TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Beautiful People Have Unfinished Business with the Stronger Dollhouse (January, 12th 2016)

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Greetings to Everyone and Welcome to another IMPACT Report. TNA Served us last night their second episode of the year, providing some explanation, or so thought, in regards to the swerve expansion of the Dollhouse with the addition of Kong. Clearly displeased at being tossed around by Kong last night, both Beautiful People members Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne seek revenge, in a Street Fight vs Kong and Jade.

Kong is approached backstage alongside the Dollhouse Members, Marti, Rebel and Jade by JB who wants to hear her intentions as to why she laid out current Knockouts Champion Gail Kim as well as the Beautiful People. Marti doesn’t take kindly to this question, noting to JB that to speak to Kong, he has to come through her. Marti expresses the shake up the division needed, the shake up Kong and themselves created, throwing off any claims of the Dollhouse falling flat. Kong then joins in by asking JB if he hates her, then the fans as she glances to the camera, before proclaiming that if so, then that’s good. She makes it clear she is after the Knockouts Title Gail Kim currently holds, having won the contendership this past Friday. The Beautiful People, that being just Madison and Velvet then interrupt, stating that Kong shouldn’t worry about Gail Kim, but rather them instead. Madison proclaims they don’t need to attack from behind to get attention and a backstage brawl breaks out.

When we come back, an all out war has begun at ringside regarding the Knockouts. The remaining Dollhouse members are also brawling at ringside to assist Kong and Jade in the street fight that already appears to have begun. Kong chokes Madison against the guardrail with her boot while Jade additionally shoves Velvet into a steel chair on the opposite side. Jade chokes Velvet against the adjacent guardrail before both teammates drag the two Beautiful People members around. Madison is chucked head first into the ring post while Jade drags Velvet to the ramp. Jade plots to take out Velvet with a pile-driver but Velvet counters into a suplex. Kong hits the ring meanwhile and chokes an already damaged Madison against the ropes with her knee.

Meanwhile Velvet stomps down on Jade at ringside, attempting to whip her into the nearby steel steps. Jade counters and Velvet crashes back first into the steel steps instead. Back to the ring and Kong is still choking Madison, while Jade chucks a number of kendo sticks into the ring, soon including trashcan lids and a trashcan to add. Jade lastly chucks a steel chair in the ring as Kong chokes Madison with a kendo stick. Jade manages to place the steel chair against the corner turnbuckles, then placing Madison against it with easy bad intentions. Jade attempts a rolling senton to Madison but Madison moves away and Jade crashes into the chair instead. Kong applies a temporary chokehold, allowing Jade to regain her footing and attack the back of Madison with a trashcan lid. Jade misses a moonsault to Madison, and Kong also misses a splash to Madison. Velvet returns to the scene, steel chair in hand. Velvet smacks the back of Kong with the chair, then throws the chair at Kong, who catches it to her dismay. Velvet boots the chair, and Kong in turn. Velvet launches clotheslines at Jade while Kong tries to recover.

Velvet hits her triple kick combo then sets up the steel chair against the mat in the center. Velvet sends Jade face first into the steel chair with a running bulldog, then Marti and Rebel hit the ring to corner and taunt Velvet. They soon come to find Madison joining Velvet in chasing them off, and are battered with a number of shots from the kendo sticks in the hands of the Beautiful People. They manage to scatter them from the ring, avoiding a behind attack from Kong to unload with kendo stick shots to her also. Jade super-kicks Velvet while Madison levels an only just recovered Kong with a missile dropkick. Madison attempts to pin Kong there but gets a near fall. Jade misses a kick to Madison but Kong clubs Madison before she can hit her partner. Jade nails a package pile-driver to Madison following Kong’s assist and pins her. The Dollhouse win the match.

Following up from that Knockouts Street Fight, we are teased with a vignette of a soon to arrive Knockout, Raquel, aka Brazilian Tough Enough Contestant Gabi Castrovinci. She promises pleasure as well as pain, and for one, Payback will be promised. But just who she refers to is a mystery. Regardless this mysterious woman is sure to make an IMPACT soon..

Also we get a glimpse at Real Life Wrestling Couple Maria and Mike Bennett backstage as they grace EC3 with their presence, at first to congratulate EC3 on his major title victory from last week, before turning out to be disrespected at EC3 snubbing them during conversation. Mike more or less makes it clear that he will come for EC3s title soon, but im sure he knows that wont be the case…

(Jade and Awesome Kong w/ Rebel and Marti Bell vs Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne)

(Coming Soon to IMPACT: Raquel)

(Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Tyrus and Ethan Carter Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall not a bad match, making some use of the street fight stipulation with the lethal use of outside objects while continuing to showcase Jade as the strongest member of the Dollhouse (ruling Kong out of that equation of course). Kong’s mic work pre match was a fresh change to present her overall command over the Dollhouse, a role that originally would be unexpected, rather playing the Dollhouse’s silent assassin and destructor, and Marti also being a mouthpiece than overlooked side kick was also a fresh change, though i originally expected Rebel to take the commanding mouthpiece role that they have yet to capitalize on. Its Such a Shame Havok isn’t in TNA now or else she could near-equalize the Beautiful Peoples side by turning face and taking on Kong with them. Personally it seems Kong is in the Dollhouse wholeheartedly because Creative couldn’t figure how to book Kong/Gail and the Dollhouse vs TBP separately, maybe im wrong, but TNA need to focus on building their new and current crop in the Dollhouse members than just allocate them as sidekicks so some more promos over the weeks should build interest, with additional domination of course.

– Catherine


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