WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS: Lasskicker Gets A Tremendous Battle, But The Boss Wants the Hopeful Prize (January, 24th 2016)

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Last Nights Royal Rumble was a genius as to present itself in NXT Town of Orlando, Florida and compared to the last two years, the Royal Rumble of this year was a major standout with every match, clear build and little disappointments, even if there was some small predictability over the main event finish. The Divas Championship was defended for the first time since 2011, where Eve Torres had managed to grab her overall second reign, and heading forward FIVE YEARS LATER the Title would finally be defended again as Charlotte defended her divas title against former comrade Becky Lynch in a feud that has had plenty build as opposed to the feud of last year, which presented little. No Video Packages, just ringside stare-downs and anything sub-par presented to promote Total Divas. Even better for the NXT pairing was the video package and the importance highlighted on the challenger Lynch before the Pay Per View per her arrival at the arena and so forth. And the match isn’t the only thing for you fans to stay seated for…

Charlotte and Becky don’t show up until the pre main event spot, but proved no problem for these particular athletes in terms of chemistry and being able to keep the crowd drawn. The Broken friendship between Champion Charlotte and Challenger Becky is highlighted via a Video Package WWE had posted hours before on their YouTube Channel, and an excellent one at that. Following that, we come to the ring and Becky makes her entrance, followed by Charlotte, joined by (her sure to intervene) father and Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Must Say Purple Suits Charlotte well. The Divas get introductions from Eden in the ring as Defending Champion and contender and the bell is finally rung but not before Becky can get in the face of Charlotte beforehand. Speaking of Charlotte, she is easily over as a heel in Orlando, despite this being where she spent her NXT career. The Transition in character has indeed translated well with the spectating audience.

Becky and Charlotte start off with a lock up which leads to a reversal from Charlotte, forcing Becky into the nearby corner. Becky manages to take Charlotte down to the mat, trying to lock in the disarmer early in the game but Charlotte darts to the ropes to force the break. Charlotte and Becky reverse one anothers headlocks, and Charlotte takes Becky down with a running elbow. Becky bridges from a pin attempt by Charlotte, to her surprise somewhat, rolls over her back and takes her down after Charlotte shows off some athleticism. Becky arm drags Charlotte, who begs for a break again upon losing the momentum. Becky blocks a running take-down from a re-cooperating Charlotte and takes over again with arm drags into an armbar. Becky stops a slam attempt from Charlotte to take her back down to the mat again, and in turn, getting a pin attempt on the champ, who escapes at one.

Charlotte trips Becky then prepares to lock in the signature figure four, reminiscent of her father back in the day, but Becky sees this coming and uses both feet to kick Charlotte away. Charlotte takes Becky down and locks in her own armbar on the contender. The Crowd gets behind Becky, and Becky works wonders as she ends up breaking free from Charlotte, chucking her to the outside floor. Charlotte leaps up as quick and nails a shoulder tackle from the apron. She tries sending Becky head first to the corner turnbuckle, but Becky blocks. Becky retaliates, sending Charlotte into the top turnbuckle before sending her back to the floor with a springboard sidekick behind the ropes. Becky storms outside, ready to damage Charlotte further, but Ric again comes to the aid of his champion daughter after she takes Charlotte down with a clothesline, and Ric (creepy GIF moment of the PPV) KISSES Becky. Becky is absolutely disgusted and slaps Ric, as she should have done some time ago, but this allows Charlotte to turn the tables as she cheap-shots Becky from behind. Charlotte kicks away at Becky then rolls her back into the ring. Back to the ring, and we see Charlotte suplex Becky, enough to get a near fall.

Charlotte continues her momentum by choking Becky against the ropes, followed with a Flair-esque chop (which actually looked like it hadn’t connected, maybe im wrong). Becky reverses a slam attempt and rolls over Charlotte, scoring a near fall on the divas champ. Charlotte comes back as quick with a dropkick to send Becky down. Charlotte taunts the pro-Becky audience and goes to pin, getting a near fall as Becky had earlier. Charlotte applies a hold to Becky while also scoring a couple of knees. Before Becky can break free, Charlotte tosses her back to the mat. Charlotte furthers the momentum with head scissor stomps to Becky, working her over with a leg scissor after. Becky manages to push herself backwards, forcing both shoulders of Charlotte to the mat for a pin attempt. Becky gets a near fall on Charlotte, who goes back to continuing her momentum by using her legs to hurl Becky around the ring. Charlotte continues the attempt to wear down Becky with the head-scissor applied, and Becky, as seen before, manages to haul Charlotte off the mat onto her shoulders. Becky back drops Charlotte despite her attempt to punch out, and both divas are out on the mat.

Becky begins to regain her needed momentum with forearms to the champ. Charlotte knees Becky in retaliation before having her whip to the corner reversed by Becky. Becky runs the rope as Charlotte stumbles from the impact of crashing into the corner, and she flattens Charlotte with a fiery clothesline. Becky comes at her with another clothesline and a side kick to boot, and she finalizes with a running elbow to Charlotte in the corner. Becky sets up for the expected exploder suplex, but Charlotte sees it coming and counters. Becky blocks a charging Charlotte against the corner but Charlotte pivots Becky onto the ropes, taking her out with a neckbreaker. Becky clubs Charlotte as she attempts to finish with the figure four again, knocking her to the mat. Becky may even be trying for the disarmer, or even the figure four but Charlotte rolls her up, getting a near fall.

