WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Brutal Assistances Continue for the Champ (January, 7th 2016)

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Hello All and Happy Weekend. Its time for another wrestling report, this time highlighting this weeks year opening Smackdown, one that felt like it had a dramatic change with only just a commentary overhaul. On this particular show, which ended with a great main event may i add, Charlotte, days clear of a disgraceful attack on once comrade Becky Lynch, would be defending her title against the professed (and obviously agitated) LassKicker. But with Ric Flair bringing his presence to ringside without any objections, would Becky’s hopes of championship glory cease to exist? Guess we’ll have to find out here..

Speaking of that obvious agitation, it is shown in the contender Becky Lynch during a short but sweet backstage interview, where she has no problem labeling Charlotte as a former team mate, her friendship with the recently turned champion clearly over. Becky remembers how Monday was supposed to be a match to showcase friendly competition, and due to how it ended, she calls her upcoming victory all but friendly. If Becky’s blood wasn’t boiling enough from Charlotte’s betrayal, imagine hearing Charlotte’s claims in an additional backstage segment of the fellow NXT Alumni “leeching” off her success.

Charlotte, upon criticizing her former partner, heads to the ring alongside the 2x Hall of Famer, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, for the upcoming title defense, with WWE completely disregarding the contender heading to the ring first rule for a title match. Regardless, Becky emerges for her entrance, and upon her arrival, this sure to be hard fought battle gets underway. But not without Eden introducing the Challenger and the Champ, in that particular order.

The Two Lock up to kick things off, leading to some aggressive grappling in the corner from the defending champion. Becky and Charlotte angrily shove at each other, then Charlotte sends Becky to the mat following a shortly captured waistlock. Becky makes it back to her feet, attempting to arm drag Charlotte, who manages to counter, nailing her own arm drag, and thus Becky struggles down on the mat. Becky kicks away Charlotte, then returns to her traditional arm drags,, shortly working on the champs left arm. Charlotte rolls over Becky during an attempt to lock in the Disarmer for a one count.

Charlotte forces herself to the corner to try break off a waist-lock counter from Becky, who rolls her up instead to get a near fall. Charlotte then applies pressure to the left leg of Becky, and Becky rolls her using both legs for a one count. Charlotte pushes the shoulders of Becky to the mat additionally to get her in a pin attempt in retaliation, scoring the same result as Becky before. Becky rolls Charlotte over for a near fall, followed by one from Charlotte, only scoring a one count instead. Becky bridges while twisting the left arm of Charlotte against her back, but Charlotte soon breaks loose and throws Becky backward to the mat. Becky bridges out of a hopeful pin attempt to deliver a dropkick to Charlotte, arm dragging Charlotte to take over again. Becky eventually ends up throwing Charlotte over the ropes but she makes a firm landing on the apron. She isn’t hanging on the apron much longer, per a kick by Becky that sends her out to the floor.

A Cross Becky gestures to Ric before heading out to the outside floor to work on the opposition. Becky rolls Charlotte back to the ring, following moments behind her after giving Ric a brief warning. Before Becky can do anymore, Charlotte scarpers back outside. Becky tries to give chase, blocked by Ric in Charlotte’s defense. Eventually allowing Becky to motion passed him, he allows his daughter to take control with a massive boot to Becky. Charlotte further targets Becky with forearms in the ring, additionally smashing the back of Becky’s head multiple times against the mat. Charlotte fires kicks and stomps following a suplex, including some more forearms in the arsenal before suplexing Becky again. Charlotte goes to cover Becky, getting a near fall.

Charlotte yanks the helpless Becky from the ropes to pummel her with even more forearms, attempting another pin, and in turn, scoring a near fall once again. Charlotte whips Becky into a running knee, then suplexing her for even more damage before taunting away to a very pro Becky audience.

We Return from a short break to see Charlotte still in control of the championship match as she nails some head-scissor stomps to Becky. Charlotte secures a head-scissor, one Becky tries to take advantage of by pushing Charlotte’s shoulders to the mat for a pin attempt while the hold remains locked in, but it does little, and instead Becky is catapulted around the ring by Charlotte’s strong legs. Becky soon counters by lifting a shocked Charlotte from the mat, dropping her face first on the corner turnbuckle. Becky gets to her feet, blocking forearms from Charlotte to deliver her own. Becky nails a uppercut followed with clotheslines to the defending champion. Becky nails a running clothesline in the corner to Charlotte and follows with the exploder suplex to score a near fall.

Charlotte reverses a whip from Becky to send her into the corner. Becky blocks a charging Charlotte with her knees, but Charlotte pivots them onto the ropes, and scores a neckbreaker to Becky off the ropes. Charlotte pulls Becky a little bit away from the ropes for the next pin attempt, again getting a near fall on the challenger. Charlotte screams at the ref then tries to pin her again, but its another near fall on her end. The Frustration seeps in with another pin attempt ending the same way. Charlotte relentlessly chops at Becky, who manages to avoid one before trying to lure her into a backslide. Charlotte manages to reverse but Becky scores a good landing, and avoids the big boot from Charlotte to fire back with the exploder suplex from earlier. Becky gets a near fall once more. Becky, with the crowd rallying behind her, looks to finish with the disarmer but Charlotte pulls herself to the ropes to avoid being caught in her submission attempt. Charlotte then floors Becky with a spear out of nowhere. Becky pulls Charlotte into the small package following Charlotte’s attempt to lock in the figure four, getting a near fall once again.

Becky locks in an arm-breaker variation, but Charlotte conjures up strength to force Becky off the mat. Becky slips out of the power-bomb attempt to roll Charlotte up again for a near fall. Becky grabs the hair of Charlotte and pulls her into the Disarmer, and as the referee has focus on Charlotte, Ric puts his struggling daughters foot on the rope to force the submission to break, to the frustration of Becky. Becky flips out at Ric, and gets caught in a devious roll up from Charlotte and is pinned. Charlotte retains her divas title.

(Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Becky Lynch; Divas Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a solid and lengthy encounter with additional chemistry, also taking advantage of Ric’s well known heel work for Charlotte to be allowed to duplicate in heel fashion with the dirty finishes. Overall i expected Charlotte to retain as she allows her heel character to develop, and is sure to duplicate these finishes again in any match leading to an expected championship match at the Rumble, and Ric is sure to be banned from ringside at some point to allow Becky to try thwart Charlotte without any outside interventions. But the match was enjoyable in itself, and shout-out to the newest Smackdown Commentator Mauro for not only referencing Becky’s background, but for making the match sound more important than it already was. Mauro, for me, has already become a reason to watch Smackdown due to how he calls the matches. Thumbs up from me.

– Catherine


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