WWE RAW RESULTS: Team Bella Are Done Dirty By The Flair Tactic (December, 14th 2015)

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Welcome All to My Post TLC Review as we count down the last few RAW episodes of the year before we move to 2016, a year to predict new feuds and the callings of new talent. Speaking of New Talent, 2015 has been the year of the call ups (midway) and most certainly Charlotte and Becky Lynch will be closing the year as possible enemies. Though the heat wasn’t actually presented last night on RAW, a Divas Tag Team Match is sure to send things spiraling in that direction…

But first we see a visibly and understandably fuming Stephanie McMahon enter RAW for its opener, distressed over the previous night as Roman Reigns closed TLC by completely decimating the Head of the Authority and WWE’s COO (as well as Stephanie’s Husband) Triple H. She tries to label Roman a disgrace before Roman fires the same insult back, and more so towards the McMahon’s themselves. After a heated slap fest from Stephanie to the former SHIELD member, she declares that the person heading to the arena will sort things out with Roman once and for all….Vince!

The Once Blossomed Pairing of Summer Rae and Tyler Breeze also appear on RAW as Tyler challenges fellow NXT Alumni Neville in a singles bout with Neville’s recent nemesis The Miz perched at ringside, trying to call shots. Unfortunately it was another loss on the side of Tyler.

Lana would also manage Rusev and his League of Nations Companion Alberto Del Rio for a tag match as the two heels faced off against Swagger and Ryback, one which closed with a victory on the heel side, and an additional victory for Rusev to boot.

It isn’t until the final hour that we find out that Charlotte and Becky Lynch, despite their recent struggles, will face the Two remaining Team Bella Members Brie and Alicia, with Ric also joining the PCB pairing for the match, viewing the competition from ringside. Charlotte and Becky come out together with Ric while Team Bella don’t get a full entrance. Team BAD are also front row rather than at ringside for a reason completely unexplained.

Brie and Charlotte lock up to begin. Brie fights off Charlotte’s hammerlock and sends her to the mat. Brie appears unimpressed as Divas Champ Charlotte kips up, then ending up stumbling to a corner after taking the standing neckbreaker from Charlotte. Brie elbows Charlotte then avoids her attack in the corner, also throwing Charlotte off the turnbuckle as she climbs, and Charlotte takes a nasty fall as a result. Brie stamps on Charlotte a few times before applying a hold. Becky tries to cheer on Charlotte, which Team BAD mimic by clapping away for Charlotte as she takes a bulldog near to the heel corner. Brie nails a series of Yes Kicks, enough to secure a near fall on the champ.

Brie applies a stretch hold to Charlotte, but Charlotte soon fights her off with knees as the chants towards Sasha echo about the arena. Becky and Alicia both soon tag in for the respective sides, and Becky comes firing in with clotheslines, dropkicks and an additional kick to Alicia in the corner. Becky nails an exploder suplex to Alicia but as she goes to pin, Brie charges in to break it up. Charlotte takes down Brie with a spear, following her outside. Back inside the ring, Becky whips Alicia, who clings to the ropes, booting Becky as she runs towards her. While there is some engagement between Becky and Charlotte on the outside, Alicia takes to the ropes to set up the next attack to Becky, who has her head turned, as does the referee. This allows Ric to trip up Alicia, who is completely aware of the execution of the tactic, while Becky is not, turning and heading back to Alicia, locking the Disarmer on the Team Bella member, who submits. Charlotte and Becky win the match.

(Roman Reigns and Stephanie McMahon Opening Segment)

(Neville vs Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae feat The Miz)

(Rusev and Alberto Del Rio w/ Lana vs Jack Swagger and Ryback)

(Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch w/ Ric Flair)

Thoughts On This Match:
It was shorter than i expected and didn’t give us the developments needed for the Becky/Charlotte feud, even though i can see it going along the lines of the two slowly turning on each other with Charlotte making claims that Becky cant win without her, hence the blind Ric assist. I Only wished that there could have been some developments after the match, especially because WWE has a track record of acknowledging the extended length of time between TLC and the Royal Rumble, meaning divas feuds aren’t normally booked properly until a week or two prior, and they need to step away from that method when a mat classic like Becky vs Charlotte is basically right in front of them. Regardless, im interested to see how Becky’s scheduled Smackdown match with Brie ends because this feud needs to explode sooner rather than later, unless we are swerved and Becky starts using Charlotte’s tactics for victory, leading to Paige’s return as a babyface joined with either a babyface Team Bella (minus Nikki) or Natalya or even just Nikki to set up a tag match or Fatal 4 way, though id much prefer Charlotte vs Becky with a possible Paige addition. All im saying is WWE need to book this feud properly and not take the direction of being lackluster by just booking matches with dirty finishes for around four weeks before something eventually happens. But im going to keep an eye on the Slammys because if Charlotte wins the DOTY slammy, i want to see how her delivery comes across and whether they let Becky come out with her for it just to see her reaction, unless the DOTY award goes to Nikki, whose return happens there, thus her possibly announcing when she is set to return to the ring. Regardless, time for WWE to turn the heat up on the current program.

– Catherine


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