TNA IMPACT SPOILERS January 12th – February 2nd (January, 10th 2016)


The Following are Knockout Related Spoilers for the post POP TV debut episodes of TNA IMPACT Wrestling, taped in Bethlehem. The Following Knockouts Matches and more are set to take place..

Airing January 12th
Awesome Kong and Jade def The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) in a Street Fight.

Airing January 19th
Mike Bennett with Maria Kanellis defeated Pepper Parks

Gail Kim retained the Knockouts Title over Awesome Kong. The Dollhouse got involved but The Beautiful People ran two of them off. Kim used Jade to knock Kong out and get the win

Airing January 26th
Christy Hemme interviews Bobby Lashley in the arena. Lashley says he respects Kurt Angle a lot but he has to beat him in their upcoming match. A random woman (Tough Enoughs Gabi Castrovinci) came over to Lashley and flirted with him.

TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves call out Crazzy Steve. Apparently he stole their belts at some point when he and another person jumped The Wolves. A woman wearing paint comes out (believed to be Courtney Rush) and does a riddle for The Wolves. Steve then comes out but doesn’t have the belts. It turns out Abyss was the one who helped Steve jump The Wolves as he comes out to the stage. The Wolves rush them and a brawl breaks out on the stage

* The Wolves defeated Crazzy Steve and Abyss by DQ. Ten minutes in, the girl in paint comes back out with the titles. She distracts The Wolves, leading to Abyss and Steve getting disqualified. They beat The Wolves down and celebrate with the belts before leaving with them

Awesome Kong defeated Velvet Sky in under 5 minutes with the Implant Buster. Madison Rayne came down to fight Kong but The Dollhouse ran down and beat her down. Kong splashed Velvet from the second rope to “holy s–t” chants. The Dollhouse celebrates and leaves with Kong.

Airing February 2nd
Bobby Lashley defeated Aiden O’Shea in about 5 minutes. After the match, the same woman from the January 26th episode that flirted with Lashley (Gabi Castrovinci) came back out. She said the next time she sees Lashley, she can bring pain or pleasure.

World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy comes out with wife Reby Sky and Tyrus. Matt says what happened to Jeff Hardy last week was karma paying him a visit, with the piledriver through a table. Matt says it was business, not personal. Eric Young comes out with Bram, and wants a title shot. Kurt Angle is out next. Angle reveals that his next match on the farewell tour is against Matt for the title, and it will be tonight. Angle says he will kick everyone’s ass. Beer Money is out next. They want to fight Bram and EY. This leads to a big brawl. The Wolves, Abyss and Crazzy Steve all run out and join the fight.

Maria comes out alone. She says women’s wrestling needs a miracle and she is the arrow, the First Lady of Wrestling. Maria says she will change the women’s division. TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim comes out. Maria offers to help Kim and take her to the next level. Kim says Maria should lace her boots up and they have words. Kim wants to fight but Maria leaves,

– Catherine


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