WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The “Yolk” is On Becky As Friendship Proves a Joke (December, 22nd 2015)

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tamina 508

charlotte pre xmas smackdown

Greetings to All. I Haven’t been updating the site since Midweek as Christmas Festivities were amok but Christmas, a lovely one by the way, has been and gone. I Hope you all had a great one yourselves! Now back to updating the site and this report talks over this weeks Live Smackdown Broadcast from Tuesday Night as Team BAD caused some Pre Christmas misery for Poor Becky Lynch in the midst of her “best friends” match.

Charlotte, dressed in appropriate Christmas wear, battles Team Bella’s Brie, again with no Alicia Fox to join at ringside as shes touring elsewhere. Becky adds a pleasant voice to commentary as she perches to watch (and discuss). Becky gives much praise to Charlotte being on the Muscle and Fitness Hers Cover right before the match, not insinuating any flaws in their friendship in addition, stating the possible contention for her as strictly business. We come to the ring to see the match has begun as Charlotte avoids a lock up with Brie, instead doing the well known Flair strut. Brie is far from amused and they eventually tie up. Charlotte manages to push Brie over to the corner before eventually releasing.

Charlotte charges to the same corner but eats an elbow from Brie instead. Charlotte heads back in the same direction, countering the attempted offense by Brie to swing her over and nail a neckbreaker off the ropes. Charlotte scores the first near fall of the match on Brie as Becky discusses what possibly made Charlotte change, whether that would be the verbal abuse from Paige or her dads influence, but nonetheless the match is continuing, as Charlotte plants her knee numerous times against Brie with the patented single knee drops. Charlotte gets a near fall again and fires back by choking the defenseless Brie against the mat with her knee. Charlotte places Brie in a front face-lock, scoring some knees to add, and Brie tries to fire back with punches, punches that don’t do much to Charlotte as she throws Brie back. Charlotte misses a knee drop when Brie rolls out of her way.

Brie blocks Charlotte’s next attack and starts to aim forearms, and she nails clotheslines and a dropkick to Charlotte. Brie rolls Charlotte from the ropes following a running knee, climbing up to the second turnbuckle, and taking Charlotte down with a missile dropkick. Brie moves Charlotte into the ring center where she secures numerous Yes Kicks to the Champ, but misses her last, allowing Charlotte to fire back with a spear. While Both Women are down, the crowd erupts as Sasha’s Music Hits and the once NXT Women’s Champion appears alongside Tamina and Naomi, heading down to ringside, where they cause some trouble for Becky. Becky is far from amused as she has eggnog poured all over her and she spears Naomi to the floor, only to take a three on one attack from all members of Team BAD while Charlotte just decides to continue her match rather than assist her friend. Charlotte leaves Becky to take the beat-down and locks her Figure 8 on the completely floored Brie, who submits. Charlotte wins the match then laughs off Becky’s Humiliation as she goes over to her side.

(Charlotte vs Brie Bella feat Team BAD; Becky Lynch on Commentary)

Thoughts On This Match:
Other than the fact that Brie’s last Yes Kick was mistimed as Charlotte ducked beforehand, it wasn’t a bad match even though i did feel it was more the same offense we normally get from the two divas. However i was a little surprised with Team BAD showing up and targeting Becky, even though based on the current story they most certainly wouldn’t target Charlotte, and it furthers the story between Heel Charlotte and Becky in what i thought was excellently played out. Hopefully the last RAW of the year isn’t a rushed up mess so Becky isn’t just placed in a match with no possible implosion with Charlotte. Sure to tune in just to see if this feud is treated like it should based on months of chemistry and not like a filler.

– Catherine


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