WWE NXT TAKEOVER LONDON RESULTS: Victors Leave England After Overcoming Immense Challenges (December, 16th 2015)

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Last Night NXT Closed off its extremely hyped tour of Britain as their final Takeover Event of the Year emanated from London, and in turn, brought us not one, but two divas matches that pretty much continued the legacy left behind by the Divas that have since transferred their skills to the main roster. Bayley fought against a Big Challenge in Nia Jax, title on the line, while Emma had her biggest match possibly since the Two Paige Clashes at the beginning of NXTs Revival, against Asuka.

Believe it or not, instead of the tag title match opening like i anticipated, its Emma vs Asuka opening the show for the sold out crowd of Us Brits and fellow Travelers who made their way from various places to this huge show. Asuka is out first to an immense pop, followed by Emma, joined by Dana Brooke, both getting expected boos. Mid entrance we are reminded of Emma’s sneak attack on Asuka from a few weeks ago, pre-strategized by Emma and Dana as well as their reaction to watching Asuka KO opponent Deonna last week. After Emma and Dana do their signature pose in the ring the bell is rung and much of the crowd is already on the side of Asuka.

Emma avoids a lock up with Asuka and makes it clear shes become familiar with the ring work, additionally avoiding the follow up spinning heel kick by Asuka. Emma heads to the ropes to avoid any attempted back offense from Asuka, then saunters around the ring, thinking of a strategic lock up without ending up in danger of being finished by Asukas Submission. After a reversal from both, Asuka captures Emma in a hammerlock. Emma counters into her own but Asuka is back into a hammerlock within seconds, whipping Emma into a potential dropkick, which Emma smartly avoids by hanging onto the ropes rather than run into it. Emma looks to cover Asuka but she kicks out before there’s even a one count.

Emma works on Asukas arm, but Asuka rolls out, targeting Emma’s arm. Emma rolls out but doesn’t loosen Asukas grip. Emma rolls again but Asuka stays clung so she reverses and instead targets the arm of Asuka, stretching it against her back. The Two have back and forth hammerlock reversals before Emma knocks off Asuka with a back elbow. Emma ends up being arm dragged into the Asuka Lock early but Emma scrambles to the ropes and forces the break. Asuka strikes with some behind kicks to Emma, who rolls to the outside. Asuka nails a running hip attack to Emma off the apron. Asuka then finds herself shortly distracted by a yelling Dana Brooke, beginning to stride over to Dana, who backs off. Asuka attempts to return to the ring, but takes a running dropkick by Emma on the way. Emma attempts to roll Asuka back to the ring, but not before unloading on Asukas back with cheap-shots. Emma returns Asuka to the ring, following behind her, then hits a load of angry stomps to Asuka against the corner. Emma chokes her against the same turnbuckle for extra damage.

Emma continues the dominating with a running dropkick straight into a pin attempt, getting the first near fall of the match on Asuka. Emma tugs at both of Asukas arms in a stretch submission. Asuka tries to reverse by rolling back with her feet, but Emma takes them for another pin attempt, and gets another near fall. Emma chokes Asuka against the middle rope while the crowd continue to back Asuka. Emma hits a dainty kick to Asuka following a snapmare, getting a near fall again. Emma manages shots to the back of Asuka as the crowd further rallies for Asuka in British Football ground style, and Asuka tries to knock off Emma, to no avail. Asuka has a sudden burst of energy, unleashing back elbows out of nowhere to Emma, and after being whipped by Emma, she strikes back with a backslide counter, but only gets a near fall on the rival. Emma then connects with a huge clothesline to try gain momentum of her own, and this results in Emma getting another near fall on Asuka.

Emma whips Asuka from one corner into the other with so much force, Asuka completely collapses upon impact. Emma does so again, despite Asuka hinting a comeback. Asuka attempts her comeback by whipping Emma, who counters and chops Asuka in the face. Emma whips Asuka to an opposite corner for a third time, only this time Asuka leaps to the turnbuckles, connecting with a missile dropkick. Both Asuka and Emma are down for a while, but eventually come to blows with back to back forearms. Emma chops away at Asuka then takes to the ropes, charging into a hip attack by Asuka. Asuka unleashes kicks and a flurry of forearms to Emma, and launches another Hip Attack to Emma despite Emma reversing her whip. Asuka then unleashes Yes Kicks, Shades of Brie and Daniel Bryan, but a fourth is blocked by Emma. Emma misses a clothesline, as does Asuka, and Emma takes control by taking down Asuka using her legs before attempting another pin. Emma lands another near fall on Asuka.

