WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The LassKicker Continues Her Momentum Further And Presents A Greater Challenge (January, 14th 2016)

becky smackdown 2

becky smackdown

becky smackdown 1

One Week Has Cleared since Becky Lynch’s aggravating loss to reigning Divas Champion Charlotte in what was Becky’s first singles attempt to capture the divisions top gold. Zooming ahead a week later and the Divas Champion has saved herself a post RAW onslaught by heading elsewhere courtesy of WWEs Indian Tour, while Becky remains on WWEs home turf to continue her momentum even in the Divas Champions absence. Becky faces Brie Bella this week on Thursday Night Smackdown.

But before the expected challenge, Renee catches up with the hopeful contender Becky backstage, and they go over Charlotte’s recent antics in video replays. Becky, relieving the assault Charlotte gave her after losing in what was meant to be a fair match over a week ago, then looks back at her own revenge tactic courtesy of the recent edition of RAW in which Becky ambushed Charlotte during her entrance, days clear of losing a divas title match due to Flair involvement once again. Becky clarifies upon watching it that shes going to keep herself fired up all the way to the royal rumble, and she gives the challenge to Charlotte, to face her again with the title on the line at the event, and even bring her entire clan with her, but regardless, shes ready for any kind of shenanigans.

We head to the ring next to see Brie emerge for the one on one match, with Alicia at ringside visibly okay despite taking a beat-down from Tamina following the match pre taped before for Main Event. Her entrance is soon followed by the entrance of Becky Lynch. Becky hits the ring and the bell rings, and the two women kick off their encounter with a lock up, but Brie soon breaks off as she scores a knee to Becky. Brie smacks the head of Becky repeatedly against the mat before lobbing her into the nearby corner, or at least trying as Becky manages to use her foot to block herself from crashing into the corner, sending Brie face first into the corner turnbuckle instead. Before Becky can do much else, Brie elbows her and scales the turnbuckles, firing a missile dropkick at Lynch. Brie then goes to cover and gets a one count.

Brie now has momentum, attacking the shoulder of Becky before locking in a chin-lock. Becky punches her midsection repeatedly, but gets tossed back by Brie. Brie taunts at the crowd before hitting a number of kicks to Becky against the nearby corner. Becky blocks Bries next strike and trips her into the second turnbuckle. Becky blocks forearms by Brie and fires her own, and she nails a running elbow into the corner followed by the springboard side kick. An Exploder Suplex that follows it gets Becky a near fall on Brie.

Brie rolls Becky into a small package, getting a near fall also. Brie scores a kick then attempts her finishing facebuster, but Becky counters. Becky quickly takes the leg of Brie then moves into position and locks in the Disarmer. Brie taps and Becky wins the match.

(Becky Lynch Backstage Segment; Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch)

Thoughts On This Match:
Obviously another short smackdown encounter that did nothing other than continue the currently pushed talents momentum. The Match overall was a typical short smackdown match, a step down from the hyped match of last week, and as WWE knew Charlotte was heading to India, the booking for the match could have been better. Yes we got the sweet backstage segment that hypes the angle for RAW as to how Charlotte will accept Becky’s challenge, but why was Brie facing Becky? Could they have booked her as mad at Becky crashing the RAW match, having Brie feel she could have pinned the champion if that said attack hadnt happened? Couldn’t they have booked this in Becky/Bayley fashion by having Brie respect Becky for beginning to blaze her own path but provide a respectable challenge also?

– Catherine


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