WWE TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS RESULTS: Brie Bella Finds Unlikely Allies But Can They Succeed Against Another? (December, 22nd 2015)

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Hello to All and Welcome to the Second Report of Today and the Last of the Week, One which reviews WWEs Yearly Tribute to the Troops Special, and the first for some particular divas. On the Show that pays tribute to the armed forces, Team Bella (minus Nikki) join Charlotte and Becky Lynch to take on an equally unexpected alliance of Team BAD and Paige.

Paige is first to emerge entrance wise, followed by the united Team BAD, then Brie and Alicia come out together, not joined by Nikki who is still rehabbing from injury, hence why she did not work in the ring this past Monday. Finally Becky and the Divas Champion Charlotte are the remaining two to appear, joining their seemingly on and off Team Bella rivals. It then comes down to deciding which diva faces who, as Naomi and Charlotte select one another to start off the match

Charlotte and Naomi end up tying up, leading to Charlotte whirling Naomi over to an opposite corner. Naomi keeps on her feet and scores a knee to the Divas Champion, causing additional damage as she slams Charlotte’s head into the corner turnbuckle. Naomi has a whip reversed, but Naomi cleverly floats on the turnbuckles, while also shaking her rear in the face of Charlotte. Naomi is busy taunting, not noticing the divas champ kip up after being sent down to the mat per Naomi’s earlier kick. Charlotte fires a load of chops at Naomi, taking to the ropes and tagging in Brie. Charlotte hits the patented knee drop to Naomi before allowing Brie to continue the assault, as she nails a number of Yes Kicks to Naomi, finalized with a running dropkick. Brie calls for Brie Mode, and doesn’t notice a tag made from Naomi to the superbly strong Tamina, who clobbers Brie with a clothesline. Tamina goes to pin Brie and gets a near fall.

Tamina hammers down on Brie with kicks in the corner to Brie while a recap is shown of Taminas very strong clothesline from before. She Tags in Sasha, who continues the assault to Brie in the corner, before taunting away at the babyfaces (if Charlotte can even be counted) and the referee is seemingly drawn by it as to not notice a ringside cheap-shot to Brie from Tamina. Sasha gets a near fall on Brie. Sasha throws Brie back to the same corner, then tagging in the previous contender to Charlotte’s Title, Paige. Paige knees Brie against the corner then rolls her out, hitting her with another knee by the ring center before doing her signature taunt. Paige gets a near fall on Brie.

Paige whips Brie into the same corner where she had been previously secluded in, tagging in Naomi. Naomi chokes the throat of Brie with her boot, but before the next attack, Brie seems to spring seemingly into action by elbowing Sasha, then Naomi, then Paige, then back to Naomi….or so thought as Naomi secures a running bulldog counter to Brie in an opposite corner. Tamina charges in on the tag to try prevent Brie from reaching out to her partners as she clenches her foot, but Brie knocks her back. Brie tags Becky in, who starts to throw elbows at Tamina. She avoids a clothesline from Tamina and scores a dropkick, then charging towards Tamina in the corner before being thrown over, but Becky balances. Becky blocks Taminas oncoming attack to score a forearm from the apron, scaling to the top turnbuckle where she then dropkicks Tamina. Becky goes for the hopeful pin of victory but Naomi charges in to break it at a count of two.

Naomi has little time to assist more, as instead Charlotte runs in and spears Naomi to the mat. She gets super-kicked by Paige after missing her big boot to the nemesis, but Alicia avenges Paige with a boot of her own. Alicia, who must have been tagged in, then secures her previous babyface finisher to Tamina, but the stronghold of Team BAD kicks out of the follow up pin attempt at two, another near fall. Tamina headbutts Alicia then manages to tag Sasha in. Alicia misses a clothesline, and Sasha sprints over to the babyface corner, clobbering Becky off the apron. Alicia tries to surprise Sasha by setting up for the deadly tilt-a-whirl but Sasha avoids it, roping Alicia into the backstabber followed by the finishing Bank Statement Submission. Alicia soon taps and the heel team of Naomi, Tamina, Paige and Sasha Banks win the match.

(Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox and Brie Bella vs Naomi, Tamina, Paige and Sasha Banks)

Thoughts on this match:
Id say that overall just the fact that the two most prominent sides of the division being put together makes for a very different first-time-for-everything sort of match, even though i wish Paige had played into it a little more, or even got some extra ring time with Alicia. Divas wise, the matches dont play into storylines somewhat on Tribute for the Troops, but based on the past, i would have expected the babyfaces to go over so the heels winning was a surprise, while Sasha getting the victory was not as they continue to build her undefeated streak for an upcoming sure-to-be her vs Charlotte or Bayley Mania Storyline.

– Catherine


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