TNA World Cup 2015 RESULTS: Last Teams Standing In Yearly Showdown (August, 5th 2015)

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve Folks! So despite the festivities soon coming, im still updating the site as much as i can before the day comes, and im finally getting round to reviewing this particular show. Taped back in February, some time before the Dollhouse arrived in Impact Wrestling may i add, was the TNA World Cup of Wrestling, a One Night Only showcase that didn’t air until August (and keep in mind the wait until it actually surfaces on the Internet). Featured on the particular show Now Alumni Havok battled her nemesis from earlier in the year Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell (prior to the heel turn) battled on and off rival Gail Kim, all Knockouts with one goal of course, to help their team advance to the final stages of the TNA World Cup.

The First of the two matches is Havok vs Awesome Kong, contested as a Street Fight. Havok represents Team Eric Young while the Imposing One that is Awesome Kong represents Team EC3. Note that each Knockout carries a particular weapon upon heading to the ring. However Kong doesn’t get to do her slow stride to the ring, as instead Havok charges up the ramp towards Kong early on, and Kong abandons the pipe in her hand to instead chuck Havok off the ramp. Kong then retrieves the pipe, smacking Havok with it. Havok throws forearms to retaliate before smacking Kong’s face against the nearby just view-able barricade. Havok takes a trash can but Kong punches it out of Havoks hands with a huge fist, before hitting Havok with it. Kong sends Havok back to the ramp, climbing back up there also with the pipe and trashcan in hand. Kong begins a total humiliation tactic as she places the trashcan on Havok before continuously smacking her (or the trashcan) with the pipe. Kong tosses Havok down the ramp then tries to attack Havok with the pipe on the way to the ring, only for Havok to counter. Kong is sent face first into the ring apron by Havok.

Havok hits the back of Kong with the pipe before taking a trashcan lid and hitting the back of Kong again with the chosen item. Havok rolls Kong into the ring before retrieving further items from the nearby un-used trashcan. Havok climbs upward to the second turnbuckle, taunting to the crowd rather than execute the upcoming move, and it proves costly as Kong hits Havok with the trashcan lid. Kong nails shots to Havok with the steel pipe, and nails a shot to the head of Havok with the trashcan lid. Kong heads outside and chucks the trashcan in before making her return to the ring, attempting to whip Havok who instead hits back with a few forearms. Havok hits a running DDT and gets the first near fall of the match on Kong.

Havok smacks the hurt back of Kong with the trashcan lid, before heading to the outside. Havok easily has bad intentions on her mind as she pulls out a ladder from underneath the ring. Havok returns to the ring and has a possible choke-slam into the ladder set up, but Kong stalls as she elbows at Havok repeatedly. Kong misses a back fist but gets a measure of revenge with a quick choke-slam to Havok into the ladder laid against the mat. Kong pins Havok for the victory, advancing for Team EC3.

The Second Match Knockouts Wise pits Team Roode’s Then Baby-face then turned Menacing Dollhouse Mastermind Taryn Terrell against on and off rival and representative for Team Hardy, the Current Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Note that as this aired in August Taryn was on her way but hadn’t yet completely surpassed Gail’s reign. The Two rivals engage in a lock up to start their match, and Gail grapples with Taryn against the ropes before moving to the center where she catches Taryn in a side headlock. Taryn counters into a head-scissor but Gail kicks out of it. Taryn catches Gail in a side headlock and takes her to the mat, but Gail plays up Taryn’s earlier maneuvers by countering into a head-scissor. Taryn kicks out, avoids a clothesline by Gail and manages a backslide for a near fall.

