WWE RAW RESULTS: With The Friendship Over, The Claws Come Out (January, 11th 2016)

becky goes for charlotte on raw

becky goes for charlotte on raw 1

becky jojo raw

Greetings to all and welcome to the second RAW of 2016, and just like last week, the RAW report was little in terms of number of divas, but plenty in regards to storyline development. A Late, hopefully not too repetitive match up between Brie and Divas Champion Charlotte would serve as part of Becky’s revenge plan after not only being betrayed by Charlotte last Monday, but for using her father to escape nights later from a Divas Title Match against the Lass-kicker.

But before we can get to all that, Stephanie McMahon and her father, Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon open RAW in high spirits after laying down the law on reigning world champion Roman Reigns last week, revealing his next challenge would be none other than at the Royal Rumble, his title being defended in the 30 Man Traditional Rumble Match. Despite having the odds massively against him, Roman came out defiant during a boastful Vince and Stephanie’s Promo, addressing the many other Rumble competitors. In turn, Roman would compete in a One vs All Fest in the main event, while his “brother” Dean Ambrose would be served Sheamus for the opening match following up Vince’s promo.

It isn’t until MUCH Later, as in third hour later, that the divas grace our television screens, as Divas Champion Charlotte appears before JoJo backstage alongside her Hall of Famer Father Ric Flair. JoJo tries to have the champion explain her behind assault on Becky last week, but Charlotte just takes the opportunity to put herself over as the dominant champion. She reflects on what Paige had said to her back in the day about no room for sentiment, then tries to make out that Becky is truly playing the villain while she is the victim. Sure..

Brie, the scheduled opponent for Charlotte, heads to the ring with Alicia Fox by her side. Charlotte comes out with Ric but the match doesnt even happen, as instead Becky races to the ring, charges inside and beats down on Charlotte before being tugged away by officials while she screeches at Charlotte that shes taking her championship…and her arm. Furiously venting, Ric has the crowd know that Beckys assault means Charlotte cannot even compete, insisting Becky is the blame, and leaves with a “limping” Charlotte. No Divas Match folks.

JoJo tries to get a word with Becky after her attack on the Champion and Becky vents about how it would feel to have the closest possible person to you stab you in the back. She further exclaims that Charlotte has gone and done what she promised she wouldn’t, and use her Father to protect herself. Becky comes to realize that she is on her own, and maybe she needs that, but she showed Charlotte wasn’t Genetically Superior as she makes out since she actually tapped out Thursday on Smackdown, and shes going to make her tap out again.

(Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Roman Reigns and the WWE Roster Segment)

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox feat Becky Lynch)

Thoughts on this segment:

Overall the Divas for me, were lucky, to even be fit in at all this week, because the timing before the main event, and the overall shortness of the segment gave it that feel. But despite being served no match at all, we can agree at least that Becky is getting over as a, if not top, babyface, per her arrival and beat-down on Charlotte, and i liked the overall execution of the angle. It wasn’t Becky just sitting on commentary and distracting Charlotte at some point or even getting in the face of Ric to get Charlotte’s attention, it was a pre match attack that served its purpose, to allow the babyface the needed momentum. Ric also served his role as the heel manager well, capitalizing on being annoying, a successful heel trait, even if hes far from the Evolution level. The worrying thing, however, with Becky being hugely over, is the fact that Sasha possibly getting the Mania slot means Becky could be withered out despite her popularity so lets hope they have long-term plans for Becky if Sasha is due to begin a Mania angle, whether Becky is involved in it or not, because its safe to say Charlotte’s continual push means she wont be out of the spotlight just yet or for a while.

– Catherine


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