WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Champion Back On Track. Team B-A-E Not So Much (February, 4th 2016)

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Greetings All and welcome to this weeks report on all things divas from this weeks Thursday Night Smackdown, containing the follow up to Charlotte’s surely humiliating loss to Brie Bella and possible rest (or not so much) in the case of where supposedly aligned divas Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch stand. Lets see what went on with these particular divas right now shall we?

First we get the segment between Becky and Sasha as Renee welcomes Becky for the interview. Renee questions Becky’s next move as we come to relieve her helping Sasha Banks against Sasha’s former friends Naomi and Tamina this past week on RAW. Renee asks why Becky would try help out someone chasing the same prize as her, in reference to the divas title. Becky clarifies she and Sasha are far from friends but Sasha butts in. Sasha reminds Becky the Boss doesn’t need friends, and turns her attention to Renee, making herself aware that Renee has a show on the WWE Network, therefore they can turn this three person conversation into a episode of Table for Three. Clever Promotion. Sasha goes on to state that if she saw Becky on fire and had a bottle of water, she would dump the entire lot rather than help her. Becky hits back by telling Sasha that unlike her, with her tactics of cheapshotting to make a statement, if she sees trouble, she will help out. Sasha asks if she wanted help, but Becky makes it clear that back on RAW she looked like she needed the help. Becky adds that if she had walked away, she would have been sure (sarcastically) that Sasha could have handled Naomi and Tamina just by herself. Sasha retaliates, saying she would have lasted longer than Becky but Becky denies this. Becky turns the focus to the remnants of Team BAD coming after Sasha, while Sasha adds that they will also be coming for Becky, so Becky sees it fit that they help out each other, which Sasha seems….SEEMS to agree to. Becky adds that once that’s through shes going to chase Charlotte’s title, but Sasha wants that first and they squabble before Sasha walks off. Renee asks Becky if she legit just decided to coincide with Sasha, but Becky cant be too sure herself.

We come to the match later. Charlotte, with Ric Flair in her corner, takes on Brie Bella’s Team Bella Comrade Alicia Fox in singles action, surely clearing off any memory of her loss to Brie by hoping to regain momentum. Both are already in the ring when the camera comes to the match about to get underway and Brie and Ric remain perched to watch the in ring action. The two women begin with a lock up, which Charlotte reverses into a rear choke-hold to try gain control. Alicia shoves off Charlotte, whipping her into her elbow. Back to square one, and Charlotte avoids locking up with Alicia, instead kicking her in the midsection. Charlotte whips Alicia to the corner, and Alicia floats, expecting Charlotte to run to the same corner but she backs off. Charlotte forearms Alicia from behind into the particular corner, then blocks Alicia’s high boot but Alicia retaliates with a running elbow. Alicia tries to send Charlotte back with both feet again, only this time Charlotte swivels her over and executes a neckbreaker to Alicia off the ropes. Charlotte sends Alicia to the floor with a baseball slide dropkick.

Brie wants to check on her partner, but evades as Charlotte hits the outside. Charlotte takes Alicia by her hair and rolls her back to the ring, eyeing Brie for a few moments as she reminds her of the loss from Monday, but Charlotte insists this was a one time thing, and returns to the ring, taking elbows off a recovered Alicia. Alicia misses a final forearm in the corner, but avoids Charlotte’s next attack and sunset flips her into a pin attempt, getting a near fall on the champ. Charlotte floors Alicia with a clothesline in retaliation, and taunts before attempting a pin of her own, getting a near fall also.

Charlotte elbows the shoulder of Alicia, executing some head-scissor stomps moments later. Alicia manages to break away following a pin attempt counter that lands her a near fall. Both end up tumbling to the mat when they run into one anothers big boots. Charlotte is the first to make it on her feet, but takes a knee from Alicia instantly, followed with multi forearms and other high knees. Alicia nails a dropkick off the ropes to Charlotte, and has another before executing a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia gets another near fall on Charlotte. Alicia screeches at Ric before scooping Charlotte back up, who springs to action with a forearm to the face. Charlotte ducks under Alicia’s offense, attempting a standing neckbreaker but its countered into a northern lights suplex. Alicia gets a near fall once again.

Alicia goes for her next load of offense but Charlotte trips her. Charlotte hits the typical heel chop block to the back of Alicia’s left knee then sets up for the figure eight, locking it in successfully on Alicia and forcing her into submission. Charlotte wins the match, heading off with Ric while Brie tends to her friend, who retains her crazy gimmick somewhat by flipping out after the match.

(Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Segment; Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella vs Charlotte w/ Ric Flair)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Becky: Overall a really fun segment and im glad they used Smackdown to continue things from where RAW left off. Overall it seems a smart move on WWEs part (WOW!) to pair Sasha with someone she has equal chemistry with, even if it is on a temporary basis, but i wouldn’t love anything more in terms of their finish than for Sasha and Becky to stare-down after their angle with NaoMina is over and point to that Mania sign. I Cant see a better way round it other than Sasha cheapshotting Becky again of course to affirm her status as future contender.

Alicia/Charlotte: I Really enjoyed this match and how it didnt come off as a squash as what pre-percepted, especially with the numerous counters and sequences such as Alicia floating in the corner but Charlotte seeing it coming, and an attempted neckbreaker into the traditional northern lights. Found it rather intriguing how Alicia retained her crazy character post match, and im interested to see whether that’s due to Alicia just hating Ric at ringside or whether she takes these losses out on Brie, leading her to (re)break out alone.

– Catherine


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