Your Monday Post #89: Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch Debut on Monday Night RAW (July, 13th 2015)

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Hello All and Welcome to the Year Ending Edition of Your Monday Post, one which discusses one of the biggest moments of Womens Wrestling This Year, more so for the WWE. This Year, a 30 second match that saw Paige and Emma more or less blasted into oblivion by the Bella Twins let loose a movement created by the strong willed and strong spoken fan-base for the divas division, #GiveDivasAChance, and the movement soon gained media attention as the continuous push to treat numerous women in the WWE locker room equally ignited. Though this saw Paige gain numerous title shots to somes dismay, Paige, who had been at the center of the Bella’s Bullying for months, who had lost out on numerous tag team partners, AJ Gone, the rest of the division not wanting to stand at her side (or WWE just not wanting to script certain divas because they are picky on who to push), soon gained some much needed backup in some unlikely sources.

On the July 13th edition of RAW, then Divas Champion Nikki Bella continued to brag over her lengthening reign, only to be confronted by Stephanie McMahon, who used the fan created #GiveDivasAChance movement to summon up some competition for the boastful champion. She first called out Paige, taking into account that no diva was willing to stand by her side during the months she had been overthrown by the united Team Bella. She then introduced Becky Lynch, who joined the side of Paige, as well as the dethroned NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte, who also joined her bestie at the side of Paige. Naomi and Tamina, threatened at being pushed aside amongst these call ups, also shoved aside after the Bellas threw off the heel Naomi in numerous matches, appeared and spoke up over how they are the needed talent, and gained their own partner in the then NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. The Gathering of these factions created enough competition for Nikki, who tried to walk away from a potential fight, and paid dearly as an all out brawl broke out, with the NXT Call Ups standing tall. Though this major moment was more so to be the rise of Charlotte over anybody else, theres no doubt that a still undefeated Sasha Banks and a very talented Becky Lynch have many storylines to come into the new year, and plenty match of the year candidates in them.

– Catherine


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