WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Future Battle for Our Champ Continues Its Teases (January, 28th 2016)




Hello All and welcome to a pretty late report regarding this past weeks Smackdown, the first since the awesome Royal Rumble Divas showdown. Ive spent the weekend visiting friends and let this report completely slip but here we are….so back to the topic, and Charlotte would work her first match since her successful title defense against Becky Lynch, facing an opponent she knows all too well, someone she battled against to become the 2nd overall NXT Women’s Champion, Natalya.

Charlotte makes her entrance first, expectedly accompanied by 2x Hall of Famer and Father Ric Flair, so shenanigans are surely afoot in this upcoming bout. Natalya is out second, abandoning any talk of recent Total Divas events and confidently strutting to the ring to face the on-off rival. In a split screen promo, Natalya shakes off the recent injury she sustained to declare her insertion back into the divas division.

Natalya begins the match with a take-down, but Charlotte tries turning the tables quickly with a head-scissor to the 1x Divas Champion. Natalya escapes quick and the two engage in a short stare-down. Natalya tries reversing the lock up with Charlotte but ends up on the end of her arm wringer. Natalya rolls through then rolls up Charlotte but only gets a one count. Natalya blocks a boot from Charlotte and snapmares her to the mat. Natalya runs the ropes and executes a low dropkick to the champ but doesn’t manage to pin her as she charges round to the ropes to force Natalya away from her and regroup. Charlotte then boots Natalya in the face while the ref discusses with Natalya, and spends short time taunting before attempting to pin Natalya, but getting a near fall.

Charlotte repeatedly bashes the head of Natalya against the mat before resorting to an abdominal stretch. Natalya furiously aims elbows at the left leg of Charlotte then reverses into an abdominal stretch of her own. Charlotte escapes the backslide attempt from Natalya midway through, making it quick to her feet and drop-kicking Natalya. Charlotte aims chops at Natalya, but Natalya sizes her up with forearms and a discus clothesline. Natalya avoids Charlotte’s retaliating clothesline and nails a German suplex to the champ. Charlotte takes to the outside, Natalya following close behind. Natalya throws Charlotte back in the ring and is temporarily distracted by the woo’ing Ric. Natalya is none too fussed and returns to the ring, tripped by Charlotte who takes advantage of her fathers distraction. Charlotte locks the figure four into the figure eight, and after some time, Natalya taps. Charlotte wins the match.

Charlotte isn’t finished with the opposition there and locks in the hold again for more damage. Unfortunately for the champ, one of her rivals has seen the antics, Becky Lynch, and the Irish diva charges down to the ring to try rescue Natalya. Charlotte bolts from the ring to avoid an altercation from the Lasskicker, who makes it clear their feud is far from done.

And for those wondering, a Team BAD break up was initially filmed to air for this weeks episode, but when Smackdown finally made it to air, it was nixed, thus the storyline is currently up in the air in regards to Team BADs allegiance to Sasha Banks heading into Fast Lane.

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Natalya feat Becky Lynch)

Thoughts on this match:
Personally, even though it was nowhere near the NXT Takeover clash, it was a solid match despite the timing given and there’s no doubting the oppositions chemistry. Natalya’s selling of the big boot was brilliance, and i loved how she didn’t tap straight away to the figure eight like most opponents would. Becky coming out and further declaring she is far from done with Charlotte is a breath of fresh air considering that Becky is too good to be withered out to allow Banks just the spotlight on her own and it adds not one but two amazing talents to the Fast Lane line up. As for the nixed Team BAD angle, im actually relieved it didn’t happen, because WWE would have no work for Naomi and Tamina whatsoever besides job to the lacking number of babyfaces, making them lose the credibility they built as a unit further, and out of the Teams that have come and gone during the Divas “Revolution” Team BAD have proved the most fun with the most chemistry and charisma. They mesh too well and the split would be way too sudden in my view. Its also helped expose a new side to Tamina that has made her enjoyable at times, even if she has taken some ridiculous pins over the past year.

– Catherine


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