Asuka nails back fists to Emma upon escaping the pin, and takes Emma down with another Running Hip Attack. Asuka looks for a hopeful finish there but Emma kicks out at two, much to the happiness of Dana. Emma chops the arm of Asuka and crawls to the corner, avoiding a charging Asuka, then locking the DilEMMA on Asuka against the ropes. Emma furthers the damage with a butterfly suplex that sends Asuka crashing into the corner. Emma takes advantage of Asukas Position to nail the running cross-body but despite everything done, Asuka still kicks out. Emma tries another pin out of frustration but gets a near fall once again. An Angry Emma smothers Asukas face against the mat, then trying to lock in the Emma Lock, but Asuka uses Emma’s leg to counter, and captures her in the Patriot/Ankle Lock. Emma tries to hop her way out but ends up on the end of a German Suplex. Asuka scores a running inziguiri to follow, goes to pin but Emma escapes once more at two. Asuka looks for the finishing Asuka Lock, but Emma keeps everyone on the edge of their seat as she tries hard not to be taken to the mat, and stumbles backward, sending Asuka into the referee. Asuka notices the fallen referee then motions over to Emma as Dana pulls out some sort of chain object, soon ending up in the hands of Emma, who rolls out of the way of a kick from Asuka.

Asuka and Emma fight over the foreign object, and when the referee recovers, he hits out at Asuka upon noticing it in her hand. However, rather than be disqualified, he has to count the roll up attempted by Emma mid through the argument, but Asuka kicks out. Asuka then springs into action, instantly countering into the Asuka Lock. Emma is stuck in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go so Dana tries getting the referees attention and is ejected, but this goes on while Emma taps to Asukas finishing submission, and the referee does not notice. Dana eventually heads away from the ring, and Emma tries to attack Asuka from behind but Asuka hits back with the roundhouse kick. Asuka pins Emma and wins the match.

The Tag Team Titles are next on the line, as Enzo and Big Cass, the obvious favorites to the crowd, take on the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson, and the babyfaces additionally have Carmella at their side. Unfortunately for the popular long-term NXT pairing, they leave without the titles, as Dash and Dawson score a rather expected victory.

Nia Jax’s match with the defending NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, highlighted more than once through promos during the show, makes it to pre main event spot like the rest of the women’s matches during a Takeover Special, but the fantastically done video package for the match doesn’t start without an intriguing interruption from Asuka during Nia’s backstage declaration that she will dominate Bayley. They simply stare each other down before Nia returns to stating the wanted outcome of her upcoming match.

Nia then makes her entrance for the match that has seemingly been on the mind of many women’s wrestling fans due to Nia having less experience than any other expected challengers for Bayleys Title, and she comes out in an attire rather Queen Elizabeth-esque. Bayley comes out to a happy reaction from the crowd and has to be overwhelmed by a sing off from the crowd towards her after champion and challenger are introduced. The Bell rings and while the crowd continue on, Bayley averts from taking the hit from Nia’s first lot of offense of the night, a clothesline. She rolls under a second then tries finding a way out of the corner as Nia blocks, taking to the ropes and finding her way into an octopus hold while also avoiding another clothesline by Nia. Bayley slips off, trying to roll the imposing opponent from underneath but Nia doesn’t even move. She scoops up the challenger from underneath then viciously throws her to the corner.

Bayley avoids Nia’s splash in the corner and unloads with forearms. She adds back elbows to that offense, but one last one falls short and she ends up in Nia’s grip. Nia tosses Bayley across the ring, throwing her to the ropes after Bayley tries hitting elbows, and drives Bayley back first into her knee. Nia throws Bayley about like a rag-doll while grasping her in a chin-lock, throwing her around full circle to further weaken the champion. Bayley breaks free and ends up grasping Nia in her own hold while positioned on her shoulders. Bayley soon ends up breaking off after Nia drives her into the corner back first. Nia stands over a fallen Bayley, possibly concocting the next move before being kicked by Bayley into the same corner. Bayley hits with three running back elbows, trying to scale the turnbuckles afterward but being thrown off by Nia in the process. Nia scoops Bayley onto her shoulders for a possible Samoan Drop but Bayley slips free like earlier, and scores a dropkick to both of Nia’s knees, beginning to lower the large opponent to a better level. She tries as much as she can to further lower Nia, from dropkicks to spinning back elbows off the ropes, and a third spinning back elbow falls flat as Nia instead drives Bayley to the mat with both arms.

