Your Monday Post #94: Cameron vs AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at Elimination Chamber 2014 (February, 23rd 2014)

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In a few short hours, WWE presents to us another RAW episode on the road to Fast Lane. Speaking of Fast Lane, the PPV made its debut last year in the place of the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, a Pay Per View that served the wrestlers of WWE some savage and brutal matches on the last stop to WrestleMania, and im sure they nixed it smartly to avoid injuries and changes to WrestleMania cards but who can blame them. The Last Divas Match to ever take place on the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View saw AJ Lee defend her Divas Championship against Cameron, a last minute booked encounter that never came to be announced earlier on despite minuscule teases.

Cameron was thrown into the mix regarding the WWE Divas Title after her partner Naomi, originally on the way to contention, was sidelined for a few weeks with an injury. Cameron received her shot at the PPV, nearly winning after avoiding a super-kick from AJ Lee’s Bodyguard, Tamina Snuka, laying out the champion instead at ringside. Cameron used this opportunity to throw AJ back in the ring and go for the hopeful victory pin, but instead Tamina brought on an intervention to lead to a Disqualification. Despite retaining the title through Taminas help, AJ proved none too happy over this, staring out her partner while raising the title high, and teasing the expected hot WrestleMania angle between herself and Tamina that never came into fruition, as instead AJ went into WrestleMania defending the title against every diva wrestling on the roster at the time, including Tamina, as well as Cameron and a returning Naomi, but AJ nor Tamina showed tension during the bout.

– Catherine


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