WWE RAW RESULTS: An NXT Angle Recreation for Becky Lynch? (February, 1st 2016)


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Hello to All and Welcome to another pretty fiery episode of RAW to recap, and when i mean fiery, i mean in terms of the direction of various divas last night. Not only did we get a surprise revolving a match between Brie Bella and Divas Champion Charlotte but it seemed WWE rewrote the nixed Team BAD split angle perfectly…

Brie Bella is joined by Alicia Fox for her match against Charlotte, a match hinted some time before when Charlotte mocked Bries Sister, Nikki’s Injury backstage while Brie was updating the WWE Universe on her sisters progress. Ric Flair is again in the corner of the champion. As if Charlotte’s established comments weren’t cold enough earlier in the backstage segment, the heel champ rubs salt to the wound by mocking Nikki’s push ups after the bell rings, right in front of the agitated sister. Brie forearms her in retaliation before having her whip reversed. Brie strikes back with a hard knee and clothesline, scoring an additional kick to the knee of Charlotte to look somewhat in control. Brie launches the signature Yes Kicks reminiscent of husband Daniel Bryan Charlotte’s way, finalized with the running dropkick. Brie looks for the running knee but Charlotte counters and launches Brie over the ropes. Brie crashes to the ground.

Charlotte sends Brie back to the ring, planting her head numerous times against the mat to regain control. Charlotte then goes for her first pin attempt of the match, scoring a near fall on Brie. Charlotte hits knees to Brie, tossing her backward to the mat before she can look to turn things over. Charlotte ties up Brie with both her legs following a snapmare, hitting some head-scissor stomps. Charlotte follows with a headscissor, and Brie manages to push Charlotte’s shoulders to the mat for a pin attempt, getting a near fall on the champ.

Brie avoids a big boot and scores a clothesline and she follows with another before planting Charlotte against the mat via the running bulldog. Brie gets a near fall once more on Charlotte. Charlotte looks to retaliate by attempting the standing neckbreaker but Brie counters very well into a backslide. Brie lands another near fall, dropkicking Charlotte before she can hit back. Brie makes up for falling into Charlotte’s earlier corner by finally hitting her running knee strike, climbing to the second rope just some moments later to ready for her missile dropkick but Charlotte elbows before she can. Brie leaps from the ropes and locks a sleeper hold on Charlotte. Unfortunate for Brie, she seems somewhat distracted during this by Ric, who leaps to the apron. Alicia screeches at Ric while Brie continues to try and drive Charlotte into submission. Charlotte nails a counter to send Brie to the mat, while Alicia appears powerless, unable to deal with the intervening Ric. Charlotte summons a sinister smirk as she looks to lock in the figure four but Brie pulls Charlotte into a schoolgirl package and PINS the Champ. Brie wins, to the dismay of the Champ.

Lana also makes a surprising appearance to manage Rusev for his non title match against United States Champion Kalisto. Unfortunately Rusev falls via count-out, and loses a chance at a possible feud as Alberto is guaranteed a rematch against Kalisto at Fast Lane.

Moving further forward and the next divas angle is in execution as Sasha Banks comes out alone to face Becky Lynch. Sasha greets the crowd and states the Boss is Back, and alone, which doesn’t seem to please Tamina and Naomi, who appear before her. They make out, regardless, that they have Unity and stand by to watch the match between Banks and Lynch.

Sasha locks up with Becky to begin the match, throwing her to the mat after a few moments. Becky calmly regroups then applies a waist-lock to Sasha. Sasha reverses into her own, but Becky reverses back into her waist-lock within seconds and then takes Sasha down. Sasha arm drags Becky then goes to pin, getting a one count on Becky. Becky slides Sasha into her own pin attempt, also getting a one count. Sasha takes down Becky, attempting to pin again but Becky bridges out impressively. Sasha uses her legs to attempt another pin, getting a near fall on the Lasskicker. Becky arm drags Sasha then goes to work on her left arm. Sasha whips Becky into the corner and forearms her against it. Sasha hauls Becky in between the ropes to hit double knees. Sasha continues the dominant showcase by choking Becky against the corner turnbuckle with her boot, but Becky begins to fight back with a few forearms.

