WWE RAW RESULTS: Game, Set and Match With Some Sure Interference’s (January, 18th 2016)

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Last Night came about the official Final RAW before the Royal Rumble Pay Per View, a Pay Per View that gets more weeks of potential build up than any that precedes it. With that in mind, after weeks of build towards the split of the PCB remnants, Charlotte and Becky, Becky, having delved into the villainous change in her friend, Charlotte, finally got her answer as to whether she could challenge (or more so re-challenge) the “Dirtiest Diva in the Game” for her divas title.

But before we can go to the culmination of Becky’s title chase, we get an unexpected (but unbelievably short) surprise per a booked singles match. To promote the new season of Total Divas that airs tonight, Brie Bella would go one on one with a returning Natalya, who appears to have inexplainably re-aligned with Paige, an alignment that was existent this time last year heading into the Rumble. This may additionally confirm that WWE are plotting to remove the plot holes left in the last Natalya and Paige encounter with no climax, aka the backstage attack to the Queen of Harts, because WWE just want the Girls to act all happy and pick sides to represent the several thousand diva on diva arguments happening this season. Anyway…

Natalya begins the match by trying to capture Brie in a waist-lock, dropping her on her rear before running the ropes and nailing a low dropkick to the heel. Natalya prepares the next attack but Brie, instead, trips her to the bottom rope. Brie hits the running knee and goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on her fellow veteran. Natalya tries to elbow Brie but gets tossed backward to the mat by Brie before she can make any sort of comeback. Brie hits a number of Yes Kicks to Natalya, who falls completely to the mat upon the final ones impact, drawing a snide smirk from Brie as she taunts to the audience while stood on the fallen diva. Brie misses a kick after a short engagment with Paige, allowing Natalya to send Brie to the mat and soon lock in her Sharpshooter. Natalya makes Brie submit and wins the match.

Moving onwards and to the more lengthier visual piece, the main focus in the division right now, the Becky and Charlotte feud. The Leather Clad Current Queen Champ of the Division Charlotte heads down to ringside with the 2x Hall of Famer (and easily as troublesome) Ric Flair to inspect Becky Lynch’s match against Tamina. Tamina has Naomi in her corner, as Sasha remains M.I.A due to an injury suffered despite denying so before. Becky comes out with a new ensemble and then the bell rings. The Two clash during a lock up as Tamina manages to move Becky to the ropes. Tamina pushes Becky out of a second lock up but Becky springs back up as quickly, drop-kicking Tamina. Becky nails a number of kicks and forearms to Tamina before a whip goes sour as Becky proves unable to move Tamina from her spot. Tamina runs Becky back first into the corner.

Tamina kicks Becky near the corner, and hits some stomps before forcing her away from the ropes for her follow up pin attempt. Tamina gets a near fall on Becky. Tamina keeps Becky busy in a rear choke-hold, Becky tries to elbow out of Taminas grip but gets tossed to the mat before she can continue executing offense. Tamina chokes Becky against the middle rope, and slams her near the rings center for another near fall. Tamina returns to her earlier rear choke-hold, and Becky manages to force Tamina back first into the corner but gets blindsided before she can re-cooperate. Becky rolls up Tamina for a one count.

Becky manages to shove off any attempted offense from Tamina with kicks and forearms, and she begins to hit a flurry of forearms to Tamina, regaining some momentum. Becky avoids a clothesline from Tamina and hits a dropkick. Becky springboard sidekicks Tamina, followed with a forearm, then dropkicks her again before setting up a number of Leg Drops. However this doesn’t take Tamina down as Becky’s following pin attempt just manages to get her a near fall. Becky gets whipped into the corner, but she stalls a charging Tamina after with a forearm. Becky uses the top rope to roll Tamina impressively into her finishing disarmer submission. Tamina taps and Becky wins the match.

Following the match, Becky has a mic in hand, and states that nothing would mean more than for her to capture the divas title on Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but she needs an answer from Charlotte in regards to her challenge. Charlotte doesn’t take too kindly to Becky’s forceful engagement and asks Becky if she thinks she will hand over a free, non earned title match just because of her popularity. Charlotte reminds Becky that she had her opportunities earned before and she lost, therefore should go to the back of the line but Becky notes that that particular loss came through the antics of her father, Ric. Charlotte spits back about Ric being a 2x Hall of Famer, but Becky retaliates, questioning what fellow Hall of Famers would think of Charlotte, of Ric’s Daughter, pondering whether they would respect someone who denies her a (should be fair) rematch. Becky adds that Ric is one to not back down from a challenge, but not before aiming an insult of course, labeling Ric as much of a coward as what Charlotte has become. Ric cant believe what Becky has said, but just smiles over it, before handing her the rematch, to Charlotte’s dismay.

(Natalya w/ Paige vs Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox)

(Tamina w/ Naomi vs Becky Lynch feat Charlotte and Ric Flair)

(Paige and Natalya on RAW Fallout)

(Becky Lynch on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Natalya/Brie: Unjustifiably short for a match that actually showcased in ring skills back at Summerslam 2013. Overall i did feel the match would be rushed just because of how it started off, and because with Total Divas back, we come to expect short matches based on reality television drama, which is a shame because the selected performers can showcase a whole lot more in longer given time. It also appears WWE are wanting fans to forget the prior angle between Natalya and Paige and just randomly have the girls pick heroic and villainous sides just for the show, and total divas storylines, as long as they aren’t over something as meager as a painting, should get booked as equally as the title feud but not booked over it, so heres to some hope that they let Paige and Alicia go at it in a full blown lengthy clash over something that isn’t as petty or catty or as fixable as “unfollowing on social media” because it doesn’t give the performers a reason to be backed or hated. Personally id let it go from a Paige/Alicia feud to Alicia possibly transferring to a Heel Paige and Nattie while Bayley could come up and join Brie and Nikki but that’s just a random thought out idea, that and Bayley wouldn’t need to be in a TD related feud anyway. Hmmmm…who else? Lets face it, that would have to be a last minute thing due to how well booked the likes of Bayley should be, then then again so should every legit good performer on the divas roster.

Becky/Tamina: The More Lengthier of the two clashes with an impressive ending and some much needed in ring mic time that this feud has needed. I Loved how Becky caught Tamina in the disarmer, even though just by how Tamina is examined or percepted by fans as the powerhouse, she could have either lifted her way out or taken longer to submit but i guess that ridiculously long rumble draw segment played its purpose in cutting time. Also, Heel Main Roster Charlotte is growing on me, especially when its not just about winning random matches, but the engagements outside of it and shes portraying the spoiled coward type persona so well, even if Ric leaving her surprised was a surprise in its own, but it served two purposes, playing out the cowardice in Charlotte and continuing to help Becky get over. If WWE can see how much love the crowd have been giving Becky, they will draw this feud out much longer and not let her waste away after the Royal Rumble.

– Catherine


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