Gail takes Taryn down by her feet and moves into a Jackknife pin attempt, also getting a near fall on the now former Knockouts Champion. Taryn tries to pin and gets a near fall, as does Gail upon countering it. Gail hits forearms to Taryn then has her whip countered, but Gail floats over rather than crash into the turnbuckles, avoiding Taryn’s corner splash as a result. Gail dropkicks Taryn back into the corner, but misses a running clothesline to Taryn, who slips out of the corner. Taryn gets a measure of revenge by drop-kicking Gail to the corner as Gail had earlier to her. Taryn misses a corner splash when Gail heads out to the apron. Gail clotheslines Taryn behind the rope, and a hurt Taryn rolls to the apron. Taryn takes over in a battle of forearms on the ring apron, but a chance to RKO Gail onto the floor falls flat. Taryn kicks Gail as she additionally tries to avoid a big boot, and both crash to the floor on Impact. Taryn is first to climb back in the ring but Gail, still outside, takes Taryn’s feet and drags her to the ring post, locking in the ring post figure four. Gail hits a kick to Taryn inside the ring, as well as a clothesline to follow up. Gail scores a near fall on Taryn.

Gail continues to have the control of the match as she scores a neckbreaker to Taryn, one that gets her the same pinfall result as before, another near fall. Gail tries another out of frustration but the blonde rival kicks out again. Taryn trips up Gail and locks in a single leg crab, with a rather heelish smile as the commentators reference the recent changes in Taryn, though the time it was taped means its completely out of time with recent events. Gail tries to muster energy to reach out to the ropes but Taryn forces her away. Gail rolls through per a counter and gets another near fall on Taryn. Gail kicks Taryn into the corner, but Taryn blocks a clothesline attempt with her forearm. Taryn hits a clothesline off the second turnbuckle, and she gets a near fall on Gail.

Taryn scores forearms before having her whip countered by Gail. Taryn hits the turnbuckles but avoids Gail’s splash, leading to Gail taking a lethal tumble to the outside floor. Taryn takes to the apron midway through the count for Gail, and crashes onto Gail with a diving cross-body. When both get on their feet Gail leg sweeps Taryn and herself into the nearby barricade. Both make it back to the ring before the count of nine. Taryn ducks under Gail’s clothesline when they both make it to their feet, throwing forearms at Gail followed with a number of Clotheslines and the Flip Cutter to add. Taryn finalizes with a snap suplex to score a near fall on Gail.

Taryn heads outside then to the turnbuckles for her next maneuver but the cross-body from the top turnbuckle doesn’t connect as Gail rolls to safety. Gail tries to secure Eat Defeat on a groggy Taryn, who sees this coming and manages to throw it off. Taryn looks for her finishing move but Gail counters into a roll up and pins Taryn to join Awesome Kong in the finals, and to score the win for Team Hardy.

The Victorious Knockouts wouldn’t be seen again until the Evenings Main Event as Team EC3’s Tyrus, James Storm, The BroMans Robbie E and Jesse Godderz and Awesome Kong, joined by EC3 and Shera faced Team Hardy’s Crazy Steve, Spud, Davey Richards, Gail Kim and Gunner, joined by Captain Jeff Hardy. Unfortunately the ladies were counted out after a short exchange, but Gail eventually re-emerged to join her team in victory celebrations.

(Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell)

(Team EC3 vs Team Hardy; Elimination Style Main Event)

Thoughts On:
Havok/Kong: For A Match contested under a suitable stipulation for these once rival Knockouts, the match was just too short in my opinion and i saw Havok being pinned following the choke-slam to the ladder a surprise considering there was more spots that could have been done in a match of this type, and the crowd killed it despite the twos efforts, not even reacting to various spots which would have initially given off a large pop.

Gail/Taryn: I Loved this match, not to be biased because of who was in it, but because Gail and Taryn always deliver. The Crowd seemed louder for this match, so i cant understand why they couldn’t effortlessly pop for the prior street fight/hardcore match. I Felt the references to the Dollhouse character were only put in because of the time of the airing but would have made more sense if Taryn was actually working as a heel here, but it was taped before her turn, even though she only temporarily showed a heel side to her which could have spoiled a possible turn if aired earlier. But again another good showing between the two, also reminding fans the work the two put on in their previous roles.

– Catherine


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