WWE RAW RESULTS: Another Match Loss For Becky And Possibly A Lost Friend Heading into 2016 (December, 28th 2015)

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As I Write This Im Wondering Where the Hell 2015 has gone. It doesn’t feel like 11 months since i turned 19, it hasn’t felt 6 months since the NXT Divas got called up…regardless for WWE, it has been a whirlwind year, from having to shut up us fans for speaking up through the #GiveDivasAChance Movement, yes we started it, to NXT outselling the main roster in many ways possible. But regardless of that, the main roster has had some pretty good matches and moments this year, last night proving so as Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, Two Mega Opponents back in their NXT days, went to war in the ring, and back in the same arena Sasha had her last ever Women’s Title defense, the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn.

But before we get to this expected spectacle, Vince McMahon reappears on RAW, clearly unhappy at how Roman Reigns overthrew him midst a title match with the former WWE Champion Sheamus some weeks ago. Vince then takes a (random as heck) bump and starts freaking out about it, demanding authorities down to the ring to arrest Roman, though they decide otherwise and arrest Vince, leaving Stephanie McMahon screaming in anger. Feel free to insert “creative should be arrested as well” jokes.

Sometime later, Becky appears on our screens for a backstage interview with JoJo before her match with Sasha, as we also reflect on how Charlotte put herself before Becky, just watching Becky be attacked by all three members of Team BAD last week on the live Smackdown broadcast before forcing her own opponent Brie Bella into submission. Becky states there’s no hard feelings between her and the best friend upon having learned Charlotte is elsewhere during RAW tonight, clarifying that she is a woman who has done things on her own and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. JoJo questions whether Becky can one up Sasha tonight, considering the fact that Tamina and Naomi will definitely be at ringside for the heel diva. Becky knows so, but being at a disadvantage doesn’t stop her competing, having left home early in her life to pursue her career with no money and no knowledge of her surroundings, and she eventually made her way to New York, which she gives a shout-out to. Becky then heads to her match, but not before reminding JoJo that she didn’t come here to blend in but rather stand out.

Sasha makes her arrival to the ring alongside her equally troublesome partners Tamina and Naomi, but not before ripping Brooklyn verbally while putting over her own hometown of “Boss”ton. Naomi continues to rip at the “cockroach crawling garbage field” while Team BAD strut to the ring, soon awaiting Becky Lynch’s arrival. Becky then makes her entrance and when the bell rings, she ends up chasing Sasha, who escapes to Tamina and Naomi’s side, performing their UNITYYYYY song before Sasha gets back to grappling. The Two Lock up, and Sasha manages a quick reversal into a side headlock. Sasha then takes down Becky with an elbow.

Sasha jumps over the back of Becky and captures her in another side headlock. Becky counters during Sashas roll over but gets kicked away. Becky avoids a clothesline by Sasha and arm drags her before continuously working on Sasha’s left arm. Sasha breaks off by pushing Becky to the mat. Sasha taunts to the happy NXT praising crowd (at least they were there…) before a pin attempt ends quickly when Becky bridges off the mat. Becky dropkicks Sasha, who rolls out of the ring, seeking another moment with Naomi and Tamina before re cooperating and returning to the ring. Sasha gets caught in a waist-lock and tries to counter but Becky arm drags and gets right back to work on the left arm of Sasha. Sasha executes her top rope arm drag to fend off Becky, then missing a splash into the opposite corner as Becky moves.

Becky blocks Sasha’s kick and takes Sasha down to the mat. Becky then targets the left leg of Sasha, then Sasha kicks Becky following a roll up pin attempt. Becky targets both legs of Sasha for her next attack, then locking in the Four Leaf Clover. Naomi leaps to the ropes, screeching at Becky, who keeps the submission to Sasha applied. The referee goes to deal with Naomi, not noticing Tamina assisting Sasha from outside by forcing her to the ropes. Becky is forced to break, and Sasha tries to get one up on the fellow NXT Alumni before Becky strikes back with a knee. Naomi and Tamina try getting the attention of Becky from outside, but it does little as Becky avoids Sasha’s offense while also managing to baseball slide dropkick Naomi under the bottom rope. Sasha tries to take out Becky but the dive misses and she ends up hitting the outside floor. Becky wastes little time heading up top and she dives onto Tamina, Sasha and Naomi, taking them all out.

