TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY LIVE RESULTS: Only One Knockout May Step Up and Challenge (January, 8th 2016)

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Greetings all and welcome to a late report on TNAs recently aired One Night Only Live Pay Per View. Following up from the return of IMPACT, TNA Aired their most recent One Night Only Event, one which would not only be up to date on storylines unlike the others, but would crown a new contender to Reigning Champion Gail Kim’s Knockouts Title. So for the Dollhouse, Awesome Kong, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky as well as newcomers Chelsea Green and Deonna, a title shot would be waiting in the wings if they managed to make it through a grueling Knockouts Gauntlet.

Opening the Over the Top Rope Knockouts Gauntlet is Madison Rayne, representing the Beautiful People. Her Opponent is a member of the rivaling faction, Dollhouse Member, Jade. The Bell rings upon Jades entry, and Jade tries to send down Rayne with a dropkick on the go, but misses as the opposer bolts out of the way. Madison additionally ducks under a clothesline attempt by Jade, nailing a hurricanrana that sends Jade whirling into the nearby corner. Jade shoves off Madison before she can even try to launch her over the ropes, then Madison clotheslines her against another corner, attempting to lift her again to no avail. Jade sends Madison over the ropes but Madison perfects her landing on the apron to avoid falling into the elimination zone. Madison blocks Jades offense then sends her head first into the top turnbuckle. Madison knocks her away upon returning to the ring, missing a dropkick but making up for it by avoiding a surely immense big boot from Jade. Jade avoids a boot from Madison to nail her own in retaliation for earlier, and she forearms Madison against the mat before sending her to the corner turnbuckles. Jade executes shoulder tackles to attempt to wear down Madison against the corner, despite the elbow strikes she is taking to the back. Jade manages to nearly haul Madison onto the top rope before Madison knees back to knock her off. Madison kicks Jade then forearms her away from the corner. Jade still tries to move Madison to the top rope to make up for failing before as the countdown to the next Knockout arrival begins.

Unlucky for Madison, the next entrant just so happens to be someone on the side of Jade, the Dollhouse’s Rebel. She secures two huge kicks to Madison upon hitting the ring, completely flooring her. Rebel tries to launch Madison over the top rope, to no avail. Madison tries to send Rebel over but Jade runs over and attacks the back of Madison, leading to a game of numbers as Madison faces a two on one assault. Rebel and Jade whip Madison into a double forearm, and after some taunting, Rebel leads Madison to the corner turnbuckles, hitting a number of shoulder tackles. Jade and Rebel both try to work together to lift Madison over the top rope, but a defiant Madison manages to knock away both members and stay in a little longer. Despite some boots, Jade and Rebel return to the previous position, trying to lift Madison over the top rope, but it goes the same way as before. Rebel nails shoulder tackles to Madison as the countdown resumes, and the next woman to enter into the Gauntlet is Chelsea Green.

Equalizing the ratio of Heels to Babyfaces, Chelsea charges in and sends down Jade and Rebel with clotheslines. She fires dropkicks at Rebel and Jade to add, flooring Rebel with a Russian Leg sweep counter to follow. Chelsea throws Rebel over the ropes, but doesn’t take too long to notice Rebel still hanging. She shoulder tackles Chelsea from outside, throwing Chelsea to the mat by her hair before re-entering the ring. Chelsea forearms Rebel in the adjacent corner while Jade manages to knock off Madison’s attempt to eliminate her, rolling back to the ring as Madison recovers from Jades assault. Chelsea elbows Rebel to knock her away and return to her position, while Jade chokes Madison against the nearby rope. Entering Fifth in the Gauntlet is Marti Belle following the short countdown, increasing allies for the current Dollhouse entries.

Marti kicks Chelsea in the back, additionally blindsiding Madison, stomping on her under the bottom rope before coming to showcase her teamwork with Jade as they whip Madison into their double team maneuver. The Dollhouse then execute further double team moves as they execute moves to Chelsea after Chelsea is whipped into the turnbuckles by Rebel. They do the same to Madison (though i cant be sure if Madison even sold Jade’s kick). The Dollhouse continue their domination as the countdown re-emerges, and out comes Deonna Purrazzo.

Deonna clotheslines all three Dollhouse members, securing an additional dropkick to Marti, and then Rebel. She punches Jade then avoids a double axe handle from Rebel and Marti, taking out the two with a double clothesline. Deonna taunts, then ends up taking a kick to the midsection courtesy of Jade, who sends her to the corner. The Dollhouse execute their double team maneuver again, only this time its Rebels final attack that misses when Deonna moves from the corner. Deonna, Madison and Chelsea then work together to floor the Dollhouse with Lou Thesz Press’s in Unison. Rebel tries to float on the top rope, but it falls flat and Chelsea assists in making her the first elimination. Rebel has been eliminated. Meanwhile Deonna is elbowed by Marti as she tries to lift her to the top rope, and the countdown returns, and the next entry so happens to be Awesome Kong.

