Cattie’s Catch Up: Awesome Kong vs Taryn Terrell; Taryn Terrell Turns Heel (April, 24th 2015)

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Hello and Welcome to the Final Edition of the Year of Cattie’s Catch Up. After this weeks edition of Your Monday Post reflected on one of the biggest moments for Women’s Wrestling in WWE this year, the 130th edition of Cattie’s Catch Up presents, in my opinion, the biggest moment in the Knockouts Division this year, a swerve finish presented during a momentous Knockouts Title Match between Awesome Kong (the Contender) and Taryn Terrell (the defending champion). Kong’s Return to the Promotion could have equalized this as a defining moment for the Knockouts this year, or even Brooke becoming a 3x Champion before departure, but Ive been so blown away by Taryn’s excellent heel work and the complete unexpectedness that the turn was and how the former ECW General Manager Turned Top Heel in Womens Wrestling Ran with it, perfecting her Gimmick like a natural despite never working heel before, that i just had to throw this out there.

Kong, who had returned at the beginning of the year to present a feud with now Alumni Havok, set sights on Taryn Terrell and her Knockouts Title, and Taryn, who many feared was lost in the shuffle and feud-less at the start of the year, would continue to pursue the Intimidating foe despite warnings from her once nemesis turned comrade Gail Kim of the Havoc Kong would put her opponents through, Kim included, and despite the attacks Taryn had additionally suffered. Taryn soon became familiar with the decimation Kong brings to the ring, as the also former Knockouts Champion managed to lay waste to Taryn by putting her through a table. Taryn seemed adamant on continuing to chase Kong regardless, and on a night where new Knockouts Marti Bell and Jade made their presence felt, TKO Night of Knockouts, Taryn also challenged Kong, putting her title on the line. All thought Taryn was crazy as to add a No Disqualification Stipulation to a match where she was clearly at a disadvantage, but it was all a grand scheme of Taryn’s, as right before Kong’s Hopeful Finish, Marti and Jade, dubbed the Dollhouse, returned to the forefront after inexplainably pulverizing Christy Hemme earlier in the night, and attacked Kong then assisted a quickly turning Taryn in putting the imposing Knockout through a table. Having put the “Awesome One” through the lethal wood, Taryn’s sudden transformation was already completed, seductively pinning Kong before declaring her place amongst the Dollhouse union, and in turn, gaining allies to help her keep the Knockouts Title in the Hands of the Wicked for what would be expected to be for a long time, long enough to surpass Gail Kim’s Championship Record, a deserved feat for her excelled work since her very first PPV bout with Gail Kim. However to Quote Paige from earlier this year “Title Reigns end” and despite accomplishing such a feat, Taryn’s reign saw its end in July, through the return of Gail Kim, a more vengeful Gail than that Taryn had clashed with prior to the veterans inflicted injury, as she thwarted Taryn’s Dollhouse Minions from ringside before allowing Taryn’s Opponent on the Night, Brooke, to take advantage and pick up the victory that would close Taryn’s reign indefinitely.

– Catherine


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