Charlotte scores a standing neckbreaker but Becky fires back with the exploder suplex Charlotte had countered before. Unfortunately for Becky, its only enough to get a near fall. Becky goes on the attack with a number of leg drops and she nails the exploder suplex again. Becky covers once again, and Charlotte escapes at two, like before. Becky fires up and attempts to lock the disarmer for the finish but Charlotte counters to her dismay. Charlotte spears Becky, but it doesn’t take down Becky, as she kicks out at two following the pin attempt off the spear. Desperation sets in for the champ, as she tries to pin her again, but its another near fall. Charlotte is seething, thinking up some way to take down Becky for good and she hauls her to the turnbuckles. Charlotte throws forearms at Becky, who fires back with her own. Becky mounts herself on Charlotte’s shoulder, rolling her over onto the mat. Becky locks in the disarmer but Charlotte displays major strength by raising Becky off the mat with the submission still applied. Following a pin attempt gone sour, Charlotte raises Becky off the mat once again then slams her back onto it. Charlotte looks for the finishing pin there, but Becky kicks out again and still remains.

Charlotte, seething at seeing Becky still very much in the match, plans to dropkick her off the ropes and to the floor, but it hits Ric when Becky moves (rather early). Charlotte is stunned and Becky takes advantage to roll her up into another pin but Charlotte kicks out at two. Becky secures the disarmer one more time, but Ric, shaking off the earlier tumble per Charlotte’s accidental dropkick, hits the apron and tries to grab the referees attention. Ric throws his jacket at Becky, who throws it off and storms over to Ric. Charlotte pokes Becky in the eye while the referee is distracted and spears her to pin her and retain.

Charlotte celebrates the victory, but she isnt done punishing her friend for her courageousness to challenge her and attacks her after the match with Ric looking on. Charlotte continues on and on, to immense boos then a familiar entrance theme hits, and Sasha Banks, who hasnt been seen as of late, struts down to the ring in ring gear. She eyes Charlotte then kicks Becky out of the ring. Sasha teases aligning with her former NXT BFF Charlotte with the signature Beautiful Fierce Female Finger Snap. Charlotte sees it as such then turns her back and looks to follow Ric out of the ring, but Sasha, to another immense pop like her entrance, charges to Charlotte, grabs her and locks in the Bank Statement on the Champ. Sasha poses with the Divas Championship in hand, indicating her future plans then leaves the ring with a big smile.

Also Lana got a brief showing on camera when she joined Rusev for his Royal Rumble entrance. She headed quickly to the back. (So shes just working with Rusev solo and not with the League of Nations Like she SHOULD be?). In Addition Stephanie McMahon emerged to celebrate Triple H’s momentous Royal Rumble victory, lastly eliminating Dean Ambrose and in turn not only becoming the Winner of this years Hyped Royal Rumble Match But Becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

(Becky Lynch and Charlotte Promo)

(Becky Lynch vs Charlotte; Divas Championship Match; Sasha Banks Returns)

(Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon Celebrate Triple H’s Historic Victory; WWE.Com Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Match deserving of its length and a technical standout expected from the two foes for sure. The Crowd were also fully engaged, this being due to all matches on the card being fiery from start to finish, with no cool downs in effect. Becky was heavily over as the face, Charlotte as the heel and the crowd made the post match return of Sasha Banks even more effective and created another memorable moment in the NXT Divas main roster careers since their call up. However, some confusions coming out of this is the fact that Sasha, despite grabbing hold of the title, stated she didnt even like the title on one of her social media accounts, so how awkward would it be for Sasha to claim how much winning the title would mean to her, out of no disrespect. Also, the curious case of Becky Lynch. WWE knew PCB was run to the ground and took the delightful opportunity of pushing and hyping Becky Lynch, including through the tremendous pre match package. So considering Sasha is now affirmatively in the title picture, where does this take her? Are WWE worrying Becky will be more over than Sasha at a point and phase her out just because, or will a triple threat match actually happen? Regardless, i fear due to Sasha’s streak, that many matches will span in the space between now and Fast Lane, and Sasha can be pinned in None, therefore someone has to take the fall, and being the only babyface alongside Nattie, who could be booked in a yet to escalate Total Divas feud, Becky is more than likely to face the music in this case, despite being a tremendous prospect in the constantly evolving division. If Becky is phased out, i wouldn’t keep carrying it out to the point where she loses her credibility, even if the fans get behind her to the height of Daniel Bryan popularity despite mistreatment, id say have her lose tonight then keep her off and return her as a heel alongside Finn Balor post Mania and the possibly arriving Bullet Club. But regardless of these negatives, the match, the crowd, and the fact WWE used a PPV to escalate a divas feud to proportions was brilliant and im interested to see where this goes from tonight’s (now Live) RAW.

– Catherine


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