Nia takes the throat of Bayley for a possible choke-slam, but Bayley counters into a head-scissor. Nia scoops Bayley up with much strength and leads her to another corner, positioning her atop the top turnbuckle, weakening Bayley with an additional headbutt before beginning to climb the turnbuckles herself. Unlucky for Nia, an attempt for a superplex falls flat when Bayley starts hitting back with elbows, soon pushing her completely off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Bayley hits a senton and gets a near fall, with Nia’s kick out creating much impact that Bayley ends up flying to the outside. Bayley soon recovers, leaping to the apron and avoiding offense from Nia while also quickly climbing under the bottom rope and under both of Nia’s legs. Bayley takes to the ropes but ends up scooped onto Nia’s shoulder and takes a Samoan Drop counter. Nia goes to pin Bayley but Bayley kicks out at two, resulting in a near fall.

Nia is in disbelief with this result and hits another Samoan Drop, hoping to finish Bayley there, but rather than plan to pin she whips Bayley into another Samoan Drop, combined with the leg drop finish that would usually mean the end for her opposition, however Bayley kicks out of her follow up pin attempt at two, making the crowd elated. Nia clotheslines Bayley against the corner, doing so a few more times before sending her flying across to the other side of the ring. Nia continuously paces as the referee tends to a completely floored Bayley, before taking the arm of Bayley and placing it under her leg for a different leg drop variation. Nia hits multiple leg drops to the back of Bayleys shoulder before attempting to pin the champ again, but its another near fall again on Bayley.

Nia darkly glances at Bayley as she summons up strength to crawl to the corner after all the offense taken, then splashes the already hurt champion in the corner. Nia places Bayley on the turnbuckles, beginning to climb them again herself but as she makes her way upward, Bayley retaliates and captures Nia in a Guillotine Choke on the top rope. Nia stumbles off the ropes and into the rings center, Bayleys hold still applied and effective, and she musters enough energy to slam Bayley to the mat and break free. Bayley attempts the Guillotine Choke once more, but again Nia does the same slam. Nia looks to pick up Bayley after selling earlier effects but Bayley suddenly locks in the hold again, and Nia completely fades, first to one knee then completely to the mat, eventually submitting. Bayley wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.

(Emma w/ Dana Brooke vs Asuka)

(Nia Jax vs Bayley; NXT Womens Championship Match)

(Dana Brooke, Asuka and Emma Backstage Exclusive)

(Bayley Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Emma: You Know when the Women open up such a momentous event that the faith is completely on them to get the crowd hyped and engaged and this is exactly what Asuka and Emma managed to achieve from the start and all the way to the finish. Like her On Screen Partner Dana, Emma managed to handle the quickness of Asuka amazingly, while the numerous kick outs and escapes as well as resilience from Emma managed to give a edge-of-your-seat type of feel, because originally i would have expected Emma to fade from the Asuka Lock but instead we got the Dana/Emma interaction with the foreign object to extend the match a little further while exploiting Emma and Dana’s heel traits further. Plus Dana was giving Stephanie McMahon vibes with her managerial work in my opinion, handling herself perfectly, even if some of her verbal work is different. Also the crowd were completely into this match, expectedly on the side of Asuka right from the beginning, and applauding the ring work shown during the match rather than try smarky chants or even direct any kind of negativity towards Dana. A Quality Match and for the first time in a while, i have no idea where the creative direction is going with the heel pairing of Emma and Dana after this, especially with the surprise Asuka and Nia Jax segment.

Nia/Bayley: On second glimpse, this was a great match. Even though we didn’t get the chaotic spots such as Nia power-bombing Bayley or even spear through the barricade to completely showcase Nia as an intimidating, unbeatable monster, its expected since Nia’s ring work isn’t as extensive as some other performers, but what differentiates this from past clashes on Takeover specials is it wasn’t about flashy moves but Bayley doing what very few do, setting up her move-set to work against the bigger opposition to showcase the David vs Goliath story, the much smaller person in general vs a Huge Intimidating Giant. But im glad Bayley retained as she is carrying the division while others ring work continues to excel and there’s only few at her level currently, that being Asuka, Emma and the soon to arrive Adrienne/Athena. Just like with the Asuka feud, i have no idea what to think with the creative direction wholly because of the Asuka/Nia Jax segment, even with the additional post Takeover exclusive between Emma, Dana and Asuka because it presents two feuds for Asuka and if she moves onto Nia and beats her for the contendership, where do Emma and Dana go? Or is there a Nia vs Asuka vs Emma vs Bayley match coming? Personally i would rather see Emma take her anger out on Bayley for losing, explaining it as a “Bayley gets all the recognition” type of reasoning while also capitalizing on their backstory but we also cant rule out Eva being the next challenger despite having major steps to go in her ring work also. The next few weeks of NXT should help figure things out.

– Catherine


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