TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Fresh Angle Bringing A Knockout Miracle (February, 2nd 2016)


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Hello All and welcome to this weeks report on Tuesday Night TNA IMPACT. This was TNAs last episode in the home country before they drop by Good Ol’ Brittania to serve up a few nights of quality wrestling and storyline continuation, and speaking of storylines, we may have just said hello to a new angle for the Knockouts Division.

But before we get to this particular angle, the recently debuted Raquel re-emerged on our TV screens this week, getting a comfortable ringside view of her recent Target, former TNA Champ Lashley in his match against the vicious Irish Ruffian Aiden O Shea, otherwise remembered as Jay Bradley of GutCheck. After watching with much interest, she strutted to the ring to give the victor Lashley a few words, stating that her message is the same as it was the first time she locked eyes on him, she can either bring him pleasure or pain. Theres no doubting Raquel may have an enchanting effect on Lashley, enough to unleash some viciousness on Kurt Angle in their eventual rematch.

After this we see Maria, whose normally at the side of her husband “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, heading to the ring with her usual preaching promo. Instead of coming out at the side of the Miracle himself, she has some choice words over the Knockouts Division, stating the claims made that the Knockouts Division is fine is none legit, rather broken and sees herself as the only woman who can change it. Its Out with the Old and In with the New.

Before she can continue and profess her way of change, out comes the vivacious Knockouts Champ Gail Kim to give her reaction to Maria’s words of choice regarding the division she currently carries. Gail greets Maria politely to start it off, going over how they’ve come to know one another over the years, and she gives her praise, stating she respects all she has done during her continuing career in the business, but doesn’t take kindly to the comments just made. Maria takes her turn to speak, reminding Gail how she is, as always said, a great wrestler, but sees that’s all she is, while herself is a businesswoman, a role model for little girls to add, and she can help and lead Gail and make her a mainstream talent.

Gail hits back at this, saying she doesn’t want her help, nor do the TNA Knockouts, reminding Maria how the division is about excellence, being strong and powerful women, so if Maria wants to contribute to this several woman division, then she can gladly get in the ring with her wrestling boots on. Maria retracts by saying Gail’s the problem, and ups her delivery by telling the Divisions leader “a fish rots from its head and you stink Champ”. Striking the leaders possible ego? Gail bites back by telling Maria to do as she says, and fix the problem. Maria retaliates, telling Gail people like her don’t tell her what to do, and they work for people like her. Gail gets infuriated at Maria’s little Authority check and grabs her, reminding her she doesn’t realize herself who shes talking to, and if she wants her opportunity she can take it right now. She has Maria backed in the corner but steps back and offers a fight but Maria instead leaves the ring and takes to the ramp to avoid an altercation with the reigning champion.

In addition, we also see Rosemary emerge to celebrate the Decays victory after becoming participants in TNAs stated Hardcore War, and Reby remained in the corner of World Champion Matt Hardy as the heel battled Kurt Angle in the shows main event.

(Aiden O Shea vs Lashley feat Raquel)

(Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Segment)

(The Decay win the Hardcore War)

Thoughts On:
Raquel/Lashley: Im intrigued in this storyline to see how Raquel does in her current role and i wouldn’t say it has any similarity to Catrina from Lucha Undergroud at this time because it doesn’t serve the supernatural vibe Catrina pulls off, i don’t see why not though, why cant we have similar characters in outside promotions to be honest, besides Winter played the similar role excellently, with an additional acting background. But regardless, i see Raquel manipulating Lashley and turning him back heel, and also staying in her managerial role until shes a certain level in ring wise, though shes already worked some matches outside of the company in her continual training. Go Gabs!

Gail/Maria: Finally, a fresh angle for the Knockouts Division. I Am Loving Maria’s heel work, something WWE missed out on, and her addition to the division doesn’t seem to have the hype-able effect to some that Taryn’s did but it does feel like its the reverse of how Taryn transferred to the division, she had to be hired into the division kayfabe wise at Gails dismay, being the heel at the time, while Gail is offering Maria the chance instead. Gail, other than the line about the Knockouts, also came off tweener-ish at times for me, and based on spoilers (ALERT) it does seem a Gail vs Jade vs Maria match is on the horizon, or Gail vs Jade then Gail vs Maria, but through Josh’s commentary (not sure if it was a botch) i cant help but feel TNA might be mad at Taryn leaving abruptly as to use the fact their PPVs are so far in between each other to make Gail vs Maria go on for as long as possible, though i hope thats not the case as i feel Taryn worked hard to get to her place in the Division and worked so hard with her heel character, leaving in her prime/at the pinnacle of her career, during the best run of her career much like Eve had with WWE. Regardless i cant wait to see how the two continue their feud and whether Maria can shock fans who seem uneasy about Marias transition to the ring the way Taryn had at Slammiversary some years back.

– Catherine


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