LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Mysteries to Be Unraveled (February, 3rd 2016)

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This Past Wednesday Lucha Underground brought on its follow up to the highly successful second season premiere that showcased new mysteries and stories enveloping in (and out) of the Temple. Though we don’t get any women’s (or intergender) wrestling within the Temple this week, we get appearances from Sexy Star and Catrina, as well as a teaser of the soon to debut Kobra Moon, believed to be Thunder Rosa.

Sexy Star is the first to appear on the new episode, and poor Star is still being held captive somewhere by the maniacal Marty the Moth. Star seems to be reawakening in this mysterious venue of which shes being held captive in, spooked by the psychotic Marty, who unveils a butterfly in his hand, and just laughs at the fright Star lets out in reaction. Star is unable to hit back at her nemesis, who proclaims that his yet to be revealed “sister” has stated so that its only a matter of time before Star will return to the temple. Much to the chagrin of the creeped out Star, he additionally announces that he will be coming along to the temple with her, where she is sure to meet this other nemesis in the future.

A Vignette airs later for a masked female luchador who declares the many traits about her while shown fending off some fellow combatants. This revealed Competitor is believed to be Thunder Rosa, going under the name of Kobra Moon and she arrives next week!

And Lastly, Catrina graced the Temple with her presence, accompanying the Trios Champions The Disciples of Death to battle Pentagon Jr and Former Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma in a Two on Three Handicap Match. The Heels ended up losing cleanly rather than expected intervention from the former Trios Champs, expanding the story between Puma, Pentagon and Mil Muertes.

(Sexy Star and Marty “The Moth” Martinez Segment and Kobra Moon Vignette)

(The Disciples of Death w/ Catrina vs Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma; Two on Three Handicap Match)

Thoughts On:
Sexy Star/Marty: So finally we continue from where the promotion left off in terms of Star being held captive by the deranged Marty the Moth, and like many of their current storylines, its perfectly acted and engaging. I’m guessing the next few weeks details Stars return to the temple and just how Marty will lead her there, but if Marty couldn’t be creepy enough just through his actions alone, imagine what his sister may have in store for Star.

Kobra Moon: Again, another intriguing development and a needed female addition to the roster in form of Kobra aka Thunder Rosa, whose ring work im not familiar with, but with it being Lucha Underground, im sure any signed talent is talented in ring wise to even be signed. I’m interested to see just who Kobra is, is she a heel? a face? Who will she feud with? What are her intentions in the temple? Could she be possible help for Sexy Star? The next few weeks could unravel things in terms of the particular characters addition.

– Catherine


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