WWE RAW RESULTS: Its a Golden Awarding Christmas for a Returning Former Champ on Slammy Night (December, 21st 2015)

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becky vs brie pre xmas

Welcome All to the last RAW report before Christmas. This year has honestly gone by so fast, so fast that the divas who have had a whirlwind of a year will have to relieve that year of success as one of them look to take home the Diva of the Year Slammy as WWE last night presented their 2015 Slammy awards. Nominated for the particular award was the newest NXT standouts, Sasha Banks and Charlotte as well as divas who have taken center stage during 2015, Paige, Naomi and the Record Breaking former Divas Champion Nikki Bella.

But before we can take bets over which hopeful will take this prestigious award, we see Stephanie McMahon open RAW, less venting compared to last week until she is confronted by New World Champion Roman Reigns, who further infuriates her by turning his back on the Female Boss Lady. Watching Roman walk to the back without giving a damn about her frustrations, particularly the attack he unleashed on her husband Triple H, Steph promises hell for the closest friends (and family) to Roman, pitting the Usos and Dean Ambrose in matches. Ambrose challenges Sheamus inside a steel cage for the nights main event while the Usos are pitted against their recent rivals the New Day in a handicap match.

It takes a while before we can see the women again and it isn’t until pretty late in the show that we see the Diva of the Year Slammy Winner be announced. Cutting all chances of a one night return, WWE announce R Truth as the presenter for Diva of The Year, and he goes over the numerous nominees, that being Sasha, Charlotte, Naomi, Nikki and Paige. It is, at first, revealed to be Paige before WWE cunningly mimic the recent Miss Universe mishap by announcing that the winner isn’t truly who it appears to be and instead a returning Nikki Bella emerges on the stage to accept the award that shes won, thanking all the Women of WWE during the speech. She also stands by Paige’s side, asking her to be there during the speech, managing to cheer up Paige over the loss by thanking every woman she has shared the ring with, Paige included. She embraces Paige before the two leave.

We later come to the ring to see Becky engage in a Smackdown Rematch with Brie, both entrances more or less cut since the Slammy segments are cutting these entrances short. We get a glimpse at Charlotte gracing the newest Muscle and Fitness Hers cover. Speaking of Charlotte, despite recent differences, she is at ringside in support of Becky for her singles bout. The bell rings and both kick off with a lock up before Becky tries rolling up Brie early, getting a one count on the Bella, and another moments later. Becky rolls over Brie for a third time, and away from the ropes, getting a near fall this time around.

Brie tries to back off from Becky before eventually making it back to the ring. Brie scores a kick to Becky then throws her head first into the corner top turnbuckle. Brie smacks the head of Becky against the same turnbuckle multiple times over, before missing a corner splash when Becky moves to safety. Becky hits the ropes to try secure her kick, but Brie blocks it, and tries sending her to the outside. Becky balances but Brie hits back by snapping Becky’s arm against the rope. Becky is visibly in pain as she rolls back to the ring, soon being choked against the corner by Brie. A Punch does little to throw away Brie, who continues to target the same arm of Becky. Brie further aggravates the targeted arm in a stretch hold, and Becky tries to overcome the pain, getting some shots to Bries midsection before any momentum is stalled by a knee from Brie. Brie throws her backward to the mat, hitting an additional stomp before nailing a few Yes Kicks, finalized by a running dropkick and running knee combo. Brie gets a near fall on Becky.

Brie locks another hold on Becky as Charlotte urges the crowd to chant for Becky. Becky gets punches to Bries midsection, but is taken down by Bries retaliating clothesline. Brie looks to pin Becky again, but gets a one count result. Brie nails singular knee drops to Becky, but gets caught up in a roll up as she taunts the crowd. Becky gets a near fall as Tamina, Sasha and Naomi observe from backstage. Brie elbows away at the shoulder of Becky, applying pressure again to the hurt left arm of Becky. Becky begins to gather momentum, sending Brie slightly back with a few forearms. Becky sells damages to her shoulder as she manages to throw clotheslines and a dropkick. Becky clotheslines Brie against the corner, hitting a kick also, before Brie targets the arm of Becky again. Brie climbs the turnbuckles and nails a missile dropkick to Becky. Brie rolls up Becky, who counters into the disarmer. Becky makes Brie submit for a clean finish and wins the match.

And Finally, Stephanie McMahon returns to the screen, fuming over Romans assist to help Dean Ambrose go over in the steel cage main event vs Sheamus. Stephanie is so livid over Ambrose and Roman that she takes it out on the defenseless interviewer, Tom Phillips. Surely an Abuse of Power storyline is on its way…

(Stephanie McMahon and Roman Reigns Segment)

(Diva of The Year Slammy Award 2015 Presentation)

(Brie Bella vs Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte)

(Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus; Steel Cage Match feat The League of Nations and Roman Reigns; Tom Phillips and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

Thoughts On:
Diva of The Year: Logically, id have to say Nikki Bella’s Victory is not only down to votes from a massive fan-base but from years of hard work, not only having a record breaking (if not controversial) reign but working courageously through injuries (even though i feel Vince made her work through this because he wanted AJs reign surpassed). Looking back at the Bella’s past Slammy win, i feel looking back that they only got that due to their return that year, but this year Nikki truly deserved that award for not only her hard work, but her ring skills and for sharing the ring with fellow competitors looking for pushes this year, including Naomi and Charlotte. Additionally, looking at Nikki’s Instagram post, she seems to be teasing Paige in Team Bella, but im not entirely sure Paige would fit the particular team, even if it gives both divas something to work with, and where is Alicia in all this? But i do see Nikki getting another reign in 2016 unless things change. But Congratulations to Nikki. For those complaining about Sasha not winning, she hasn’t exactly had a massive match on the main roster yet and has years ahead of her, and besides 2016 is looking bright for herself and Charlotte, so one of them is guaranteed that award next year anyway.

Becky/Brie: Of course im not shocked there was no storyline developments as the continuous Slammy segments made the show cut back on match time amongst other things. It was a good showing regardless, with Becky getting the clean win she wanted after multiple weeks of dirty finishes at the hands of the Flairs. One Notable thing coming out of this match however is Charlotte raising the hurt arm of Becky, not sure if its intentional to hurt her future opponent further to try and force her out of competing against her or for her own trap or whether Becky remembered to sell the hurt arm at the last minute. But with Smackdown being live tonight, im hoping there’s some much needed developments with the storyline so my theory about WWE slacking on storyline developments due to the space between TLC and Royal Rumble isn’t proven true because its pure laziness if so.

– Catherine


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