Cattie’s Catch Up: Cameron, Paige and Summer Rae vs Emma, Alicia Fox and Naomi (December, 24th 2014)

summer rae 1190

Welcome All to a Pre Christmas Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, reflecting on another moment in Women’s Wrestling. To Represent the Theme of Christmas, this weeks edition takes a look at last years Six Diva Santa’s Little Helpers Tag Team Match as the Heel Team of Cameron, Paige and Summer Rae faced the Face Team of Emma, Alicia Fox and Naomi. Alicia’s face turn of course corresponded with some drama with Cameron on Total Divas as well as due to being betrayed by her former tag team partner Paige.

Despite the Heavily Over Paige’s chance to intervene, she couldn’t save her tag team partner Cameron from being floored by Alicia’s finisher or the pin that followed. Due to this, the babyfaces would emerge victorious, as the theme of Christmas would normally present victories for the babyfaces to produce a happy crowd on usual cases. But looking back on the match itself makes one realize the major changes to the divas division that has come over the year, Cameron and Emma both in NXT now, Summer Rae now managing, Paige back on the outside of a divas title feud a year later, Alicia barely in sight, and Naomi surprisingly heel despite what seemed to have been predicted as an elevation to top babyface earlier this year, and even top heel before her chances of championship glory were duped. But Regardless this was a pretty good match overall and a complete contrast to what came of the divas division a year on.

– Catherine


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