WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Cracks Begin to Further Between the Remnants of PCB (December, 17th 2015)

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Hello All and welcome to a better-late-than-never Smackdown Review to close another week of wrestling. This weeks Smackdown sees Brie Bella and Becky Lynch engage in a short match after Brie exposed the dirty finish to Becky Lynch from RAW via social media, thus leading to Becky accepting Brie’s singles challenge later for Smackdown.

Brie comes out alone for the match as does Becky, hopefully rid of any trouble with Ric and Charlotte not being there. We also get a short reminder before the beginning of the match of Charlotte’s dirty victory over Paige at TLC as well as Ric’s assistance for both his daughter and Becky at RAW vs Team Bella. Anyway moving onto the present and the bell has rung, with Becky instantly taking a kick from Brie, soon coming back by countering Bries whip, sending the heel to the corner. Becky is launched over the ropes by Brie, but balances as she floats over the above rope. Becky forearms Brie before Brie smacks Becky’s head against the turnbuckle.

Becky takes a fall outside and Brie heads out to send her back in the ring as Team BAD view the physicality from front row seating. Brie turns her attention to Team BAD, mocking them as they flash their own man-made fan signs. Brie returns back to the ring after Becky, stomping her then attacking her shoulder before applying a hold. As Brie continues working over Becky, Charlotte’s Music Hits and the Divas Champ heads to ringside to bring on some possible encouragement for Becky. Charlotte’s arrival helps Becky to hit back, nailing some clotheslines to Brie with an additional dropkick. Becky attempts the kick to Brie in the corner, but Brie blocks it. Brie nails the missile dropkick and calls for the Running Knee as Charlotte urges Becky onward from ringside. Brie secures the running knee to get a near fall.

Becky hits with an pumphandle suplex to Brie to get a near fall also. Becky scores the corner kick while Sasha is suddenly cheering Becky on, even switching to a Lass Kicker shirt. Becky tries to lock the disarmer but gets sent to the ropes, cancelling her chance. Brie looks for the X Factor but Becky blocks it, pushing her to the ropes and in turn, Charlotte trips up Brie, this time noticed by Becky. Becky has no choice but to try secure the victory and locks in the finishing submission, despite being frustrated by the assist. Brie submits and Becky wins the match.

Charlotte then drops by to see Becky backstage, applauding the win over Brie. Becky is visibly upset, as noticed by the Champ. Becky says the reason they won on RAW was because of Charlotte’s Father, Ric, and because of the finish on RAW, she was happy to take Brie up on the one on one challenge tonight, but instead it ended with Charlotte interfering to help Becky score the win. Charlotte tries to put this as trying to have her back, but Becky states that isn’t so, and any outcomes that happen, have to be of her own merit. Charlotte tries to express her “worry” as she tries to make out she did what she did because she didn’t want Becky to lose, and Becky takes this to heart, believing Charlotte is trying to make out she cant win on her own. Charlotte denies this but Becky believes otherwise and walks away from her partner.

(Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella feat Charlotte and Team BAD)

(Charlotte and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another short and sweet Smackdown Match and for a third Smackdown in a row, Charlotte plays into the outcome of Becky’s Matches for some additional storytelling. I Love that they are teasing Becky’s transition to a solo competitor because Charlotte works better solo as does Becky, but do they finally implode on RAW? Do we get sour booking until a week or two before the Rumble? Or is this a swerve where Becky gives into Charlotte’s antics, eventually becoming a heel and forcing either Paige or Nikki’s (or boths) return due to how Team PCB have recently used underhand tactics to throw off Team Bella, even though a Nikki/Charlotte/Becky feud wouldn’t make much sense as Brie and Nikki had used heel tactics for much of their matches during Nikki’s reign. Regardless i hope WWE give off the tension from Smackdown on RAW and actually let them properly implode than suddenly be friends again. Not long till we know what is surely happening.

– Catherine


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