We Return to find both Becky and Sasha back in the ring, with Becky whipping Sasha into a nearby corner. Becky misses her corner attack but rebounds with a kick to a charging Sasha. Becky arm drags Sasha, returning to targeting the left arm. Becky whips Sasha to an opposite corner and gets thrown over the top rope. Becky balances on the apron, forearming Sasha and kicking her between the ropes. Both Women climb the ropes but any attempt to execute offense stalls for Becky when Sasha snaps Becky’s arm against the top rope. Sasha hits double knees to follow, and Sasha takes advantage of the damage done to try pin Becky, but gets a near fall.

Sasha chokes Becky with her knee against the ropes, followed by a knee from the apron. Sasha returns to the ring, hitting knees to Becky against another corner, additionally choking her with her foot before being forced to restrain. Becky tries to fend off Sasha with elbows, but it does little and Sasha strikes with a hard knee, smacking the face of Becky also against the mat before applying a stretch hold. Sasha goes for another pin following a straight jacket but gets a near fall. Sasha chokes Becky against the ropes, then spending a little time taunting with Naomi and Tamina before snapmaring Becky near to the center. Sasha locks in another hold on Becky, throwing off her attempt to counter and executing a leg drop. Sasha hits a second leg drop before ending up on the end of Becky’s sudden roll up, amounting to another near fall, this time for Becky on Sasha.

Sasha reverses a neckbreaker attempt from Becky, and Becky begins to hit back as she delivers clotheslines to Sasha. Becky scores a dropkick also then takes some elbows off Sasha, and after some back to back reversals, Sasha nails a kick to the midsection of Becky, using her knees also to drive Becky towards the middle rope. Sasha tries to perform the suicide dive again, but Becky moves to safety, leading to Sasha taking out Tamina and Naomi. Sasha doesn’t make it back to the ring right away, only just managing to slip back in at the count of eight. Becky forearms the face of Sasha before Sasha can throw anything at her, but a whip is reversed into the backstabber. Becky tries to break off from the follow up submission, eventually arm dragging her way out. Sasha slaps Becky, a second blocked by Becky, who suplexes her into the corner. Becky gets a near fall result from the follow up pin attempt. Tamina tries to enter the ring in aid of Sasha, but the referee disallows it. Becky storms over to Naomi, who kicks her from outside. Naomi leaps from the apron while Sasha quickly nails the Backstabber to Becky, rolled into her Bank Statement finishing submission. Becky suddenly counters into a pin, but she reverses it into the Disarmer. Unfortunately for Sasha, she counters into her own smart sequence, rolling up Becky while the submission is applied and pinning her. Sasha wins the match, ending a terrific encounter between the two.

(Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Roman Reigns Opening Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina)

Thoughts On This Match:
Easily a great way to end the year by having two of the best performers in the division square off in a lengthy match, one both ladies deserved. Minus some short botches, i thought it was great, from Becky’s spot to the ladies on the outside, to the suicide dive from Sasha to Team BAD to the differentiating ending sequence. I Don’t see how this signals tension for Team BAD considering Sasha won with no issues showcased whatsoever, but even though new years RAW doesn’t exactly present anything new in most cases, next week is when the tension should really pick up between Becky and Charlotte, considering Becky now needs to find another way to prove she can win on her own, something that surely cant be done against Sasha considering how Sasha is booked, but i wouldn’t be surprised if its a triple threat looming. But a great match between the two nonetheless, nowhere near NXT Takeover Unstoppable, but a nice solid encounter on most parts. Shame no one did anything about some in the crowd who went from chanting Lets Go Becky to Boring, just like those who chant We Want Sasha while shes in the ring…..Make Your Minds Up…

– Catherine


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