Your Monday Post #90: Velvet Sky vs Brooke; The Dollhouse Attack Velvet Sky and Rebel Turns Heel (August, 26th 2015)

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Hello All and Welcome to the First Edition of Your Monday Post of 2016. Since last weeks reflected on a 2015 moment for the WWE Divas Division, this weeks takes a look at one impactful moment executed regarding TNAs Knockouts Division in 2015. This would be the teased expansion of the Dollhouse stable, then made up of former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell, Marti Bell and Jade. This cunning plan of Terrell’s came to light toward the end of August, during a randomly booked Knockouts Championship Match between Defending Champion Brooke and Velvet Sky.

The Two fought one another in a physical bout, but in the end no winner was to be declared, as it was more to set up Velvet’s Current Angle. Taryn, who was physically assaulted backstage by Gail Kim through Velvet’s assistance, executed her revenge plan, sending Jade and Marti after Velvet and additionally attacking Knockouts Champion Brooke. Rebel, who hadn’t been seen since being attacked backstage by the Dollhouse duo, returned, expected to save Velvet from the two on one assault, but instead, assisted the Dollhouse with a cruel three on one beat-down, and thus Taryn’s plan came to work, expanding the Dollhouse with a new addition in the former Menagerie Valet. But, seeing herself outnumbered, Velvet would later execute her own plan, reuniting the Beautiful People, and two of their available members, Madison and Velvet herself will open the first IMPACT of 2016 against the Dollhouse in this continued rivalry.

– Catherine


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