Sasha arm drags Becky off the ropes, but misses a clothesline in the corner. Sasha blocks Becky’s springboard sidekick, kicking Becky outside, following shortly behind. Team BAD grab Becky but Sasha charges up to them and makes it clear she doesn’t want their assist. Sasha rolls Becky back to the ring and shoves off Team BAD again, furthermore declaring she doesn’t need them. Sasha hits the ring but Tamina and Naomi have clearly had enough and grab both of Sasha’s legs and begin their attack on the former leader. Becky doesn’t stand by and watch the beat-down on Banks, and instead comes to her aid to clear off the remaining members of Team BAD, Naomi and Tamina.

(Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Charlotte w/ Ric Flair)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Kalisto; Alberto Del Rio on Commentary)

(Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Segment; Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch & Naomi and Tamina attack Sasha Banks)

(Brie Bella on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Brie/Charlotte: Even I Myself was taken back by the finish of last nights match, even though i was impressed with Bries overall performance in this particular match. As Much as i like Brie, there are some negatives in regards to this feud. I Had said before that the Total Divas deserve better based on them being equal to the currently pushed women and that 3 minute matches shouldn’t be seen as enough to new viewers of the show, and that these viewers should be wanting to see more of them in the ring as they progress to seeing them as role models, but within a week Total Divas has become of the essence so to speak and the show is being used to push others into the title picture and thus the originally pushed talent lose steam by being pushed out, even if it is for a short time as the Total Divas influence returns. I Do understand WWE are sympathizing with Brie over Nikki’s injury and i do sincerely hope Nikki gets better, but why use an injury as an excuse to push a sibling? It seems to prove that creative are unwilling to push Brie when Nikki is around (in reference to current days) or cant be bothered to find alternative reasoning to push her outside of the reason of Nikki’s Injury, and solely use Daniel Bryan to draw reactions for Brie, but i do hope Brie and Charlotte engage in some entertaining segments, even a contract signing to get others behind Brie in a different method, even though based on the Bella Brands popularity itself, they might not need to, especially because Charlotte is working excellently as a heel lately and making people hate her, which means a job well done. I’m just hoping WWE try and take this feud possibly to the level of Brie v Stephanie, but make fans gather interest in Bries current angle and get behind her through other reasoning’s that don’t include Nikki or Daniel.

Sasha/Becky/Team BAD: I ACTUALLY Have to give praise to creative over the execution of the Team BAD angle and how they scrapped and rewrote it in a better way while also giving Naomi and Tamina, mainly Naomi some deserved promo time. I’m Going to miss Team BADs chemistry, and how they meshed better than any other team, but i loved how the angle was executed overall, and brought on the most unexpected Team BAE reunion, but in reverse roles. I’m not sure if this is an official Sasha Banks face turn considering she cant really be a face but more a tweener based on mannerisms alone, but considering the Total Divas sudden move into the title picture, Sasha and Becky, two of the most over performers among the women’s roster, being put together, is a genius move, considering how they are both chanted largely by the audience, and a tag match is sure on the cards for Fast Lane before Becky and Sasha return to the title picture for Mania, at least i hope. Personally there’s no reason why Becky and Sasha cant be in the WrestleMania Match, because if they execute the Fast Lane ending by having Sasha declare her respect for Becky before pointing at the WrestleMania sign while mouthing the words “Divas Title” that is hot enough build as it is. Based on current spoilers, Naomina are being developed well following the split, meaning they sure aren’t to be squashed within days and will proceed to Fast Lane as Sasha and Becky’s bitter enemies. But after Fast Lane, i do fear for the credibility of the duo at the hands of Creative unless they move onto Paige and Natalya, as the Total Divas influence could play a part on WrestleMania as well. Excellently played angle that gets a lot of praise for me, but in turn, WWE cannot forget how good a talent Naomi is.

– Catherine


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