WWE RAW RESULTS: New Year, New Egos, New(ish) Heel (January, 4th 2016)



RAW Charlotte Ric Turn..

Usually the New Year is a time to form resolutions, for one to define a new fire within themselves to succeed and throw off the criticisms or even the people that weigh them down. This was portrayed on RAW when Charlotte personified the meaning “New Year, New Me” after an exceptionally great match turned sour for the reigning Divas Champion. Ringing in the new year one friend down with Paige absent, Charlotte was in battle with her remaining comrade Becky Lynch, but was truly setting out to blaze her own path as you will soon see..

But first Stephanie McMahon would ring in the new year, entrance-bombed by the courageous (and is going to have to be extra courageous after the swerve end to RAW) Roman Reigns, who took his focus off Stephanie to call out Vince McMahon, the Chairman of the Board, instead, but wouldn’t receive his wish as Vince had yet to make it to the arena. Instead he was verbally berated by Steph for a couple of minutes but stood aground, a World Championship Match incoming later in the night against the former Champion, Sheamus.

Moving onto the Divas Plot for 2016, while Summer was somewhere being told her hopeful moment of retribution would be cut from the script, Becky was announced to face Charlotte, the Divas Champion, and the Woman she came to have recent problems with. Charlotte, of course, continued to showcase her heel persona in its full glory as to question Becky as to how the match was made without her consent, before playing up their friendship before the match, as it still appears existent, for now. Any chance of fair play for Beckys sake is duped with the appearance of Ric.

As expected, Charlotte is accompanied by Ric for the title match, meaning sure shenanigans are afoot. Becky comes out in a new-ish design for the new year, additionally hyped for her match. The Two start off with a lock up before Charlotte manages to force Becky to the corner. Becky regroups and they end up in a second lock up moments later. Charlotte arm drags Becky, but Becky comes back with her own. Becky trips Charlotte following an altercation that follows a time out, and attempts to pin but Charlotte breaks off at the count of one.

Becky leaps over the arm of Charlotte to avoid being tripped, instead taking a chop to the midsection followed with a snap-mare. Becky bridges out of Charlotte’s pin attempt before a count is even made. Becky and Charlotte spend time trying to one up each other, with Charlotte eventually taking the foot of Becky to try lock in her Figure Four. Becky kicks Charlotte to break off, but Charlotte cartwheels in a different direction, avoiding any other possible offense and they come to a respectful standoff. Becky counters a test of strength to send Charlotte to a nearby corner, but Charlotte instead floats to the apron, where she shoulder tackles a charging Becky. Charlotte rolls up Becky, who kicks out at one.

Becky attempts to backslide, managing a one count on Charlotte before she rolls back into position. Becky rolls up Charlotte again from the ropes, getting another one count. Becky arm drags Charlotte, who expresses facial displeasure as she looks to regroup. Charlotte coaxes Becky into helping her up, and Becky kindly does so, before Charlotte reveals her trickery, landing a vicious chop on Becky, who tumbles to the mat. Charlotte beats down on Becky and executes a standing neckbreaker. Charlotte attempts a running clothesline but Becky blocks with her elbow. Charlotte charges at Becky, taking her knees, swinging them in the direction of the ropes, and nails a neckbreaker off the ropes to Becky. Charlotte continues her assault with knee drops.

We Come Back from a commercial break to see Charlotte still in control, keeping Becky busy in a standing front facelock. Becky tries gathering momentum but is thrown to the mat before she can do so. Charlotte goes straight into a pin on Becky, who kicks out, and Charlotte immediately applies a head scissor to follow. Charlotte brings on some head scissor stomps before reverting back to the head scissor. Becky manages to push her shoulders to the mat for a pin attempt, but Charlotte bounces back, returning to applying the pressure of her head-scissor. Charlotte uses both legs to catapult Becky to the near corner, flooring her with a huge clothesline. Charlotte gets a near fall on Becky.

Charlotte keeps up the control by suplexing Becky near to an opposite corner. Becky looks to gain her footing in the corner but is hauled onto the turnbuckles by Charlotte. Becky nails kicks to try keep Charlotte away, then diving from the second rope, but Charlotte catches her mid flight. Charlotte looks for a possible Samoan drop but Becky counters, climbing to the back of Charlotte and applying a sleeper hold. Charlotte manages a running DDT to create the needed separation. Charlotte prepares to lock the figure four but Becky pulls her into a small package pin attempt, but to her dismay, gets a near fall on the champ.

Becky forearms Charlotte multiple times, and tries to continue her run of momentum by attempting a kick in the corner while balancing on the ropes, but Charlotte blocks it. Charlotte scores a big boot out of nowhere, but its only enough to get a near fall on Becky. Charlotte fires chops as the crowd rally behind Becky, who overwhelms with a number of forearms in response. Becky whips Charlotte into the corner, connecting with a running clothesline and a kick, the previous kick Charlotte had managed to block. Becky secures an exploder suplex to a Groggy Charlotte for a near fall. Becky runs the ropes, hitting one leg drop before a second is averted as Ric grabs an agitated Becky’s foot. Charlotte tries to roll up Becky just as she had before in their previous encounter but Becky is aware and counters into her own roll up. Becky pins Charlotte.

Ric throws a tantrum over this from ringside, throwing his jacket at Becky, who throws it back. Becky then ends up blindsided by an angered Charlotte, who boots her from behind. Charlotte forearms Becky against the mat and nails a spear to the defenseless now former comrade. Ric stands watch as Charlotte nails vicious knee drops to an already hurt Becky, taunting to the audience and posing with her title and Ric over a completely floored Becky Lynch.

Stephanie McMahon re-emerges in the closing moments of the main event in aid of her father and guest referee to the World Heavyweight Championship Match, Vince McMahon as Roman looks to torment the Chairman of the Board in revenge for recent antics. Despite coming out on top and taking out the Celtic Warrior, Roman faces his biggest struggle yet, defending his newly won championship in the official Royal Rumble Match.

(Roman Reigns and Stephanie McMahon Opening Segment)

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Becky Lynch)

(Charlotte and Ric Flair on RAW Fallout)

(Roman Reigns vs Sheamus; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Rematch feat Vince and Stephanie McMahon)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Long, Competitive, Fluid Match deserving of its longevity to ring in 2016. I Am Also So Glad for Becky’s Win, because it not only certifies contention, but it planted the complete turn for Charlotte perfectly, executing the needed ending of PCB indefinitely at last than leaving until last minute. Through this, Charlotte’s role is solidified as a heel, and her association with her father could prove a further factor in the longevity of her currently 100+ day title reign. I Only Hope now that they can take this to a personal level with promos, but obviously not in the way Paige had, but rather have the angle take the direction of Charlotte admitting she used Becky to ensure she wouldn’t fall into Paige’s hands and fall for her claims of dirty underhand tactics, to create cracks between Becky and Paige through her own dissatisfaction for Paige, in turn, making Charlotte look like an all round heel from the beginning that was cracking under the accusations inflicted by Paige. Speaking of Paige, i wouldn’t mind her returning as a badass-type babyface to side with Becky, but she doesn’t need any type of title contention. I Can only hope Becky’s run as contender extends after Smackdown rather than Charlotte move to Sasha early, because there’s so much more that can be done in this current angle considering the long term chemistry the now opposition have had.

– Catherine


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