WWE NXT RESULTS: Challenge Squashed, Another Challenge Made (January, 27th 2016)

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Welcome to another week of developmental diva-a-plenty action, as NXT handed us multi promos and a sweet little match between NXTs resident destroyer Nia Jax and an up-and-coming (small but sure to be as fierce a heel as Alexa in the future) signed talent, Liv Morgan. As already indicated, there’s more divas stuff outside of this particular match, so lets round down this now..

Alexa Bliss is the first diva appearing on this weeks episode to accompany her (forever underrated in my opinion) boys, Blake and Murphy as they take on the hopeful contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship, Gable and Jordan, now dubbed American Alpha. Sadly for Alexa, despite multi motivational attempts over the past month and so, the former NXT Tag Champs would suffer another loss.

Following up from that appearance, we head backstage to see the evil pairing of Dana Brooke and Emma ready to give their own verbal piece. The Interviewer, that being Alex Reyes, announces Emma will be in the ring next week one on one with Carmella, and throws out a reminder that Emma’s team had fallen to Baymella last week. Dana throws off that memory by trying to highlight the importance of last week being that it was all clearly about Bayley, stating Carmella had done nothing during that match. Emma then makes it clear that Carmella cannot even beat Bayley, nevermind yours truly. Emma then brings up how Carmella had lost to Blue Pants back in the day, with herself and Dana throwing major shade over Blue Pants status with the developmental system. Emma credits Carmella’s victory to become number one contender, but only as luck, adding the fact she pinned Alexa sometime later, but she didn’t pin her. Emma declares that Carmella’s streak of luck will come to a close next week. The Duo mock Carmella’s signature Promo before heading off, but not before Dana retains her signature head pat to poor Alex.

Before we can get to the in ring action, we get a neat Asuka Video Package, the same from the Divas Revolution of NXT promo that aired during the best of episodes prior to the new year. Asuka is surely being hyped for her importance, but there’s more reasoning to it surely…

Moving away from that, and in the in ring divas action can finally take place as Nia arrives for the upcoming bout with everyone’s favorite smaller lookalike version of early days Aksana, Liv Morgan, and its most expected for Eva, donning a red outfit to clearly symbolize #AllRedEverything, to be accompanying Nia for that match. Nia overpowers from the start when the bell rings by easily running the much smaller opposition into the corner. Liv tries to play clever by avoiding offense, ducking a clothesline and locking a crucifix. Liv tries to roll her into a pin to follow, but Nia stays aground, grabbing Liv from underneath her, and she swings her across the ring, leading to Liv connecting with the mat face first. Nia shows total pleasure as she locks a sleeper hold on the hurt Liv, but after a while, Liv manages to strike back with a jawbreaker. Liv tries to lower Nia with some dropkicks, attempting to lock a sleeper on Nia after, but Nia’s power comes into play again as Liv ends up tossed.

Liv hits the ropes for another attack, only this time she is unfortunately caught in the clutches of Nia. Nia executes a sidewalk slam that floors Liv, but cant finish without the signature leg drop of course. Nia does so, and pins Liv for the victory, celebrating with a pleased and punctual Eva.

Lastly, the Number One Contender to Bayleys NXT Women’s Title, Carmella, has some stern words for her opponent Emma for next week, taking her focus on Emma first before the eventual title clash. She makes it clear she has been made aware of insults made about her by Emma and her partner Dana, and thus declares she will beat Emma on her own next week, and in turn, prove the professed “Emmalution” is a joke.

(Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss vs Chad Gable and Jason Jordan)

(Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage Segment)

(Asuka Promo)

(Liv Morgan vs Nia Jax w/ Eva Marie)

(Carmella, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Emma/Dana/Carmella: Looking back at the structure of matches over the past two weeks, i now see this is a cleverly developed short term angle for Emma and Dana to feud with Carmella to also keep them on the screens, or more so Emma due to Dana’s injury, hence why Emma has looked strong by not being pinned in the past number of weeks, and one doesn’t need to look at spoilers to know that Carmella will need to gain the most momentum out of next weeks bout therefore go over the veteran. But I Loved Emma’s promo work here and Dana is an additional bonus, and Carmella’s promo also put her over as the serious challenger she should be, adding in addition some backstory to the upcoming match.

Nia/Liv: It was short, but short enough to be classed as a squash though a little opponent like Liv worked well against the “Goliath” Nia is portrayed as. To Add, its well thought out in my opinion for Eva to not interfere so Nia can put over her dominance and remind people of the destroyer she is after having any momentum simmered through the title match loss, but imagine the heat if Eva eventually starts interfering on Nia’s behalf, after all shes already drawn enough heel heat. But, im still waiting for any, no matter how short, teases of Asuka vs Eva…

– Catherine


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