WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Ringing In The New Year With Differences? (December, 30th 2015)

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tamina 513

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Greetings to All and Happy New Year!!! 2016 is upon us, and another year of wrestling spectacles for sure. New Years Eve Gave to All the Last Smackdown of 2015, with some twists, some unwelcomed, but the move that took place may lead to a joyous 2016 for the two to be named wrestlers, or be part of a creative fail completely…

Yes. Summer Rae and Tyler Breeze, after a short stint together, broke off their partnership in random fashion after Tyler Breeze thwarted a recent nemesis in Goldust. Unlike most splits, this wasn’t out of spite, but just an announcement thrown out there out of nowhere, while the two kept feelings mutual despite the decision to part ways, splitting off after Summer engaged in one last glorious photo with the Sultan of Selfies Himself.

Meanwhile, in what i thought didn’t make the cut due to watching a Smackdown Link that cut the match entirely, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox looked to ring in the new year with a hopeful victory over Team BADs Naomi and Tamina. Both sides don’t have their respective former champions in their corner. Both Sides additionally have entrances cut but with the camera focus on the upcoming battle, lets head to the ring and watch a fight go down.

Brie starts off against the Heavy of Team BAD, Tamina. Brie gets in a lock up with Tamina to start, but the power of Tamina quickly comes into play, as she shoves her easily to the mat. Brie tries to attack Tamina from below, but Tamina catches her and pounds on her back. Tamina throws Brie back again, then Brie tries to come back by avoiding a clothesline from Tamina, squaring off with the intimidating foe with a number of kicks. Brie only manages to drag Tamina less than halfway to a nearby corner, instead focusing on getting a tag to Alicia, which is successful. Alicia comes in with forearms to Tamina before getting headbutted to the mat. Tamina charges into the corner but gets wedged in between the turnbuckles when Alicia floats upward. Alicia goes for a sunset flip pin, dragging Tamina from the corner, but gets a near fall.

Alicia executes dropkicks then tries to whip Tamina who stays aground. Instead Tamina tries to reverse and takes a kick for it. Alicia tries a neckbreaker but Tamina pulls her over per a reversal, and Alicia comes into contact with a super-kick from Tamina. Tamina then attempts to pin Alicia, and as Alicia had earlier, she gets a near fall. Tamina nails an axe handle to the back of Alicia while taunting away at Brie. Tamina slams Alicia to the mat for another near fall. Tamina then wrenches Alicia away from Brie, and Alicia tries to hit back with punches before being headbutted into an opposite corner. Tamina misses a running elbow into the corner when Alicia moves to safety, and Tamina takes a nasty hit in the corner, but recovers in good time to reach out and tag Naomi. Naomi tries to force Alicia away from Brie but Brie manages to tag in.

Naomi immediately tries to throw off Brie by attempting an attack from behind the ropes, but Brie blocks and knocks her away. Brie executes a missile dropkick off the second turnbuckle to Naomi, following with the familiar Yes Kicks. Naomi ducks under one of them, pushing Brie, who avoids attacks while hitting the ropes. Brie avoids the rear view, then Naomi blocks a face-buster, crawling under Brie then heading to the ropes to rest, but only to become a target of the running knee. Instead it hits Tamina, and Naomi tries taking advantage with the running bulldog, which Brie blocks. Brie nails the finishing face-buster to a groggy Naomi and pins her. Team Bella ring in the new year with a victory.

(Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs Goldust)

(Alicia Fox and Brie Bella vs Naomi and Tamina)

(Team Bella on Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Tyler/Summer Rae: I Can definitely say that Summer takes whatever role she is giving and tries to work to the best of her ability, trying to shine in the manager role as much as she can during 2015. The Move of Tyler and Summer is random, and cannot be done unless some storyline ideas have already been produced for the two. Tyler is needing to gain the NXT-esque relevance he needs because his run on the main roster has been pretty poor despite a good first few weeks, while Summer is flat out great in a manager role but also heavily missed as an in ring competitor. Summer has been teasing changes for the new year, even an alliance with Dolph, which wouldn’t be too bad admittedly but lets not forget WWE could just turn her face and feed her to the likes of Sasha and Charlotte for months since there is a lack of babyfaces in the division, and any babyface they do have is either flip flopping in roles or too valuable to be jobbed out. As Someone who has been a fan of Summer for a Long Time, as well as Tyler, i can only hope Creative actually do have something for both ahead of this split or else there’s no payoff for their reasoning, and no tv time for both talents. Either an in ring return (teased as shes booked to challenge Charlotte on live events) or an alliance with Dolph would suit in my opinion, especially if they want to renew Summer/Dolph/Rusev/Lana, just with reverse roles.

Brie/Alicia vs Tamina/Naomi: The Match was typically short with it being Smackdown, but put focus on divas who have been fizzled out in the past few weeks in an Aksana Type of retribution move by allowing Brie to get the pinfall victory for the first time in a while. My Only Negative was how Naomi got little to no offense in the match considering how they are all as equally talented, but its one of those things where they had to make do with the time they got by trying to produce a good enough match with whats given. I’m not sure what 2016 will give for Team Bella, but things are sure to pick up once Nikki returns.

– Catherine


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