WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: NaoMina Show Unity, Momentum And A Preview for the Boss (February, 5th 2016)

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Greetings to All and Happy Superbowl (American Football Version of WrestleMania) Sunday! Now i didn’t realize till recently which teams were playing, i haven’t even kept up with the whole palava but i see its not the Seahawks that Ive come to enjoy over the past two years in our typical British one night viewing. Ey we’re entitled to enjoy you lots culture as well guys! Hmmm I Actually enjoyed the Seahawks two years straight, maybe i should watch American Football more? Anyway from one sport to another, lets focus on the wrestling, talking through a pretty well done tag team match between the newly formed alignment (with no backstory whatsoever may i quietly add) of Natalya and Paige and the remnants of Team BAD, now dubbed NaoMina, Naomi and Tamina.

Following a recap of this past Mondays RAW where Naomi and Tamina didn’t take kindly to Sasha claiming her alone status, attacking her during a singles match with Becky Lynch that lead to Lynch seemingly aligning with Banks after fending off the two heels, JoJo welcomes these said heels, Naomi and Tamina to the interview area. JoJo tries to label NaoMina as the ones to betray Sasha, asking an explanation for their actions, but Naomi reverses it, claiming it was Sasha who turned her back on them. Naomi adds that Sasha wanted them out there with her, and despite the claimed unity, she turned her back on them, and to the two, its a showcased portrayal of disrespect and disloyalty. Tamina steps in, adding that a baby bird can crash hard if it flies too high, a possible referral to how Sasha was showcased more than themselves, thus leading to their eventual attack. JoJo switches focus to their upcoming match, reminding both that they take on Natalya and Paige later tonight. Naomi expresses her excitement over the announced match, but in the heelish manner of course rather than in a giddy manner, saying this will be the chance for NaoMina to prove to the WWE Universe that they never needed Sasha. Of course this segment can end without another swipe at Sasha, provided by Tamina, who more or less states that they can take Naomi’s statement to the Bank.

The Girls Main Event this weeks episode of Main Event, and may i add that Tamina and Naomi were amongst the divas that main evented the show for the first time all those years ago, back in 2013 when herself and Aksana faced Cameron and Naomi. Paige comes out first, followed by Natalya, then NaoMina come out together. Natalya starts off the match against Tamina, whose strength is in clear play from the start as she forces Natalya to the ropes amid a lock up. Tamina cheap-shots Natalya then throws her to a nearby corner. Tamina scores knees in the corner to Natalya. She hits in the midsection to follow but misses her corner splash when Natalya smartly evades the corner. Natalya rolls up Tamina for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a one count.

Natalya, with Tamina in hand, manages to reach to her own corner and Paige tags in. Both Paige and Natalya execute a double suplex to Tamina, and Paige attempts to pin right after, but Tamina powers out at one. Paige headbutts Tamina then shares a moment of hilarity as she acts like the headbutt hurt more than it should, grimacing at Tamina who is far from amused. Tamina makes the anti diva pay by ramming her into the heels corner, and after a number of shoulder tackles, she allows for Naomi to tag in and get to work. Naomi scores a high kick and back elbow to Paige to start off, before having her whip reversed. Paige lands herself against the mat, leading to Naomi tripping to the mat after hitting the ropes. Paige comes back with a knee to Naomi, followed with another pin attempt, resulting in a one count.

Paige drags Naomi to the ropes, where she hits the multiple knees to Naomi. Paige slams Naomi after, and she gets a near fall. Paige looks to isolate Naomi from her corner with a front facelock. Paige hurls Naomi to another side of the ring, also attempting another pin and she gets a near fall. Paige re-applies the front face-lock for a few moments before sending Naomi into the corner turnbuckles. Paige clobbers Naomi with a singular high knee in the corner, followed with kicks and stomps. Paige goes to cover again, but gets a one count. Naomi suddenly stomps on the foot of Paige, followed with some swift knees before having a roundhouse blocked by Paige. Naomi hits an inziguiri in retaliation. Naomi runs the ropes but a running cross-body falls flat when Paige catches her midway. Paige nails a fallaway slam and Naomi tumbles to the outside. Tamina heads to check on Naomi then leaps to the apron, but Natalya and Paige send her back to the floor with a double dropkick.

