TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY CLASSIC RESULTS: Battles Between Old And New Provide A Unique Babyface Trio (November, 6th 2015)

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Welcome All to Another TNA One Night Only PPV Report, this time regarding the November Classic Pay Per View that only just recently became noticed by myself and thus added to my list of PPV reports to finalize. I Had completely forgot about this taped match, that being Brooke, Taryn and Rebel vs Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Havok. Just based on the fact that Brooke is teaming with both Rebel and Taryn should make for an interesting, fresh showcase.

Madison enters first for the 6 Knockout Tag, followed by on and off Beautiful People partner Angelina Love (note this was taped in early 2015) then former Knockouts Champion and now Alumni Havok. Its Shocking how things ended with Havok considering she could have been assisting the fellow partners with Kong right now. Beginning the entrances for the babyface Team is former Menagerie Valet turned Dollhouse Member Rebel, then Brooke, then Taryn, who was babyface during this specific taping (and is also now gone from TNA as is Havok and Brooke). If Only some TNA One Night Only events could have been taped following Taryn and Rebels turn just so we could see them team but guess Taryn was injured near that time..

Anyway enough blabbing, we come to the ring to see Madison and Angelina, then heels, debating over who should open for their team. They seem to just be debating between another, despite trading a quick glance with Havok, who seems to be trying not to crack a smile just before Angelina and Madison have the babyfaces “psyched” as they switch out and have Havok open on their side. Taryn and Brooke then select the inexperienced Rebel on their side to some surprise but decide to sweetly play cheerleader.

Obviously things don’t go in Team Taryn’s favor early on as Rebel gets shoved by the immense strength of Havok. She returns to her composition, trying to charge at Havok but crashing to the mat per an elbow from Havok. Rebel manages to avoid a leg drop from Havok and tries to aim a roundhouse kick, but Havok blocks it. Havok nails a kick to the back of Rebel before Angelina and Madison tag in unison, before fighting over who will actually work the match, and in turn, attempt to pin Rebel. They are too engaged in their argument to notice Rebel ushering over to her partners and Brooke tags in, only to be double elbowed by Madison and Angelina. The Two whip Brooke, who avoids their double axe handle, and Brooke scores one, or two, for the team as she clotheslines both Madison and Angelina at the same time. Angelina rolls out and Brooke arm drags Madison, following with some clotheslines and a drop toe hold. Brooke tags Rebel while having Madison caught in an arm wringer, and Rebel kicks Madison before whipping her into her knee. Rebel uses her leg to send Madison to the mat then runs the ropes. Madison engages in some sort of distraction with the referee to allow Angelina to trip up Rebel from the outside. Madison sends Rebel face first into the turnbuckle and tags Havok.

Havok drags Rebel around the ring before applying a single leg crab. Brooke tries to go after Havok but the referee intervenes, and Havok sends Rebel crashing back into the same corner from before. Havok taunts Brooke and Taryn, allowing Madison to cheap-shot Rebel while the referee is turned away from the other side. Angelina chokes Rebel with her boot, and if Rebel couldn’t be targeted enough she also takes a backbreaker from the imposing Havok. Taryn and Brooke try to gather momentum for Rebel by cheering her as Havok works over her. Havok drags Rebel from the ropes and slams her to the mat, and sets up for a leg drop off the second rope but Rebel moves away to safety. Taryn tags in on the babyface side as Angelina does for the heel side, and Taryn comes flying in with clotheslines and a flip cutter. Taryn suplexes Angelina and executes a missile dropkick, going into a pin attempt right after but Madison charges in to make the save before a count is even made.

Brooke spears Madison to make the save, while Taryn avoids a corner splash from an also intervening Havok. Taryn sends down Havok with a cross-body then calls in Rebel and the two dropkick Havok from the ring. Rebel turns and takes the Botox Injection from Angelina but cannot be pinned as shes not legally tagged in. Angelina taunts, unaware Taryn is prepping for the oncoming assault, turns and takes the finishing RKO/neckbreaker from Taryn. Taryn pins Angelina to get the win for the babyfaces.

(Brooke, Taryn Terrell and Rebel vs Madison Rayne, Havok and Angelina Love)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its Honestly shocking looking at this match knowing Rebel, Brooke and Taryn haven’t competed as a three piece team before but i like how the match was overall booked, even if Brookes ring time was shorter than anyone elses and its also note worthy how the chemistry between Madison and Rebel has come from then up to now. Its a shame Havoks run ended how it ended considering she could have been the powerhouse sizing up to Kong on the babyface side right now in the current storyline but a good showcase for the Knockouts here for sure, even if some aren’t in the division anymore sadly.

– Catherine


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