LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Re-Entering the Temple to Watch Tales Unfold (January, 27th 2016)

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FINALLY! Lucha Underground HAS COME BACK to the Wrestling Scene *Rock Voice*. Thats Indeed Correct, as Lucha Underground returned to television screens this week for its massively hyped and surely to be mystifying (no thanks to Catrina) second season. Speaking of Catrina, due to Dario high-tailing as the first season closed, the cold blooded and slender valet to the powerful Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes has now become Mistress of the Temple, taking the role of organizing matches, and surely, wreaking Havoc for some returning babyfaces, especially a newly healed Ivelisse. That already hyped angle took off right from the start as you will soon see..

Catrina takes operations right into her hands from the opener, viewing the scene from Dario’s desk before sensing the presence of the promotions Gift of the Gods Champion, Fenix, or more so “The Phoenix who doesn’t stay dead”. Fenix retorts fearlessly that he has come to face Mil, and indeed Catrina takes notes that holding the Gift of the Gods is already an entryway to further his quest for the title, but her evil plan, one of many, comes into fruition, as she uses her power to ensure a lengthy wait for Fenix, and in turn, possibly preventing a chance for the match to happen at all as she forces him to defend his gold against King Cuerno in the first match of the evening. Theres sure no pressure on the established fearless Fenix, but will that come to be with Mil watching the below matches from his throne?

Catrina’s grip on power continues a little later when she walks in on the return of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico. She makes it clear to the former Trios Champions that Mil has passed down order to her to ensure they all fight in the ring, to which Ivelisse and Havoc take none too kindly to. In addition to the brutal request, Catrina has thrown in a contender-ship stipulation. Ivelisse turns to both partners who nod in agreement, because they cant walk away from a made match anyway. Ivelisse just shows off a smirk before making her way to the ring with Havoc and Angelico, but she needs to make something clear to the female boss first, striding over with confidence as she declares that when she wins her match and overthrows Mil for the title, she is coming for her (and i admittedly re-watch this segment for that very moment).

Thus per Catrina’s announcement, Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse all make their way to the ring to compete in a Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One Contender to Mil Muertes Lucha Underground Championship. Angelico goes for the first pin on Ivelisse off the ropes, but it falls short as he gets a near fall. Ivelisse breaks a pin attempt by Havoc on Angelico by rolling up Havoc for a two count also. After a respectful standing ovation from a pleased audience, Havoc and Angelico engage in a test of strength, while Angelico continuously mocks Ivelisse by making his hand hard to reach. Ivelisse gets infuriated with Angelico’s playfulness by kicking and chopping at him in retaliation, and Havoc swivels Ivelisse around, questioning her antics but getting slapped in the process. Ivelisse tries to whip Havoc, who stays aground and instead sends Ivelisse to a nearby corner. Ivelisse blocks a charging Havoc with a boot, scaling the turnbuckles somewhat. Angelico returns to the ring and takes a hurricanrana from Ivelisse, sending any hopeful momentum for Angelico down just as quick. Ivelisse aims for a clothesline to Angelico in his corner but Angelico moves to safety. Angelico misses a clothesline in an opposite corner to Havoc, who splashes Ivelisse. Havoc rolls out of Ivelisses corner, leading to her taking a hard boot from Angelico, who seems to share concern after seeing Ivelisse take the hit.

Havoc swings at both Ivelisse and Angelico in the same corner with a back elbow, then nailing a crossbody to Angelico off the second rope. He gets a near fall. The Boys grapple well for a little time, before Ivelisse returns to the cameras, climbing the turnbuckles. Angelico charges towards her, but Ivelisse sees him coming and attempts to block the upcoming attack but Angelico snaps her against the ropes. Ivelisse tries to stall the follow up suplex attempt from Angelico, punching him while also hanging on the turnbuckles. Havoc comes by and forces Angelico onto both shoulders, but Angelico breaks free, trying to shove Havoc in the direction of Ivelisses attack. Havoc breaks off, and Ivelisse floors Angelico with a crossbody off the turnbuckles. The Pin is broken by Havoc, who pulls her by her boot off Angelico.

