TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY GLOBAL IMPACT RESULTS: Knockouts Represent Sides In Combat (December, 4th 2015)

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Among the reports Ive decided to get done today, its time to finally write up the last One Night Only Pay Per View of 2015, which surfaced online a few weeks ago. I, Myself, just finished watching a new One Night Only Pay Per View which i will try write up as soon as possible (depending on when it surfaces online) but lets focus on this one shall we? In Late December, taped last Feb, TNA brought to us its next Global Impact (USA vs the World) One Night Only Pay Per View, and representing respective sides, Angelina Love battled then babyface (and now alumni) Taryn Terrell.

Angelina, being a solo heel (and manager to the BroMans) at the time, comes out alone to represent the World, hence the pay per view title, followed by the babyface-at-the-time (and also Knockouts Champion at the time) Taryn Terrell, who represents America, the side opposing the remaining other. Following Taryn’s entrance, herself and Angelina engage in a crowd reaction battle, posing on the turnbuckles numerous times one after the other. Angelina eventually gets offended at Taryn gaining higher reactions than herself, and cheap-shots her from behind to kick off their match.

Angelina immediately takes herself outside to continue her assault on Taryn, smacking her head against numerous sides of the apron. Angelina chucks Taryn back to the ring and attempts the first pin of the match, and gets a near fall, the first near fall of the match. Angelina whips Taryn into her elbow to continue the momentum, goes to pin again and gets another near fall. Angelina elbows Taryn before whipping her into the opposite turnbuckles. Angelina taunts before attempting a corner splash which falls flat when Taryn moves away, thus Angelina hits the top turnbuckle jaw first. Taryn nails a standing dropkick to Angelina, sending her back in the same corner. Taryn flips Angelina out of the corner then dropkicks her off the second turnbuckle, enough to get a near fall on the also former Knockouts Champion.

Taryn hits the turnbuckles again, this time making her way right to the top for another dropkick, but Angelina moves to safety and Taryn crashes to the mat. Angelina, seeing the impact (no pun intended), darts over to Taryn’s fallen self for another pin attempt, and gets a near fall once more. Angelina angrily forearms at Taryn multiple times, taunting while standing over her still fallen self. Angelina tries scooping Taryn, but moments in, Taryn clenches her by her hair and rolls her into a inside cradle for another near fall. Angelina sends down Taryn’s hopeful momentum as quick with a big clothesline.

Taryn starts to fire back forearms at Angelina, followed with a standing jawbreaker. Angelina avoids Taryn’s next offense but both crash to the mat via a double flying bulldog. Taryn and Angelina make it to their feet moments later, and Taryn blocks any attempted offense by Angelina, firing forearms at her. Taryn aims a clothesline and additionally takes down Angelina with an elbow. Taryn climbs upward to the second rope and hits a clothesline that floors Angelina. Taryn nails the flip cutter but does not pin as Angelina smartly rolls onto the outside floor. Taryn follows out, forearming Angelina and looking to whip her into the nearby steps. Angelina counters and Samoan Drops her to the floor. Unfortunately for Angelina, Taryn avoids the count-out finish and makes it back to the ring.

Angelina brutally chucks Taryn back to the outside, and forearms her in the face on multiple occasions. Taryn reverses a whip to Angelina, sending her into the steel barricade. Taryn emerges on her feet before a count of four, striding to Angelina as the referee count continues on, and taking Angelina back to the ring, following behind. Taryn is back on the turnbuckles, taking Angelina down with a flying cross-body and getting a near fall once more. Taryn watches Angelina slowly make it to her feet and charges over to set up for the finish, but Angelina blocks and shoves Taryn some feet away. Angelina clubs Taryn against the corner, followed with a small side kick. Angelina looks for her own finish, calling for the Botox Injection but Taryn ducks under and executes the diamond cutter. Taryn pins Angelina and wins the match.

(Taryn Terrell vs Angelina Love)

Thoughts on this match:
To Say it wasn’t as long as i expected, it was really enjoyable and there were some pretty big spots, from the outside Samoan Drop, to Angelina crashing into the steel barricade, to Taryn’s top rope tumble at the start. For the past year or two, and beyond, Angelina has really been heightening her performance in matches spot wise, and this felt to me like a (less important) small duplication of her Last Knockout Standing Match with Gail, so god knows what these two could do in a hardcore match, even though that will, considering Taryn is no longer with the company, ever happen. A Solid match from both ladies.

– Catherine


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