TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Beautiful People Continue the Needing for Assistance (February, 9th 2016)

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The Knockouts fly over to Home Country of the UK This week to present some pretty awesome IMPACT Knockouts action for the next few weeks (minus one who got booted off the tour then released aka Kong) and this week presented the first round of Knockouts Action in the UK, in Manchester to be exact, as Jade and Madison Rayne face off in singles action.

But first TNA presents us an opening promo from TNA Champion Matt Hardy, his tough and buff Guardian Tyrus, and Wife to the Champ, Reby, souring those hoping for the newest hero on the block (turning face weeks ago due to Hardy’s turn) Ethan Carter. The Three take jabs at the fans over their hope for Ethan to emerge and crash their promo, citing him as a coward and everything else, as Tyrus reminds us how EC3 had hidden behind the back of Tyrus during most of his challenges. Matt then commands Authority figure Dixie Carter to come out from the back, though she doesn’t, and he wants an answer by the time the night is over, as to whether she will fire Ethan to keep his happiness as champion level. Avoiding defeat much Hardy ey?

In addition to this, Mike Bennett as his wife and future in ring competitor for the Knockouts, Maria, had the heel audacity of interrupting Kurt Angle as he went over his eventual farewell to the company, and for those who need enlightening on the situation, Angle will be using the tour to wrestle his last few matches for the company. Bennett so demands to be given a match with Angle but Kurt shakes off the idea due to Bennetts level of disrespect.

Also, Rosemary emerged with her Decay Comrades, Steve and Abyss prior to a match between the pairing and the recently reformed Beer Money, but not without another pre match promo in which she goes over how everyone has become obsessed with the tag team titles, but eventually everything rots (which im guessing is in reference to the reign of the current tag team champions the Wolves). The match ends in a Disqualification result.

Plus in a follow up to the opening verbal berating of EC3, Reby Sky appears before TNA Chairwoman, Dixie Carter to try and offer up her thoughts on how “inspirational” she sees her as, and try and persuade her further to go with her husbands decision to boot her nephew, Ethan, from the roster. Dixie says she can only take the proposal under consideration, which Reby appears to be Okay with before leaving, but her facials after say everything more.

Thanks to Grados last minute attempt to hop into the IMPACT arena to air his anger at being “fired” by the Execs per the Feast or Fired stipulation, the Knockouts get no entrances, or more so, mid entrance for Madison, so we don’t even get a ten second listen of her new theme song. Madison is out alone while the opposition, Jade, has Marti and Rebel on the outside for any possible assistance. Madison bolts into the ring and avoids the first clothesline by Jade, sending her to the mat with a couple of her own. Madison forearms her over to the ropes, then sends her to the opposite ropes, and in turn, Jade ends up running forward into a spear by Madison. Jade rolls to the outside, looking to regroup as Marti and Rebel surround her, but Madison doesn’t want to wait for the opponents return to the ring, diving onto all three members of the Dollhouse.

Chants pep up for Madison as she climbs the apron, fending off Marti’s attempt to pull her off it. But the short assist proves helpful as Jade nails a kick to Madison on her way back in. Jade hits some familiar kicks, similar to that of Daniel Bryan, then taunts to the audience before turning her attention back to Madison, hitting her with a forearm. Jade whips her but rather than run into her next load of offense, Madison arm drags Jade instead, and she looks to pin Jade, and Jade escapes at the count of two. Jade scores a kick to the face of Madison in retaliation. Jade attempts to pin Madison next, and she also gets a near fall.

Jade applies an inverted surfboard to Madison, but Madison eventually escapes by falling from her knees and onto her body, resulting in a pin attempt also. Madison gets a second near fall on Jade. Jade crashes any attempt at momentum for Madison once again with a dropkick. Jade chokes Madison against the middle rope, as Rebel also plays with the face of Madison for a few seconds from ringside. Madison avoids the set up for Jades next move by countering and hitting an inziguiri. Madison blocks a clothesline from Jade after both get on their feet, forearming her back, and she chops her a number of times before pushing her toward the ropes. Madison hits a low clothesline while also sliding to the outside. Madison climbs to the top turnbuckle and a diving cross-body to Jade gets her a near fall once more.

Rebel and Marti jump to the apron before Madison can execute her next offense, so Madison darts over and sends both to the floor. Jade rolls Madison over, using the distraction to her advantage, and the roll up leads to another near fall result. Jade misses a clothesline and Madison sets up for her move, but Jade knees her in the head. Jade takes down Madison with her Package Pile-driver finish, and pins Madison for the victory.

Rebel and Marti attack Madison further after the match, and a steel chair is placed in the ring, hinting exactly how the trio plan on ending this post match assault. But before it can end this way, Gail Kim runs to the ring, and she clears off Marti, Rebel and Jade, with Rebel also selling an Eat Defeat fantastically. Gail takes both Jade and Marti down with a double clothesline to finalize and the Dollhouse are sent into retreat.

And Finally, Reby and Matt return to the ring to hear out Dixie’s decision as to whether she will fire the former World Champion, EC3. Unlucky for Matt, he doesn’t get what he bargained for and backs Dixie into the corner as he furiously demands her to remove Ethan from the roster, but soon the music of the former world champ hits, and Ethan strides down to the ring, making his return and taking out Matt’s security as well as dealing with Tyrus before hitting the ring. Matt charges out with Reby at his side before Ethan can even get a punch in, and Ethan is left standing tall, staring out Spud and Dixie before heading to the back.

(Kurt Angle, Mike Bennett and Maria Segment)

(Reby Sky and Dixie Carter Backstage Segment)

(Jade w/ Marti Bell and Rebel vs Madison Rayne feat Gail Kim)

(Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Tyrus, Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud Segment; EC3 Returns)

Thoughts On:
Jade/Madison: Another short but meaningful encounter with decent chemistry, and it seems to be a pattern for Jade to work the singles matches for the Dollhouse over Rebel and Marti. Even if Rebel still has work to do in the ring, none can deny her selling is perfect, meanwhile Marti, we aren’t seeing much of in the ring singles wise either, possibly because she’ll be taking the speaker role with Kong permanently out of the equation. Of course this match was made last second per Kong’s removal from the tour, but regardless of where the direction went, Gail Kim’s involvement with the Beautiful People wouldn’t have gone without happening due to the new Knockouts working managerial roles, but it feels just through praise alone, that Jade is seen as the star of the faction that has lost its spooky, frightening edge that they were first portrayed to be upon Taryn fully aligning them, and unless TNA Power play moves Reby into the picture, then Jade and Maria are surely the Knockouts being built over this year.

Reby/Matt/Dixie/EC3: As Much as im not a fan of how TNA continuously put the top belt on continuously pushed or “spoken as old” talent, im going to admit that Matt is doing a great job as a heel, even if his twitter is too much to fathom. Also got to give props to Reby as a heel, even going as far as saying she could be the TNA Version of Stephanie McMahon if they keep her around, even serving as Heel GM of the Knockouts. But THANK GOODNESS Ethan is back in the title picture, and he is already over as a face, so the double turn angle has worked its wonders early on, and i just hope TNA know what to do with Babyface Ethan in the long run, because after all he has done as a heel in the company, they surely have something creative for him during the face run which is sure to be as long, if not longer. Hopefully TNA is building him as the companies next top face, and if they go that direction, id personally suggest the company making more merch for him over the likes of the Wolves and the Hardy’s who they seem to promote the most, because hes just that marketable, and just that damn good. I Can only hope its Ethan taking the title off Matt so we can get him vs Tyrus and him vs Spud but i am SO READY for this run. #TeamEC3

– Catherine


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