Ivelisse chops Havoc towards the ropes, sizing him up with kicks to follow. Ivelisse taunts Angelico, who misses his attack, and crashes into Havoc instead. Ivelisse nails a neat inziguiri to Angelico, but its another near fall for Ivelisse. Havoc reverses Ivelisses whip and hits her with a backbreaker, and he kicks Ivelisse out of the ring, leaving it down to himself and Angelico. Havoc additionally takes out Ivelisse some time later with a suicide dive. Ivelisse recovers eventually and trips Havoc from ringside. Ivelisse returns and attempts to splash Angelico against the corner, but Angelico raises her over to the apron. Ivelisse strikes with a high kick but is sent to the floor via the back elbow from Angelico. Havoc and Angelico battle furthermore, with Havoc setting up for the signature move until Ivelisse dashes to the apron and intervenes, sending him right between the turnbuckle. (OUCH) Ivelisse hits the ring and rolls up Angelico and gets the winning pin, becoming the Number 1 Contender to Mil Muertes Title and in turn, becoming the first female to main event at Lucha Underground for the Main Championship. Unfortunately she has to battle through current pain, as that match takes place moments later..

When we return, Mil, in all his intimidating glory, has left his throne and begins to stride over to the ring, Catrina accompanying him. Ivelisse awaits with a recovered Son of Havoc and Angelico. Unfortunate for the earlier winner, she faces this battle alone, as at Catrina’s command, the new Trios Champs, the Disciples of Death emerge from where they could not be seen, and begin to surround Ivelisse as well as their specific targets Havoc and Angelico. The Disciples brawl with Angelico and Havoc, with Ivelisse trying to aid them but being pulled away by Catrina, who prizes her into the hands of Mil to watch her comrades in pain. With the babyfaces carried away, the crowd get solidly behind Ivelisse, who is shoved to the mat by Mil, who stares her down before the impending battle, with Catrina gazing from ringside.

When we return, the referee flashes the gold, Ivelisse and Mil at adjacent sides and the bell is rung to make the action official. Mil doesn’t even bother trying to lock up with Ivelisse on the bell, easily shoving her to the mat. Ivelisse shakes it off and lunges at Mil with forearms, adding with kicks, but it barely moves him as Catrina laughs at the courageous Ivelisse from ringside. Mil hits with his large arm, targeting the back of Ivelisse, and Ivelisse falls to the mat. Mil nails a backbreaker to Ivelisse, following with a stretch hold. Mil runs Ivelisse easily into the corner, sending her head first to the corner turnbuckle. Ivelisse tries to throw punch after punch but it, again, barely moves Mil, who tosses her to the other side of the ring ruthlessly. Mil boots Ivelisse, and attacks some more until Ivelisse eventually manages a reversal, locking a sleeper hold on the champ. Mil powers out and returns the favor with a bear-hug to Ivelisse. Ivelisse is, again, sent crashing to the mat by the sheer force of Mil.

Mil chokes Ivelisse against the mat, wrapping his large hand against the throat of Ivelisse. Ivelisse wraps both legs around the head of Mil, but notices both her shoulders are against the mat, resulting in a near fall from a pin attempt that is cancelled when Mil raises her off the mat. Ivelisse stalls a possible power-bomb, nailing fists to Mil, who lures her close to the ropes. Ivelisse locks her armbar on Mil while hanging behind the ropes. Mil retaliates with knees, forcing Ivelisse to break free. Some damage to Mil may not have gone unnoticed as he clenches his arm, while Ivelisse climbs the turnbuckles. Ivelisse forearms Mil then hits a tornado DDT from the top rope for a near fall.

