Charlotte before executing a knee to Charlotte in the corner. Paige then secures the figure four to Charlotte, before Charlotte counters into her own. A Screaming Paige makes it to the ropes to break free from Charlotte’s reversal. Paige boots Charlotte and takes a boot back from Charlotte. Charlotte climbs to the top rope and nails a diving cross-body to get a near fall. Charlotte hits some Flair-esque chops before a standing neck-breaker from the champ is countered into a Suplex by Paige. Paige gets a near fall on Charlotte.

Charlotte blocks a kick from Paige, countering into what looked like her own variation of the Rampaige. Charlotte pulls Paige from the ropes for another pin attempt, but to her chagrin, Paige kicks out again. Charlotte tries a number of pins after but still cant make Paige submit. Paige surprises Charlotte with a roll up but Charlotte also escapes at two. Charlotte avoids a clothesline and tries to execute the spear but instead flies into Paige’s hard knee from out of nowhere and crashes to the mat. Paige drags Charlotte closer into the view of Ric, nailing the Rampaige to his daughter and looking for the winning pin there but Ric pulls Charlotte’s foot above the rope to cancel. Paige flips out to the ref as Charlotte gets back to work on the same turnbuckle Ric looked to expose earlier, completely untying it. Charlotte trips Paige into the corner, causing Paige’s head to smack against where that turnbuckle once was and Charlotte pins Paige to retain.

Charlotte’s sneaky third victory over Paige doesn’t please Becky much as she confronts the still champion backstage as she and Ric plan on celebrating. Charlotte questions if shes proud of her which Becky states is true but she doesn’t like how she did so. Becky then chooses not to join in Charlotte and Ric’s celebrations.

(Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina vs Becky Lynch; TLC Kickoff Show)

(Ryback vs Rusev w/ Lana)

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Paige; Divas Championship Match; Ric Flair, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Becky: A Very Good Technical Match and an additionally good showing for Becky, who got to break free from the Bank Statement with her unique counter, while in many of Sasha’s other main roster encounters, the Bank Statement would normally lead Sasha to victory, almost giving the feel that WWE want us to back Becky despite the predictable victory Sasha eventually gained, not to mention the mentioned props from Paul Heyman himself. Originally it wouldn’t make sense for Becky to sneak into contention after losing a match unless Charlotte uses that to try and push Becky out of contention to trigger Becky’s eventual week in week out comeback towards becoming contention, BUT there is so much backstory behind this hopeful feud, that i am 100% behind it.

Charlotte/Paige: Speaking of Charlotte, there is no doubt after this match with Paige that she is most certainly a heel, based on her taunts and how herself and Ric worked in securing victory. The Match for me was good, not as hard hitting as the Survivor Series encounter but proof Charlotte works better as a heel, something that hasn’t been seen since her early NXT days, but there were moments that took me back to Charlotte’s match with Peyton Royce where she did indeed act heelish. That may have been the double turn a lot were calling so either tonight Paige confirms her face status or whenever she is expected to return. But one things for sure, Charlotte is walking into 2016 as Champion and as a heel, and now extra faces are needing to be built for the division alongside Becky.

– Catherine


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