When we come back from a short break, its Paige and Tamina squaring off, and Tamina manages to break free of the grip of Paige, running her back first into the corner turnbuckles. Tamina hits with a knee and splashes Paige in the corner. Paige whips Tamina into an opposite corner for a possible rebound, hitting her with a high knee. Paige misses her offense to Tamina in the corner, but avoids taking any offense from Tamina with a back elbow. She also clotheslines Naomi who tries to intervene on the apron, but then turns and is floored per a super-kick from Tamina. Naomi kicks at Paige while Tamina distracts the referee then quickly returns to the apron.

Paige tries to regroup on the outside and return to the ring to avoid a count-out, but before she can make it back, but Tamina grips Paige by her hair and headbutts her back off the apron. Tamina rushes her back to the ring, hitting an axe handle to the back of Paige as she tries to dart over to Natalya. Tamina also deals with Natalya before turning the focus back to Paige. Tamina places Paige against the heels corner, and tags Naomi back in. Tamina finalizes her offense with a slam to Paige before Naomi takes control. Following a leg drop, Naomi tries pinning Paige, but gets a near fall. Naomi smothers the head of Paige against the mat in heel fashion, then proceeds to choke her against the middle rope. Paige pelts Naomi with punches to try and avoid being dragged back to the corner, but Naomi strikes back twice as hard with a knee. Naomi tries to roll over Paige but Paige drags Naomi upward then headbutts her. Naomi takes her by her hair just before she can reach Nattie, and drags her away from Nattie again.

Naomi hits a running bulldog to Paige. Clenching Paige’s hair in one hand, she tags back in Tamina with the other. Tamina works on the midsection slightly before locking in a headlock. Tamina sends Paige back first to the mat before she can make a comeback. Tamina gets a near fall after executing a knee drop to Paige. Tamina captures Paige in a chin-lock, also tugging at Paige by her hair with the other hand. Paige tries to break out with punches but Tamina hits back, tossing Paige back to the mat before missing a diving clothesline. Paige manages to roll over to her own corner, and she tags Natalya at last.

Natalya ducks offense from the tagged in Naomi and fires some clotheslines at her. Naomi misses her corner attack, meeting the corner top turnbuckle face first. Natalya follows with a springboard maneuver, and executes her low dropkick. Natalya takes her down with a discus clothesline then attempts to pin Naomi, but Tamina rushes in and breaks it up. Tamina helps Naomi back to her feet, then the two attempt a double clothesline, but Natalya smartly ducks, but she doesn’t manage to take down both, as she runs into the rear view while Paige deals with Tamina from outside. Naomi goes to pin Natalya, but Paige charges in and kicks Naomi to break the pin. Paige heads back outside slowly while Natalya looks for the finishing sharpshooter, but Naomi punches at her then counters into her a roll up, but pulls Natalya’s shoulders suddenly from the mat to lock in her lethal submission. Natalya taps and NaoMina emerge victorious.

(Tamina and Naomi Backstage Segment)

(Naomi and Tamina vs Natalya and Paige)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Loved this match, reflective of the teamwork between Tamina and Naomi during and before the Team BAD formation, taking me back to the days when NaoMina first existed. Originally a match like this would see fans expecting Naomi and Tamina to lose, but in the case of current storylines, Naomi and Tamina winning is not only pleasantly expected but fresh in this case, and i love Naomi’s submission finisher, a far better and dangerous looking heel type finish compared to the rear view, because walking into someones butt can make someone incapacitated right? Only negatives were (and im not too sure about this so i might have to double check) how it looked like Paige didn’t actually hit the corner turnbuckle during the running bulldog, and the spot calling she did during some moments with Tamina, but overall im happy for the development NaoMina are getting, and thinking further about it after Fast Lane and Mania end, they could do well in the long run, because unless Team Bella is (re)pushed, then after Sasha, presuming she is divas champion after Mania and Extreme Rules, could be set for a rather engaging feud with Naomi since id expect Team Bella to revert randomly to heel again when Fast Lane is through, and in all honesty, they cannot let Naomi vs Sasha not happen. I’m interested how they execute the rest of this tag feud heading into Fast Lane, but it is currently getting some creative exposure.

– Catherine


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