Catrina seems to be climbing in the ring and herself and Ivelisse engage in a stare-down. Having enough of Catrinas cold antics, Ivelisse clenches her by her throat, not taking into account the prized stone in Catrinas hand that seems to heighten the strength of Mil. Mil makes it quick to his feet and goes for the spear, but Ivelisse moves away and Catrina takes it instead. Ivelisse takes advantage of the moment to roll Mil into a schoolboy pin attempt, but to her dismay, she gets a near fall once more. Mil comes back with a powerslam to crush the momentum of Ivelisse, followed by the flatliner, and despite all resilience, Ivelisse succumbs and is pinned. Mil retains the title.

Post Match Mil calls Catrina back to the ring, and she teases the Lick of Death, but just throws off Ivelisse instead as unworthy. Catrina sets up for Mil to further unleash agony for Ivelisse, but the former Lucha Underground Champion, Prince Puma, charges to the ring and superkicks Mil. He helps Ivelisse away and engages in a staredown with Mil. Pentagon Jr arrives and attacks Mil from behind, even managing to break the arm of Mil as he makes his statement to close the first episode of the new season.

But one episode cannot close without a glimpse of whats yet to come, and through this, we learn the whereabouts of Dario Cueto…ish. Black Lotus, who had appeared before some random fellas earlier on, overheard their idea of seeking out the Temple, and went along with them. After leading them to the specified location, or so one may think, Dario emerges and compliments the three mens fighting spirit, allowing them inside for a sum of money each. They do as said and are then taken out by an unknown executioner.

Thoughts On:
Catrina/Ivelisse: I Have been sold on this angle from when it first started, and i loved how they picked up on it right from the start through interactions, continuing from where they left off at Ultima Lucha. The question is will it happen? and if so, when? Because regardless, Ivelisse vs Catrina is the solid women’s angle for the promotion, with general importance highlighted and using both characters to full capacity despite not having a rather large number of females in the promotion overall. Catrina, or Karlee more specifically, well…i have nothing bad EVER to say about her. She just shows how dedicated she is to her performance/role and is a genuine great actress, and the spear she took from Mil just goes to show the risks she will take in her characters evolution. Catrina has been booked great from the start, and the new General Manager or more so Mistress of the Temple role is another key part of the evolution of her character, possibly showing how much power she will use to ensure Mils perch on the throne remains so, booking her as the sly, clever but also dangerous heel right from this episode by forcing Ivelisse and co into thoughtful but risky bouts to showcase her power and get right down to business as her character should. I Honestly don’t know who could work with Mil if the promotion hadn’t hired Karlee, there’s just so much chemistry she shares with Mil and perfection when it comes to executing her character.

Ivelisse/Havoc/Angelico: Overall Fantastic Match featuring three of the promotions best in ring workers in my opinion (and yes i am kinda waiting on an Ivelisse/Angelico aka Angelisse get together because apparently they exist in wrestling fanfiction. WHO KNEW?) Another thing that makes the promotion so entertaining is not only the crowds respect, rather than being smarky at levels, and how each wrestler has a character that differentiates from each other. The Fact that they let Ivelisse go over in the triple threat highlights the promotions own beliefs in women’s wrestling, and the commentators also made the defiant Ivelisse look credible by not laying out that she shouldn’t be in there just because shes a woman during this match and the match with Mil that followed.

Mil/Ivelisse: I Would Have Loved for the match to go on a little longer, but it was fab regardless. The Crowd were solidly behind Ivelisse, and the commentators also helped sell the resilience of Ivelisse pin after pin after pin. We also cant forget how strong Ivelisse was booked in this particular match also, going out with a solid backing rather than be squashed because of her gender. Plus it helped build the hopeful Catrina v Ivelisse angle along with the next feud(s) for Mil, and in turn, for Havoc and Angelico also. In my view, Ivelisse’s trio are just too good to EVER be split. Incredible, Impactful start to the new season.

– Catherine


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