Kong shoves at various women with her showcased strength to begin, then assisting in whipping Marti into Deonna. Kong then assists in whipping Jade into Madison, as Madison takes a baseball slide dropkick from Jade. Kong clotheslines both Deonna and Chelsea against their adjacent corners, taunting before Deonna and Chelsea decide to tag up and throw punches to Kong. Meanwhile Jade and Marti are choking Madison against another corner. Deonna and Chelsea’s teamwork is soon flatlined, running into double choke-slams courtesy of the powerful Kong herself. Kong lifts Deonna onto her shoulders then sends her over the ropes. Deonna is eliminated. Chelsea joins as the third to be eliminated as Kong also clotheslines her over the top rope. Kong revels in the success of eliminating the peers before Velvet emerges as the last entrant for the Gauntlet.

Velvet, hauled on Marti’s shoulder, manages to secure a head-scissor to Jade. She nails constant kicks to the two Dollhouse members before face-planting them against the mat per a double running bulldog. Kong tries to lock a vice-grip on the surprised Velvet but Madison makes the save. Velvet and Madison hit a number of boots to try wear Kong down, before Marti tries to charge at Velvet, instead being thrown over the rope as Velvet pulls it down. Marti, luckily, manages her landing, remaining on the apron, Madison finishes Velvet’s work for her by eliminating Marti. Jade shoulder tackles Marti, eliminating her quick. Kong, Jade and Madison remain.

And with the remaining combatants in mind, it becomes obvious straightaway that Kong would work with Jade, as they both try to target Madison, who tries her best to knock both off with simultaneous elbows. Jade drives her knees into the back of Madison following a huge kick, and both Kong and Jade stand on the opposite hands of Madison. Madison manages a standing neckbreaker to Kong, followed with an inziguiri to Jade. Just as quick as her momentum returned, its brought down as she charges into a huge clothesline from Kong. Kong remains perched as Jade tries to raise Madison to the top rope, to no avail. Kong throws Madison to the apron, then raising Jade onto her shoulders to use her feet to knock Madison off further. Instead Madison manages to kick Kong towards the ropes, and Kong loses her grip on Jade, who stumbles out of her hands, over the top rope but balances on the apron. But before Jade can even try climb back to the ring, Madison nails a running shoulder tackle that knocks Jade away completely. Jade is eliminated. Kong and Madison remain, a result now only determined by pin-fall or submission.

Kong applies her own variation of a single leg crab to Madison, then releasing her grip and teasing a powerbomb. Instead Madison breaks away and begins to launch forearms at Kong. Madison uses the corners to nail running elbows to Kong, as well as an inziguiri. A Missile dropkick off the second rope finally sends Kong to the mat. Madison goes for her first pin attempt, but to her dismay, only gets a near fall on Kong. Madison tries to execute another move off the ropes but gets caught by Kong. Madison counters impressively into another pin attempt, but it leads to another near fall. Kong strikes with a back fist and eventually drives Madison to the mat with the Implant Buster finisher. Kong pins Madison and wins the match, non-surprisingly becoming Number One Contender to Gail’s Knockouts Title.

Away from that lengthy gauntlet, we also see Maria re-appear, her first appearance since her IMPACT debut, to introduce the “Miracle whom will save Professional Wrestling” Mike Bennett for his in ring debut. Bennett’s debut match was against Robbie E, of which he won.

(Knockouts Number One Contenders Gauntlet)

(Awesome Kong, Marti Bell, Jade and Rebel Backstage Segment)

(The “Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis vs Robbie E)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall it was an Okay Gauntlet, minus some appeared-to-be non selling by Madison from Jades onslaught, Rebel spot calling (i still like her though) and the fact that the overall ending came down to two Knockouts who i feel were only placed there due to how highly regarded they are by the company. BUT i also feel Madison deserved that finalist place just because of her history with Gail, because it would be nonsensical to have Kong and Jade go at it in the final two, and the Dollhouse’s teamwork had me very impressed, its just a shame TNA are continuously adamant on replaying Gail vs Kong, even though this may overall be booked as a type of test for Gail, after being booked to overcome the trio before, to see if she can overcome them with the addition of her longtime nemesis, Kong.

– Catherine


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