WWE NXT RESULTS: Momentum On The Side of Current and Future Challenger (February, 3rd 2016)

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Greetings to All and Happy Saturday, or Sunday where i am. Its Time to review this weeks episode of NXT, the conclusion of the first set of recent tapings, that brought on needed momentum for various competitors. Carmella, crowned Number One Contender to Bayleys NXT Women’s Title weeks ago, faces Emma in her last match before the large bout, while Asuka sees herself in a sure-to-be-technical match up with a visiting Santana Garrett (former SHINE Champion and Former TNA Knockout Brittany). Seeing the hype for Carmella and Santana back in an NXT ring is hype enough so lets get to it..

WWE neatly did a video interview for the Contender to the Women’s Title Carmella, as the Princess of Staten Island was interviewed by Tom Phillips. Tom first congratulates Carmella over the massive victory in the women’s battle royal three weeks ago to be exact, in which she lastly eliminated Eva Marie to earn the contendership. Tom questions how the moment had felt for her, and Carmella describes that particular moment as incredible, saying that throwing Eva over the top rope and winning that match was a feeling she will never forget. Tom notes how Carmella has been numerously shown at the side of Cass and Enzo, but doesn’t doubt Carmella as a singular in ring competitor. He asks her overall feeling of making it into NXT, and Carmella goes over the sport of wrestling being in her blood, reminiscing on her father Paul Vandale working for the Company many many years ago, which makes her a second generation wrestler. She adds that that, along with Cass and Enzo helping her into NXT added altogether and now shes in NXT.

Tom highlights how she will face Bayley next week for the Women’s Championship, going over how the twos friendship has been shown via social media and on WWEs reality series, Breaking Ground and asks whether Carmella’s victory has changed the friendship of the two. Carmella denies any friction, calling Bayley her first friend in NXT, not singling out Enzo and Cass, and nothing will change that, explaining that herself and Bayley are mature and professional enough to put their friendship aside for that one match, and Baymella wont fizzle out when that match is finished either. She reflects on how Bayley kindly celebrated with her in her moment of becoming the contender, but then faces her current situation, battling Emma, knowing of her recent remarks. She takes into account Tom mentioning Dana being in her corner, but doesn’t discredit Emma as a wrestler, but when she beats her, she will prove to Emma, as well as Dana, who she dubs as “Little Miss Piggy” and everyone else why she deserves the spot as number one contender, even as the next NXT Women’s Champion, which she adds while grimacing. With that out of the way, Tom wishes Carmella the best with Emma tonight then Bayley next week.

Heading back to current affairs, and the contender herself struts to the ring for the mentioned match against Emma, with her signature introduction promo. Emma enters second following Carmella closing her promo, and as expected, Dana joins her at her side. Emma taunts Carmella following the bell ringing, and they eventually lock up. Emma gets an eventual reversal which forces Carmella to the corner. Carmella evades the follow up attack from Emma and ropes her into a headlock. Emma uses her boot to force Carmella downward and retaliate with her own headlock reversal. Carmella sends Emma to the ropes but ends up being taken down by a hard elbow from Emma. Emma spends much time taunting, but it proves costly as she ends up tripped while attempting to run the ropes by Carmella. Carmella sends down Emma with a dropkick and goes for her first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Emma.

Carmella whips Emma to the same corner from earlier, and charges, but unfortunately for her she runs into a running clothesline from Emma, sending down her returning momentum as quick as the strike itself. Emma pounds away at Carmella with vicious forearms to the contender against the mat. Emma forces Carmella’s shoulders against the mat for a pin attempt, getting a near fall. Emma continues her momentum with a snapmare and a knee to the back of Carmella. She applies a stretch to follow, also standing on the hair of Carmella, but breaks free to avoid a count-out and possible disqualification. Emma rolls into an additional stretch hold, attempting to also roll up Carmella with the hold applied, getting a near fall once more. Carmella has broken free, but takes additional shots from Emma.

Carmella uses her foot to take Emma to the mat, unleashing some forearms back at Emma. She fires up with a Lou Thesz press, followed by more forearms to Emma. Carmella sends Emma face first into her boot against the corner turnbuckle, scaling to the second rope and nailing a hurricanrana to Emma. Emma takes running double knees from Carmella, but blocks her side Russian leg sweep attempt, sending her to the mat by her hair. Emma wedges Carmella into the corner with a number of vicious shoulder tackles, setting up for an underhook/chicken-wing suplex, but Carmella blocks and counters into a backslide and pins Emma for the victory. Carmella wins the match.

Moving from that match and to later on, we appear to have a second bout going on, as Asuka arrives to take on a surprise visitor, Former SHINE Champion Santana Garrett. Santana hasn’t been around in NXT since the beginning of Charlotte’s development and prior to her first heel turn, for those who do or don’t remember. Santana is already in the ring for Asukas arrival, and the two open their match, aka indy dream match, with a lock up. Santana repeatedly forearms at Asuka, who keeps turning and coming back to her no matter how many shots taken, and eventually takes a slap to the face from Santana. Asuka just grins as she turns back to face Santana, who attempts to hit the ropes, but instead Asuka darts over as quick, nailing her hip attack. Asuka aims many knee shots to Santana, who manages to soon block one and return to her feet. Santana attempts a clothesline, but Asuka dodges. Santana returns the favor by dodging a roundhouse kick, but takes a massive forearm in retaliation. Asuka goes for another kick off the ropes, but Santana avoids it, rolling her up to get the first near fall on Asuka.

Santana kicks Asuka in the midsection, followed with a side russian leg sweep. Santana gets a near fall on Asuka once again. Santana locks Asuka in a unique armbar-type submission, but Asuka slips out and catches Santana by the end of her right foot. Santana cant reach the ropes, getting caught in a waist-lock from Asuka for a possible German Suplex, but Santana knocks Asuka back with a forearm. Santana runs the ropes but Asuka leaps up and rolls Santana into an armbar. Santana works her way outward, and Asuka slowly tries to bring down Santana via a sleeper and Santana eventually tumbles to the mat with such force, caught in Asukas Fiery Asuka Lock Submission. Santana taps out and Asuka wins the match.

(Tom Phillips Interviews Carmella)

(Emma w/ Dana Brooke vs Carmella)

(Santana Garrett vs Asuka)

Thoughts On:
Emma/Carmella: I Really enjoyed this match and even though Carmella winning is for last minute momentum, making the result expected, Emma came across overly dominant, a true obstacle so to speak in the contenders path in just how she was portrayed in the particular match and i loved that Emma countered the oncoming leg sweep, continuing the match a little longer. I Also liked how Carmella didn’t use her submission to win, making it a smartly booked match in my opinion because that finish would appropriately have been broken through Dana’s intervention, and due to her injury, it wouldn’t be wise for Carmella to try and shove off interference’s. That, and the extra development in this episode, makes me all the more excited to see Carmella take on Bayley in a match of such proportions. Roll on Next Week!

Santana/Asuka: Even if there is a massive, sometimes unneeded overload of Indy talent in NXT, i wouldn’t mind seeing Santana signed to WWE based on this one match alone, which i felt should have been longer, but i think she might have more to give in SHINE before such undertakings. This match, to me, was just about in ring performance for me than on a story, which is fine, because we will learn of Asukas place in the division in the coming weeks, but (spoiler) im surprised they aren’t going ahead with her vs Nia.

– Catherine


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