WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The LassKicker Proves Shes Ready to Rumble (January, 21st 2016)

becky v alicia 3

becky v alicia 1

becky v alicia 2

Greetings All and Happy Royal Rumble Sunday. I Don’t know about you guys but im ecstatic for tonight’s Pay Per View overall as Becky Lynch challenges Charlotte for her Divas Championship. But before she can do that, Becky has one last pit-stop on this weeks Smackdown episode, facing a challenge of her own against Team Bella’s Athletic Alicia Fox, with the now enemy and Divas Champion Charlotte looking on from ringside. Will Becky prove she still has much momentum? We’ll soon see. By the Way is Rusev in the Rumble?

Becky makes her entrance for the singles match while Alicia is already perched in the ring, with Brie as her side support. Charlotte and Ric join commentary for another ringside observation as they did this past Monday on RAW. Speaking of Monday, we get to reflect on the challenge made by Becky to Charlotte for her Divas Title from that night, which Ric accepted on the champions (unwilling) behalf. Charlotte stays mute on the topic before the bell rings and Becky’s Match with Alicia begins. The Two lock up, with Becky grasping Alicia in a side headlock counter. Alicia comes back quick with a knee, attempting to whip Becky to the nearby corner after, but Becky floats. Becky sends Alicia to the mat via a drop toe hold, and sets her up for a number of leg drops. Becky gets her first near fall of the match on Alicia.

Alicia heads outside to regroup but Becky is quick to follow, running into a comeback kick from Alicia. Alicia suplexes Becky to the floor then viciously throws her back to the ring. Alicia throws Becky against the turnbuckles then slams her back first to the mat. Alicia goes to cover and gets a one count on Becky. Becky arm drags Alicia then rolls her up to get another near fall. Becky scores uppercuts and clotheslines to begin the hopeful comeback, then whipping Alicia to the corner, nailing a running clothesline to Alicia followed with a springboard sidekick. Becky hits an exploder suplex to get a near fall once more.

Becky charges toward Alicia, who fends her off by blocking the upcoming attack with her knee. Becky counters an attempted slam from Alicia to lock in her finishing disarmer submission. Alicia eventually taps and Becky wins the match, staring out a displeased Charlotte who just smirks at the challenger from her perch as she celebrates the victory solo.

(Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella; Charlotte and Ric Flair on Commentary)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Nice, fast paced match to give Becky last moment momentum before the divas title match, which in most cases, would mean the champion goes over on Pay Per View, but im currently split due to Ric Flairs factor in the feud as of late. Alicia’s outside spot was a nice touch, and Mauro is an excellent commentator as expected. I’m actually glad this was a typical smackdown match, even if a (just) ring promo could have replaced it, because i don’t see what a distraction from either Brie or Charlotte would have done besides backfire. As Ive already said, im hyped for the Royal Rumble.

– Catherine


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