WWE NXT RESULTS: BayMella Remain the Cohesive Unit Against Angry Villainesses (January, 20th 2016)

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Hello All and Welcome to this weeks NXT Report, which couldn’t be anymore better timed considering NXT Tapings are underway as i write this. Speaking of NXT this week, we got a first time ever tag team match as the unlikely pairing of Emma and Alexa Bliss (due to Dana’s nagging injury) battled the team of Carmella and Bayley, otherwise known affectionately as Baymella.

The Unlikely Partner to Emma tonight, Alexa Bliss, counts as the episodes first diva appearance, cutting short an interview with Blake and Murphy, who mocked the comments made to them by Jordan and Gable earlier in the night. Alexa gives brutal honesty by stating that the team had humiliated her with the loss at Takeover London, and despite that, she believes they are far better than what they’ve come across as, and shes only going to provide an example of that tonight by slapping around Baymella, a hopeful moment she describes as “Blisstasteful”.

Baymella also get an interview backstage about tonight’s tag match, this one being the first time the pairing have tagged on television. Unfortunately Carmella gets riled up at the appearance of NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson, who compare her mockingly to Enzo and Cass. Luckily Bayley gets to calm her down and mentally, everything is there for the upcoming tag per Bayleys friendship therapy.

Its Match Time, and down comes Emma first, joined by Dana Brooke, who remains injured. Alexa enters next, and clearly has no kindness to express to Emma, like last week would show when Emma eliminated Miss Blissed Off herself. In Fact, they have a small engagement when Alexa hits the ring when Alexa whips her hair in the face of Emma, who has her sunglasses down so she doesn’t have to see her partner. As they close that off, out comes Carmella, joined moments later by NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, easily the cohesive unit out of the two teams. Emma charges at Bayley before the bell, also knocking Carmella off the apron, and herself and Alexa beat-down on Bayley. Carmella shoves the two heels off in defense of the champ and the bell is eventually rung.

Bayley is visibly hurt but that doesn’t stop Emma lunging at her near instantly when the bell rings. Emma fires kicks to the midsection of Bayley in the heel corner, then tagging Alexa. Alexa hits shoulder tackles to Bayley to further damage before Emma returns to the match to only unleash more, kicking and forearming the champ against the same corner. Alexa then tags in and the two heels nail a double kick to Bayley. Bayley gets tossed to the mat afterwards by the two and Alexa taunts and grabs her.

Coming back from a commercial break and Alexa expectedly is in control of Women’s Champion Bayley with a hold applied. Bayley tries to break off but Alexa runs her into a nearby corner. Alexa hits numerous shoulder tackles then mocks Carmella as she hopes for a tag, kicking again at Bayley. Alexa hoists Bayley onto the same corner turnbuckles, but gets kicked away as she does so. Before Alexa can hit back, Bayley hits a spinning elbow from the top rope. Alexa tags Emma in before Bayley can even reach to Carmella, and Emma runs in and forearms Carmella off the apron. Bayley kicks Emma to retaliate, avoiding counter clotheslines to execute some running axe handles. Bayley nails a running shoulder tackle after chucking Emma into a nearby corner, following with a running elbow and suplex. Dana tries to provide some interference but quickly moves away, assuring the champ she was doing nothing whatsoever. Alexa manages a cheap-shot with an elbow while the referee is turned.

Emma executes the running crossbody to Bayley in the corner, following with the matches first pin attempt. She gets a near fall on Bayley. Emma, with Bayleys hair in one hand, tags Alexa with the other, and Alexa nails a vicious stomp to Bayley before running her back into the earlier corner. Alexa gets cocky with the referee following some shoulder tackles, soon returning all focus to Bayley as she chokes her against the mat with both feet while one hand is clung to the ropes. Bayley tries to break a hold by Alexa early by tugging to the rope but Alexa pulls her away, keeping the hold locked in. Emma soon tags in and nails a double underhook suplex to get the second near fall of the match.

Emma lunges at Bayley with vicious forearms while the crowd massively gets behind Bayley. Emma shoves Bayley to the heel corner and gets her forearm blocked. Bayley counters with her own, also taking on Alexa who hangs behind the turnbuckles despite two forearms taken. Alexa and Carmella are tagged in in unison by their respective partners and Carmella bursts onto the scene with a fiery Lou Thesz Press to Alexa. She does so again then takes Alexa into the corner, pushing her into her boot adjacent against the turnbuckle. Carmella scales the turnbuckles and manages a hurricanrana, then sandwiching Alexa in the corner via a bronco buster. Emma runs in but gets tossed out as quick by Carmella, and escapes a pin attempt from Alexa at a count of two, and Carmella sends Alexa to the mat via a Russian leg sweep followed quickly by the finishing submission. Alexa submits and Baymella win the match.

(Alexa Bliss, Blake and Murphy Backstage Segment)

(Emma and Alexa Bliss w/ Dana Brooke vs Bayley and Carmella)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Smart and lengthy match playing up the strategy of isolating the diva with the needed momentum, and was a great showing to say both teams have never competed alongside each other on television before. I Loved the finishing sequence so it didn’t just look like Alexa was suddenly going into Carmella’s submission, but took damage beforehand, and booking wise, the right team won since Alexa wouldn’t need momentum due to not being in a storyline (sadly). However, there wasn’t justified time for Alexa and Carmella’s interactions to say they have so much chemistry and are gems when in the ring against each other, reflective of the soon nixed Enzo/Cass/Mella vs BAMF feud. I must also say, i hope Carmella doesn’t turn heel, because as much as she oozes charisma, it would mean losing one of the top faces in NXTs division right now, leaving Asuka and Bayley. Its Popularity that cant be subdued nor avoided.

– Catherine


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