TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Dollhouse Are At The Pinnacle of Supremacy (January, 26th 2016)

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Hello to All and Welcome to another week of Knockouts Action, featuring the now former contender to the Knockouts Title Awesome Kong. Fresh off a surely agitating loss to Gail Kim, Kong looked to execute her spoken revenge against another Knockout and a nemesis on The Dollhouse’s surely exceptionally long list of enemies, Velvet Sky.

Kong is backstage with the troublesome allies Marti Belle, Rebel and Jade, stating she has no issues with the girls, while also declaring she will be coming back for the Knockouts Title. She turns her attention to the match tonight, vs Velvet. Tonight its about the Beautiful People, about revenge, and thus she announces that Velvet will not be walking out of the ring tonight once shes finished. Kong asks the Dollhouse to sit back and watch the show, watch the teacher take Velvet to school. She finalizes by telling the trio a beating is fundamental and walks off triumphantly as Marti, Rebel and Jade break out into cheers for Kong. Whose House? Kong’s House!

We come to the ring to see Christy Hemme announce the arrival of Awesome Kong, dubbed the leader of the Dollhouse. Kong comes out alone, just as she asked, then Velvet, also seemingly deciding to come out alone, makes her entrance. With both enemies now situated in the ring, Velvet carefully eyes Kong before engaging in a lock up with the imposing Knockout, who easily shoves her to the mat. Kong takes hold of Velvet, who breaks free via a Jawbreaker counter. After sizing up Kong with some hard kicks, Velvet takes to the ropes and tries to send down Kong with a running elbow, but Kong remains aground after a no sell. Velvet tries with some kicks again but ends up running moments later into a clothesline by Kong. Kong sneaks outside after Velvet, who seems to be in much pain. Kong chops at Velvet before rolling back the apron cover. Kong whips Velvet into the steel steps.

Kong returns to the ring, waiting a possible count-out victory while Velvet crawls around the outside in much pain. Kong heads back outside despite the possible previous strategy, grasping Velvet and chucking her back in the ring. Kong goes for a running clothesline in the corner but Velvet summons up enough strength to move from the corner, then hitting some high kicks again to Kong. Velvet looks for the running bulldog but Kong shoves her off midway, and Velvet ends up crashing into the turnbuckles, stumbling to the mat. Kong sets up to splash Velvet, but she moves out of the way. Velvet gets back to her feet and hits a low side DDT. Its Only enough, however, for Velvet to get a near fall. Velvet manages to execute the running bulldog that fell flat before, but again, gets a near fall on Kong.

Velvet clambers to the second turnbuckle for a cross-body, but to her dismay, as she takes to the air, Kong catches her. Kong slams Velvet back first to the mat, and nails a splash to Velvet after running the ropes. Kong goes for the cover, but following a two count, she hoists Velvet up to cancel, indicating she wants to unleash more pain. Kong reverts to her signature Implant Buster and floors Velvet with it to get the winning pin. Kong wins the match.

Kong isn’t finished with beating down on her fellow Knockout there, as after the match, she raises Velvet from the mat. She may be looking for the Implant Buster again but Madison runs down to help clear Kong off. Madison forearms Kong against the nearby corner, then Marti, Rebel and Jade charge down to the ring. Rebel lures Madison to the rings center, hitting her with a high kick, combined with a drop toe hold from Marti to assist. Jade lays the finishing touches with the package piledriver to Madison. Rebel, after a short oncoming celebration, charges back to her fellow minions, and grabs an already hurt Madison, forcing her to watch as Kong further pummels Velvet. Kong splashes Velvet from the middle rope and celebrates with the dominant Dollhouse.

The Knockouts appearances don’t end there. Mike Bennett and Maria drop by on the annual announcement regarding the fate of the holders of the Feast or Fired briefcases, those briefcases obtained during the earlier match up. Also, in a follow up to a vicious attack on the defiant TNA Tag Team Champions the Wolves from Crazy Steve and a masked fellow last week, the heel duo appear before the Tag Team Champions later in the show, under the tutelage of the mysterious face painted Rosemary, who aligns herself with Steve and the revealed additional assailant from last week….Abyss. The Wolves challenge the heel duo but their match is closed with a disqualification result when Steve and Rosemary, who stole the champions titles, sprayed mist in both of the tag champs faces.

(Awesome Kong, Marti Bell, Jade and Rebel Backstage Segment)

(Velvet Sky vs Awesome Kong feat Madison Rayne and The Dollhouse)

(The Wolves, Crazy Steve and Abyss Segment; Rosemary Debut)

Thoughts On:
Velvet/Kong: Overall a squash match to prove Kong’s dominance and remind all of her dominance despite the more outspoken character she has been given, in my opinion. The Post match attack made sense to further establish that Kong wanted to add an extra finish rather than just leave the business to the match itself. I Liked how the Dollhouse looked like the dominant side again, but i cant help but feel that every-time we see the four piece that they are overshadowed by Kong just by legacy alone, and im also left surprised that Jade hasnt been on the end of some tension for last weeks finish though i do hope that comes to fruition during the UK Tour, even though i feel Jade may be staying in the faction a little longer as her finisher isnt exactly a babyface type maneuver. All I Hope is the Dollhouse Trio retain what made them so frightening when they first came to the scene, even by giving them back the After Midnight theme, or at least giving it to Rebel, but im intrigued to see what they can add to the Dollhouse segment wise over the next few weeks, and where the Beautiful People go as it appears they may need assistance? UK Tour? UK Talent? Might wanna call Skarlett or Kay Lee Ray Ladies! (I Would have said Nikki Storm but i heard shes off to WWE)

The Decay: I Only just became familiar of Courtney Rush/Rosemary’s ring skill watching one of her past tag matches a couple of weeks ago, and im honestly stoked and ready to see what she brings to the company. It was the most unexpected of names out of the current additions to me, and she has ring skill, mic skills and everything else to make this macabre faction work well. I Can see why Abyss is in the faction, but i feel hes lost that fearful edge from a long time ago, so it makes me wonder who else could have fitted into the faction, but im digging the idea and concept nonetheless.

– Catherine


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