Your Monday Post #93: The Rock Confronts Rusev and Lana On Monday Night RAW (October, 6th 2014)


Hello All and welcome to a mid-RAW edition of Your Monday Post, reflecting on another moment in women’s wrestling. So this moment wasn’t exactly containing any WOMEN’S wrestling, but something worth reflecting on since The Rock (SPOILER) and Lana shared a slight segment tonight on RAW, which sadly amounted to nothing..

But back in 2014, Lana and Rusev were the rising duo of the WWE, as Lana was pitted in managerial duty (as she does so well) for the destructive Bulgarian Brute, even though their de-cension seemed to begin following the awaited WrestleMania loss less than a year later to John Cena, and an angle that teased Lana’s possible in ring debut fell apart per injury months later. Regardless, Lana and Rusev were rising stars, as pre mentioned, back in 2014 and on the Oct 6th episode of RAW, their star power couldn’t compare to who would stand in the same ring with them that night, in front of a happy Brooklyn crowd, addressing all with his traditional promo. Lana didn’t take kindly to that, nor did Rusev himself as to try and attack the multi time champion, which would expectedly go down from there, but it was a rather incredible moment in Rusev and Lana’s careers. But Regardless of whatever has happened to pit Lana at the bottom of WWEs employees list, this is a company that should be pushing people based on the talent they showcase for that company and Lana is easily one of the best managers there or one of the best female managers to come along in a while. Petty accusations against the girls that can easily be remedied is little to be punished over compared to what some other superstars and divas have done, and Rusev and Lana (to me) are talents too good to be wasted and they weren’t called up after a few months in NXT for nothing right? Anyway….Enjoy!

– Catherine


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