TNA IMPACT RESULTS: New Year, New Alliances, New Shocks and New Saviors (January, 5th 2016)

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Swerve. The Word that Depicted Last Years TKO Night of Knockouts. Supposedly a Night full of Knockouts only to be not so, but to deliver an additional swerve with the formation of the Dollhouse nonetheless, masterminded by one Taryn Terrell. Under a year later Taryn is most noticeably gone, and the Dollhouse appear left with just Jade, Rebel and Marti but the Swerve is back again to deliver the most unexpected of additions…

TNA Makes its return to storyline mode for its PopTV Debut, closing the (extremely) lengthy World Title Series, and in turn, continuing the not forgotten rivalry between TNAs rivaling factions, the Dollhouse and the Beautiful People. Though not revealing oddly who would be competing on both sides, it came to be that due to Angelina’s pregnancy, that Velvet and Madison would have the chance to select a partner to take on Marti, Jade and Rebel for TNAs Newest Episode. Angelina, vocal on her pregnancy, voices her support for the Beautiful People, but will be staying backstage as appropriate.

The Dollhouse are out first, introduced by a hyped Christy Hemme, and the villainous trio seem to have incorporated a burlesque type entrance with Rebels addition in the place of (a surely missed) Taryn Terrell. Velvet and Madison bring back the traditional Beautiful People stage entrance on their way to the ring before standing at the bottom of the ramp before battle to introduce their tag team partner, current Knockouts Champion Gail Kim.

The Champ Gail starts off against Jade to kick off the Six Knockout Tag Match. Gail blocks a kick within moments from Jade, and uses her leg to throw her to the mat. Gail attempts a leg scissor but Jade stalls her and attempts a power-bomb early but Gail, hauled on both shoulders, throws punches to Jade. Gail slips off, throws a forearm, then attempts a cross-body, but Jade looks to one up again, managing a fallaway slam. Velvet tags in to allow Gail to recover, squaring off against Jade. Marti instead tags in, and Velvet avoids Marti’s opening clothesline, aiming a number of chops to the Dollhouse member before running her into an opposite corner turnbuckle. She runs her back to the opposite corner, smashing her head against the adjacent turnbuckle, then whips her back to the other corner before flooring her with a running clothesline. Velvet aims high kicks then sends Marti down with a neckbreaker. Velvet gets a near fall on Marti.

Marti tries to fire back with forearms to Velvet. Marti whips Velvet to the ropes, Madison tagging along the way. Velvet ducks from Marti’s clothesline and hits a knee to Marti before Madison charges in with a dropkick. Rebel tags in, her offense immediately blocked by Madison. Madison fires forearms to Rebel, following with an inziguiri. Rebel manages to counter Madison’s next offense, sending her face first to the mat. Rebel tugs at the hair of Madison and yanks her into a surfboard-esque stretch hold. Jade brings a further assist, drop-kicking Madison while she remains in the hold. The Referee does not take notice of this, allowing Rebel to furthermore be in control as Jade dashes to the outside. But unfortunate for Rebel, Madison snaps her jaw to counter her next planned offense, and its not long before Rebel is heading over to the Dollhouse partners, tagging in Jade. Gail tags in on the babyface side, avoiding a dropkick by Jade.

Gail aims fiery clotheslines at Jade, having completely regained momentum, finalizing with a tornado DDT. Gail yanks Jade away from the ropes cleverly for a pin attempt, but before it can be counted, Rebel runs in with a single split leg drop to Gail, additionally breaking her attempted pin to Jade. Velvet rushes to the aid of Gail with a stunner to Rebel, then Marti takes out Velvet with a neckbreaker. Madison additionally looks to avenge Velvet, avoiding Marti’s clothesline to deliver a neckbreaker back to Marti. Jade super-kicks Madison, then dodging Gail’s offense to deliver a roundhouse kick. Jade gets a near fall on Gail.

Jade looks to boot Gail in the corner but misses. Gail rushes Jade to the rings center and has Eat Defeat set up but thrown off, with Jade reversing into a suplex. Jade gets a near fall again on Gail. Jade elevates Gail onto her shoulders, but Gail counters, using a body-scissor to force Jade into a roll up pin attempt. Gail pins Jade and Gail and The Beautiful People emerge victorious.

But any chance at celebrating for the trio is short lived, as Jade, Marti and Rebel attack them following the match. Awesome Kong emerges, expected to clean house and pulverize the Dollhouse stable, but instead she takes out Velvet and Madison. She delivers an Implant Buster to the longtime rival, Gail, then poses with the Dollhouse, furthermore becoming the stables newest addition since Rebel in August, and in turn, turning heel.

Not so much of a swerve considering the rumors on social media, but more a welcome arrival is the reaction for the debut that took place following the Knockouts. Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis emerges on the stage to hype her Husband Mike Bennett, the Said Miracle (and Savior) of Professional Wrestling, before Bennett appears before the happy crowd for a heel promo alongside the Mrs.

(Marti, Rebel and Jade vs Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim; Awesome Kong Heel Turn)

(“The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis IMPACT Wrestling Debut Segment)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Tag: Overall I Loved The Match and how it was coordinated in the time given to give every Knockout a certain amount of time to showcase themselves, and in addition, im happy at Rebels in ring progress and her chemistry with Madison. Im also surprised at the post match shenanigans involving Kong as i wouldn’t see her originally as a fit for the Dollhouse, and because her addition takes away any domination the Dollhouse could achieve without her, and because another Gail/Long feud would propel themselves rather than the Dollhouse, who need momentum especially with Taryn’s departure. I Can Only Hope that despite Kong’s addition, that they expand on developing each Dollhouse member, signalling Rebel as the leader and allowing her to execute promo work in Taryn’s place, or one of the other members if not Rebel. But based on how things are looking, it seems Gail vs Jade and Gail vs Kong are the set long term feuds, but with the unpredictability that was Kong’s turn, it could also mean the feud we expect could instead be something else. But one has to note that the Dollhouse have come too far to fade out now and i hope that isn’t the case.

Maria/Mike Bennett debut: Id heard weeks beforehand that Maria and Mike were possibly coming to TNA and was thrilled with the development and the debut itself, having seen Mikes matches elsewhere (even though i didn’t watch Ring of Honor there is YouTube available to all as Josh put) and of course, ive known who Maria is since WWE. The Promo, i thought, was excellent, and based on being a real life couple, the chemistry and partnership and experience in their role is already there and there’s so much that can happen regarding the two during their should-be-thrilling time in TNA. I Couldn’t be anymore happier for both.

– Catherine


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